Hydro Cooling Sun Hat

$59.90 $179.99

"Wearing this Hydro Cooling Sun Hat is like having a portable personal AC. The design was well thought out. One look and you know it's made of high quality material. The most amazing part of course is its effectiveness. It really keeps me feeling fresh and cool even when my suroundings are hot. I use this for gardening, daily walks, beach, whenever we have our family outing, picnics and all other outdoor activities. This is the kind of protection everyone should have." - Dianna J., LA

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  • Keeps your head up to 20 degrees cooler instantly
  • Built-in UV Barrier that blocks 90% of harmful UV rays and reflects 80% of the sun's heat
  • Wet the hat by filling the inner liner with water and stay cool for hours
  • Adjustable drawstring for securing the hat on the head, especially on windy days
  • One size fits most - perfect for the whole family
  • Perfect and comfortable for outdoor use
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Dimensions: 16.14 x 14.17 inch 
  • Material: EVA, Polyester, Nylon   
  • Size:  Free size-adjustable   
  • Gender:  Unisex  

9 Reviews

Frank L.

Verified purchase

I'm happy with my purchase. The quality of the hat is great, worth every penny. I have already used this while mowing the lawn and when I went fishing with my buddies. Every part of the hat has a very important function. The adjustable chin straps and drawstrings keeps the hat secured on my head, especially when it's windy. The reflective material really does a great job reflecting the sunlight/UV away while the inner lining that you wet and the mesh part keeps you cool! This product deserves an award!


Sue R.

Verified purchase

Got this hat for gardening but I realized I have a wide use for it. It works as advertized. Keeps me cool no matter how hot the weather is. Great protection, especially on sunny days and summer when heatstroke is common. After using this I know that it's something that my loved ones should have so I ordered a bunch...Lol...can't wait to get my new order and hand them to my parents, grandparents & siblings.


Sandra S.

Verified purchase

I am amazed with these hydro-cooling hat. It really protects you from the sun's UV rays and keeps you feeling cool, even my little angel loves it. My husband said we should get a few more because we always go fishing and camping with the kids and this hat will definitely give us good protection. I will be placing a new order next week. 


Phoebe J.

Verified purchase

My nana(grandmother) loves her new hat. She sent me a photo of her using this while she was on vacation with my grandpa. I gave her this hat because mine worked so well and I thought that my grandparents should have them. Definitely keeps you feeling cool and protected. 


Kimberly E.

Verified purchase

We have a few of these hydro-cooling protective hats in our household. I've placed 3 orders last month because the first 2 hats worked so well my  mom, dad, husband and brothers wanted one too! I'm glad I got them while My Belief Supply still have the BOGO offer. This hat is my new gardening buddy. Love it!


Jason T.

Verified purchase

This is a cool hat that is so good at keeping me cool. I am always working under the sun so this a real life saver for me. Works as advertised. This is a must-have.


William K.

Verified purchase

This hydro-cooling protective hat did keep me cool when we went hiking last week. The sun was shining so bright and my friends were all feeling uncomfortable and weary but I was doing good, feeling cool and enjoying the hike. This is an amazing product. My friends will be visiting your website to get this hat soon!


George J.

Verified purchase

Who would have thought that a hat would make you feel cool? I wish I had seen this sooner. I am always under the sun because of our family business and I tried everything to make me feel more comfortable while working in the farm but I've never felt cool and comfortable as what I've felt when I used this hat. It really protects you from the sun and keeps body temp. cool. 


Donna A.

Verified purchase

Love this hat! I used it on a summer trip and it did it's job keeping me cool and protected from the sun. Also useful for gardening.