Non-slip Carpet Grippers

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"It holds well and holds down the rug so no one trips over them. A busy day of 3 kids, 3 dogs (1 large puppy) and several adults walking back and forth .....all this after only having the grippers in place for a week! Area rug didn’t move! Very impressed! We've had these for a while  now and our rug is still where it's supposed to be. This is the best rug gripper. A safety product that should be in every home." - Carmela W., NY

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  • These Non-slip Carpet Grippers keeps any rug or carpets stay put on hard floors and tiles to prevent bunching, curling, slipping and tripping
  • It is so EASY to use, all you have to do it place it the corners of your rug!
  • Sticking these grippers to the corners of your rugs keeps it in position and even avoid accidents!
  • High-quality rubber surface prevents damaging the floor
  • The tape is made of industrial grade glue and fibrous grid which are sticky, durable and easy to be cleaned


  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.2 x 6 inch / 10.6 x 10.6 x 15.2 cm


19 Reviews

Elizabeth T.

Verified purchase

This product keeps our 20' runner in place so effectively I'll be replacing the liners of my other rugs. As the new rug stretched out I was able to adjust this Non-slip Carpet Gripper without difficulty. 300 lbs of dog-play later the corners of the rug have not curled and the rug has not slipped. After a week I purchased another set for a second runner. When you are greeted at the door by three humongous dogs who are happy to see you, it's nice to have a rug in place that keeps the dogs from slipping and sliding. I am so happy with the performance of this product.


Sophia R.

Verified purchase

I have 3 big dogs and they were moving my little front entrance mat all over the place. The rug really wasn't heavy enough. I've had these suckers for about a month. The rug has not moved AT ALL since I put these grippers. All my dogs do is run at the front door and bark at everything moving. 


Karen S.

Verified purchase

I have a laminate flooring which I love however, the runners that I purchased slide all over the place and have become a bit of a hazard for my children who slip when they are running down the hall. So I found these reusable grippers for them. It resolved the issue perfectly. The material is flexible, almost gummy but not sticky. I pulled the backing off both sides and placed them on the rug corners, flipped the rug, readjusted the grippers and then stepped on each corner to get a good contact. The rug now stays put! I love that I can wash them and reuse at any time. Highly recommend these for rug runners and laminate flooring.


Michelle L.

Verified purchase

These are awesome. I have only ever had the experience of the taribke carpet tape i grew up with my parents using. Upon getting these new rugs for my kids play hallway space i was desperate for an alternative to save our wood floors but keep little feet and cat paws from tearing them up all the time.
These are awesome !!! Easy stick and remove from both carpet and floor without it effecting their ability to work properly after wards. I would recommend this anytime!


Teresa B.

Verified purchase

These have kept the high traffic rug at the bottom of my steps in place! I can't believe how well it works. This adheres more like a glue to the floor...but then you can peel it up and reuse it. Does not leave residue or scratch the floors.


Aurora J.

Verified purchase

I needed to keep the rugs in my class B RV from slipping and sliding on a laminated flooring while driving down the road. So far it works great, been using it for a while. It’s simple and easy to use. and I'm glad that it's washable and reusable. I'm happy with this purchase!


Anthony S.

Verified purchase

These rug grippers get the job done. They are awesome for all sizes of rugs. It does stick to the hardwood floors without damaging or leaving a residue. Shout out to my dog, Winston, for photo demonstration.


Joane M.

Verified purchase

Love this rug gripper, holds down our 3x12 rug very well even when our dogs run up and down the hall. The rugs has been down for 3 weeks now and haven't moved. We purchased again for another rug. Great for safety, keeps everyone from slipping.


Brenda A.

Verified purchase

I love these rug grippers...I just bought another 2 sets for a new rug I got and the other for my daughter's huge area rug....this set had some extra tape which is great in case I need it..the other rugs have not moved an inch since I put these on....they also do not mark the floor....I highly recommend them and I am all about supporting things made right. If you want your rugs to stay in place get these reusable rug grippers and be amazed.


Hazel F.

Verified purchase

These kept my rug down and in place. It has only been a week but so far they are great! We are all safe, no more slipping, no more "ouchy mommy" as my little girl would usually say when runs around and the rug moves and she slips. 


Jennifer M.

Verified purchase

I love it!!!!! I bought it to keep my rug from slipping on the kitchen floor and so far it's the only thing that works!!! The material on the bottom of my rug has no type of grip for noncarpeted floors so I've had a hard time finding something that actually sticks to it but these do! I have two 100 lb Dobermans who run and slide on that rug to cut around the corner, and these Reusable Eco-Friendly Rug Grippers are the only thing that kept it from sliding!!! I've had it on for 3 weeks now and it won't even peel off. 


Charlie D.

Verified purchase

Our new German Shorthaired Grover is full of energy and loves to run zoomies around the house. He kept wiping out on our kitchen rug because he'd hit it at full gallop and slide across the whole floor. We got these grippers, applied them in a few minutes, and now Grover has a fine racetrack for running off his energy. Super easy to apply, and they are sticking to our unevenly-tiled floor like magic. We already bought another set for our 2nd floor long rug.


Donna M.

Verified purchase

Amazing Results! Every corner of our rug was usally curled and would trip us. After a little unraveling I decided to look for something to flatten the corners... this was the answer!


Lora H.

Verified purchase

We have nice hardwood floors in kitchen, new rugs and we were rug surfing every time we went into kitchen, so i was looking for something to lock the rugs down...In addition, we have a bat-shit crazy mini Schnauzer that uses the kitchen island as a racetrack, and really hauls! Add in a couple of grand-kids 4-6, and they are whirlwinds of activity. We really needed something and these fit the bill perfectly!

Peel and stick, put in place, pound corner down and shazam, solid rug placement....just slammed it down and went about my business. Very impressed with this product, highly recommend it!


Emily S.

Verified purchase

So far so good. Been a day and the dogs have been all over the carpet even wrestling on it and the carpet hasn’t moved! We placed 1 on all corners and that did the job. No more curling, messy looking rug!


Maybeline E.

Verified purchase

I have a love/hate relationship with our entry rug. It is a runner with a smooth back and easily moves on tile. Over the years I have tried different throw type rug backers. The rug works it’s way off of them and they inevitably end up bunched up. I have been pleasantly surprised with these reusable rug grippers! My rug has not budged since installing the grippers. It has stayed in place through repeated vacuuming and heavy foot traffic. I wish I had found these little gems earlier.

Vincent P.

Verified purchase

We had a rug that was always coming up in the doorway. This keeps it snug to the floor even when our dog comes running at it. It reusable, washable, really a wide investment.


Gil W.

Verified purchase

Great product!! When playing fetch with my furry friend, my entry rug used to get tossed all over the place. With these, it stays perfectly in place.


Alice A.

Verified purchase

These are excellent. Replaced carpet tape that had never worked well. Front door mat is no longer slipping when you stepped on. Very secure!