Headlight Restoration Agent

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"Worked great! I've been trying to get my car headlight yellow and blur fixed but could not find a product to solve it until I tried this headlight restoration agent. It's very simple to use and not only did it made my headlights clearer it also repaired the scratches. Now I have better light for night driving!" - Richard W., MN

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  • Cleans oxidized, yellowed and hazy headlights
  • Removes dirt, grime, yellow tint, and small scratches
  • Provide long lasting UV protection, doesn't hurt car headlight
  • So simple to use, anyone can do it
  • Enhances visibility & safety for night driving


  • Capacity: 20ml/0.68oz

14 Reviews

Robert A.

Verified purchase

The best product ever!!! Had very cloudy yellow headlights that were so bad I was going to buy new headlights until I saw this. I had tried everything to clean them and nothing worked so I wasn't optimistic but thought it was worth a try. Shockingly it actually worked. The instructions are very simple and it only takes a few minutes to apply. I've been using this for a few months and I'm very happy because my headlights look as if it's brand new and the lights are brighter. Safer night trips for me and my family.


James W.

Verified purchase

Having an old car is not a valid excuse to have half vision when you drive at night. I'm gald I found this. It was the perfect solution for my headlight oxidation and blur problem. This is the only headlight cleaner for me. I highly recommend this.


Patrick H.

Verified purchase

We've had our CRV for a while and the headlights already turned yellow. It's been getting hard to travel at night so I looked for a solution. I just used this yesterday and it works like magic! Mom thought I got a brand new headlights lol! This is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to keep the headlight look good as new.


Randy L.

Verified purchase

Awesome Cleaning solution. I'll never use a different product ever again. With this restoration agent I am able to save time and money. If you have a car, you should get some of these.


Liam Y.

Verified purchase

Works as advertised. This is the perfect solution for those yellowish headlights, oxidation, scratches and small cracks. I know it works well because my car's yellowish headlight and cracks were fixed and I also used this on my mom's car.


Joshua G.

Verified purchase

Brand new headlights! Kidding, just newly cleaned with this headlight restoration agent. I never thought I'd see my headlight as clean and bright as this again. Thank you!


Becky T.

Verified purchase

Does a great job getting rid of those scratches and blur. I no longer have to worry about having a dim light when I drive at night. Makes me feel safer.


Michael P.

Verified purchase

My friend told me he used this product and I should give it a try. My car is fifteen years old and still has the original headlights, I had only ever cleaned them with soap. Needless to say, I hit a lot of stuff while driving at night. I couldn't see more than two feet in front of me. But after just one use of Headlight Restoration Agent, I am able to see at night and realized I am still a horrible driver. But hell, at least I can see and my headlights look brand new. I would recommend this to anyone with dingy headlights.


Carol P.

Verified purchase

I love this stuff. I've recommended it to everyone. I bought this for my car and my mom wanted me to do hers as well (hers was worse than mine). It's so easy, quick and it really really works. I've included before and after pictures that speak for themselves.


Mark O.

Verified purchase

Surprisingly... this product worked wonders on my car!! I've brought the car to a few places to try to get the headlights restored and had no success. I got this product since it was very inexpensive and reviews said it works. Now my headlights looked almost new vs. hazy and yellow!


Kevin L.

Verified purchase

The headlight lenses on my wife's 11 year old car were badly faded. Within 10 minutes, this product had them looking brand-new. I couldn't believe the before-after difference. Hats off to this product!


Hannah J.

Verified purchase

Honestly, I am still shocked at how well this worked. To be clear, I have no idea what I was removing or how it came off but I can see better than I have ever been able to. The best part is it took all of 10 minutes. I am seriously showing my friends my 'new' headlights. It truly is remarkable the difference especially when considering how easy it was. If I was asked, I would do a commercial for this product for free.


Mark S.

Verified purchase

This stuff is fantastic! SOOO worth it! One of my headlights (driver side) was completely oxidized - I mean totally opaque. The other was only slightly better. After using this the driver side looks great and the passenger side headlight looks new! Would totally recommend!


Nancy T.

Verified purchase

The end result is fantastic. If your headlights are heavily oxidized, this will restore them. It even takes care of the scratches and small cracks. I highly recommend this product.