Cat Hammock

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"My cats love this Cat Hammock! They take turns laying in it and it's a big hit. It was easy to install under the chair, as well. One of my cats is 18 pounds and had no problems at all curling up in it to sleep. The hammock stayed in place and was still secure after he left. I'm going back for more so they don't fight over it. - Maggie P., CA

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  • Cats naturally love to hide in covered spaces, so this Hammock Lounge is a cute piece of cat furniture that you can hang under any chair, table or stool
  • The under chair cat hammock easily attaches in seconds by attaching it to each leg of the chair using the four straps attached to the hammock
  • Its unique design allows it to stay up on the chairs legs and not slide down, allowing your cat to sit up in the air like a real hammock
  • A cat hammock that fits under virtually any chair
  • It comes with four anti-slip rubber rings and four buckles to add safety and steadiness
  • It can hold the weight upto 20 lbs
  • Your cat will definitely want to hop in there for a nice midday nap or maybe to hang out and watch your daily struggles


  • Dimensions: 18.9 inches (48 cm) x 19.69 inches (50 cm)

12 Reviews

Sharon M.

Verified purchase

Every time I buy something like this for my cat, she pretends like it doesn't exist. Not this time though! After securing it to the chair, I baited it with catnip and laid her in it a couple times when she was tired so she could see it was safe. In less than a week, she's climbing into it on her own and sleeping in the cutest possible way. Love it!


Claire A.

Verified purchase

My kitten loves it!! The min I put it up he came over and passed out!! Lol! Very soft, well made. Great little hanging bed. I like it!


Khloe P.

Verified purchase

My cat loves it. He plays in it all the time. He likes to hide in and dart out. Good little hammock. It's so adorable to see him sleep in there. Recommend!


Stella N.

Verified purchase

We foster cats that aren't socialized well. They stay in three story cat cages while we work with them to help them become adoptable. I bought some of these to see if they would like them and they LOVE them. It took some cats a while to figure out how to get into them...but every single cat LOVES them once they figure them out. I bought enough for all of the cats!!!! Highly recommend!


Alex O.

Verified purchase

Just what I was looking for! I bought this for my cat and it is perfect! It is nice and soft, does not leave fuzzies everywhere, and is easy to clean. It works great and cat loves it!


Paige M.

Verified purchase

It's a perfect size for our cat. And the quality is fantastic. Kitty loves it. It's super soft and comfy! I'd recommend this item for everyone who is thinking about purchasing a cat hammock!!


Nancy I.

Verified purchase

I bought this as a gift for a friend with two large cats. I chose this hammock because one of the cats loves soft blankets, and the soft side of this hammock is exactly what I was looking for. Great!


Preston L.

Verified purchase

Our cat loves this hammock! In fact, he’s sleeping in it at this very moment! It’s soft and comfortable for him and it holds secure! We want to order another one for under our bat stool for him as he prefers a hammock over a kitty bed! Thank you for the quality product!


Penelope V.

Verified purchase

Very soft, and my cat loves to sleep in it. It was a huge help when she was sick and we had to keep her quarantined from the other cats in a crate for a while. Now it's her favorite speeling spot! We love it!


Michelle N.

Verified purchase

I had to get a 2nd hammock so my boys would quit fighting over just one! I originally ordered one of these about 10 months ago. I have 2 cats and one of the cats initially was disinterested. Then I saw him trying to tip his sleeping brother out! Realized it was time to get another one. They love these hammocks!


Melody S.

Verified purchase

I was wondering if my cat would try this hammock out. I checked on her and found her cuddled up in her new hammock only a couple hours later. Holds well on my chair. Recommended to all pet owners!


Alison G.

Verified purchase

My cat loved it!! She climbed on it as soon as we set it up. The hammock is good quality and the hooks are really sturdy. The cat and I are happy with the purchase.