Stuffed Hamburger Press

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"You just fill the meat, press hole, stuff, top meat, compress, remove and cook! I use this all the time! I usually add bacon, bell pepper, onion, chopped garlic, mushrooms & cheddar cheese. Fat and juicy! Yum! I am able to make two stuffed burgers and one slider with one pound of meat. Love it." - David O., OK

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  • This durable, professional, commercial-grade burger press makes perfectly round burgers, like a machine
  • Now, you can make hamburger patties or stuffed burgers with ease and they can be cooked indoors in a pan or outdoors on the grill
  • No matter how many delicious stuffed burgers you make with your burger press, clean up is a snap with our dishwasher safe press
  • The burger press is the perfect, culinary gadget for your home kitchen
  • Perfect for ground beef, pork, chicken, or turkey
  • Made of heavy duty, durable, BPA-free, nonstick, food-safe, plastic material


  • Dimensions: 4.5 inch (115 mm) x 1.8 inch (46 mm)

11 Reviews

James T.

Verified purchase

This is the second one that I've purchased. Love it and had to buy one for my buddy as he kept borrowing mine! So many different types of burgers you can make, allows you to be creative. My favorite is ghost pepper/jalapeno/cheese stuffed burgers. The best!


Avery B.

Verified purchase

That is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE ! This press works like a CHAMP ! I've made stuffed burgers, they turned out perfect. Those pics are of my second batch of burgers. Amazing tool for my kitchen.


Gabriel K.

Verified purchase

I love this burger press! Whether it's to fill with cheese, bacon, jalapenos or whatever, this is an awesome tool for grilling season! Even if you aren't interested in stuffed burgers, it helps with making burger patties. Burgers are perfectly sculpted and your hands don't get completely covered in raw beef.


Victoria M.

Verified purchase

Best dinner we had in over a week, and that's saying a lot. Family of five (three sons) and we all love to cook and eat. My husband made the burgers and me and the kids prepped the insides and we all made something different, yet amazing! My 7 year old and myself had cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms/onions, and homemade steak sauce. Brilliant!


Amelia H.

Verified purchase

Used it for the first time today, and I loved it. It makes nice, even, thick burgers. I even made a few thin ones for the kids. I love that I can make a regular, stuffed or slider burger. And the plates that slide out make it so easy to remove the patty after it is formed. This is a great New kitchen gadget!


Hannah O.

Verified purchase

Amazing and simple. My husband got these because he wanted yummy burgers. He chopped some onions, added olives and in some, stuffed them with sauce. Best burgers ever. He cooked them in the air frier. He loved how easy it was to use. The size is on the larger side of burgers. Delish!!


Nathan T.

Verified purchase

Easy to use and clean. Easy to store. I use the individual sheets for each burger to keep them from sticking. You can make ahead and freeze and thaw what you need or cook as you go. Makes each burger come out the perfect size. You can make stuffed burgers too!


Carrie B.

Verified purchase

This kit has made making amazing burgers a breeze. Quality built products that are easy to use. I was never satisfied by the burgers that I usually made but now I feel like a pro. I would definitely recommend this kit for someone who’s looking to up their burger game.


Anna J.

Verified purchase

My husband’s loving it ever since he got it on valentine’s day. He’s mostly used it to make cheese and mushrooms stuffed patties. Delicious! We’ve washed it in the dishwasher several times now and it’s in great condition. Great tool!


Rebecca A.

Verified purchase

This works amazingly well. I've found that it produces about 1/3 pound burgers consistently. Makes an awesome breakfast burger: put a frozen poached egg inside a burger patty and grilled it up with bacon served between two Eggo waffles with maple drizzled on top. Also stuffed burgers with cheddar and jalapenos for a nice kick. Tried spinach artichoke dip in a burger but felt like the dip flavor overwhelmed the beef flavor. Works great!


Dylan M.

Verified purchase

New favorite kitchen utensil. Love to grill and decided to take my burgers up a notch. This product is simple but does the job. Sure you can make stuffed burgers without it by hand, but it will take longer and they also will not look as uniform and perfect as they do using this simple product. Possibilities are endless with different combinations of ingredients and they stay in the burger until you're ready to slice or bite in.