PRO Golf Ball Finder Glasses

$29.90 $109.99

"They work REALLY well! They turn the grass into shades of grey so the ball really pops out when you come across it. It's surprising how much of a difference it makes. The first round I played i walked the edges of the course, looking toward out of bounds and found 21 balls that others had missed." - John T., NY

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  • Special lenses with blue pigment that filters light as it passes through, making golf balls easier to locate as it turns everything blue except for the golf balls
  • Has an adjustable plastic-resin frame that wraps around the face for optimal comfort and fit 
  • Works with all golf balls. No "special" balls required
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • 1 x Professional Golf ball finder glasses
  • 1 x Glasses case
  • 1 x Cleaning cloth


11 Reviews

Harold D.

Verified purchase

Works great on different kinds of golf balls. The lenses turns everything blue except the balls, it makes them "pops out" in bright white. I'll never be caught playing golf without this cool glasses ever again. 


Robin W.

Verified purchase

These glasses really help spot your golf ball in the rough! Don't know how many balls my friends and I have lost when teeing off into the sun early in the morning. I've used these glasses during the last two rounds of golf and they are very helpful! No balls lost! These are light and comfortable to wear.


William H.

Verified purchase

Makes a huge difference. This glasses really blocks everything else except the golf balls. Saves me time and money! I haven't lost another ball since I got this.


David R.

Verified purchase

Everything was exactly as advertised! I used to lose at least 6 or 7 balls each round, not including water holes. First round using these glasses, didn't lose a single one! I was even spotting them from 20-30 yards away, and even from the tee box on some of the flatter holes! I LOVE these glasses, and recommend them for any and everybody!


Anthony A.

Verified purchase

Only used a few times but has more than paid for itself with "found" balls. Played nine holes today and came away with 5 golf balls on 2 holes. A Five Star product.


Sam M.

Verified purchase

This is the real deal! I just played with my buddies and these glasses make it super easy for us to find our golf balls. I came home will all the golf balls that I brought. Wise investment!


Harvey A.

Verified purchase

The glasses work well in very sunny conditions. I have alreaady used them to find balls in the rough about 15 times in 3 rounds. Seems to work well. All in all they did exactly what I expected.


Kenneth P.

Verified purchase

Awesome glasses! I finally found some of the golf balls that we lost in the woods when we played at a friends backyard a week ago. I never thought we'd see them again. Thanks to these pro golf ball finder, it's a real pro!


Rose J.

Verified purchase

Gave one of these awesome glasses to my dad and this is what he sent me. Not only did he have a laugh when he received them, he has also used them on the golf course. He says they actually work. Worth the purchase! 


Julie W.

Verified purchase

Great quality, it even comes with a case with a zipper. Worked great as it definitely helped us find our golf balls when we played a few days ago. Highly recommended to all golf lovers!


James C.

Verified purchase

If you're all over the golf course and can't find your golf balls - save money and time - Buy these glasses. They work great.


Anne M.

Verified purchase

Impressive! The quality is great, design looks stylish and most of all does a good job making golf ball visible as it makes the rest blue. Two thumbs up!