Cool Grip Microwave Heating Rack

$39.90 $119.99

"Life saver for my fingers! No more trying to get hot dishes and bowls out of the microwave with big oven mitts. I also can just keep the dish or bowl on it and eat from it. I have one for me and one for my husband. It's sturdy and easy to clean." - Jennifer H., LA

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  • Handles that fits all size of hands
  • A safer way to remove and carry hot foods from a microwave
  • Catches spills and boil-overs which eliminates microwave clean up
  • Highly durable, BPA-free polypropylene that never gets hot in a microwave
  • Ring design with two extra-high side handles that are ergonomically shaped for a secure and comfortable grip


  • Dimensions: diameter - 10.63 inch., hole diameter - 5.51 inch., handle height - 2.76 inch  
  • Material: Silicone

9 Reviews

Margaret L.

Verified purchase

This heating rack is great for lifting hot bowls or plates of hot food out of the microwave. ​​​​​​My hands are shaky and I used to spill soups when I heat them in my oven. Now that I have this heating rack I don't have to spill soup in the oven, table or floor. This is a great help. 


Nancy P.

Verified purchase

I really like this and use it all the time. I have fiestaware dishes and even though they are suppposed to be microwave proof, they still get really hot. Whenever I heat up a bowl of soup or something, I always had to grab it with a pot holder. Using this little gadget solves that problem. Glad I bought it from this company. The product and service is great!


Thomas O.

Verified purchase

I didn't know I needed this till I read the description. Now I wonder how I lived in the microwave age without it. It supports a bowl of soup perfectly and prevents spills and spatters as well. I highly recommend this if you reheat food directly in a bowl or plate and want to keep your fingers whole and the soup unspilled.


Steven B.

Verified purchase

I just love this thing. I was always having trouble with stuff running over in the microwave. This microwave heating rack holds a dinner plate and other bowls just fine. And it goes in the dishwasher. This has solved my problem. Great invention!


Kenneth D.

Verified purchase

My wife and I have very a very busy schedule. This heating rack makes it easy for us to heat food without making a mess which is so helpful and time saving. I think my brother needs to have one of these too so I'm getting a few more. 


Emily M.

Verified purchase

This microwave heating rack is awesome and it does the job very well. It feels durable and strong. Very well made, easy to wash and store. 


Ashely F.

Verified purchase

Very handy for removing hot medium to large-sized dish plates and most bowls. Resists sustained heat of long runs in the microwave. Sturdy construction and easily washable. I'm glad I bought this. No more burned fingers, no more food splatters on the oven's innards.


Carol T.

Verified purchase

I am amazed at how well this heating rack works, I knew it would work before I bought it but I realized that there is more to it. I no longer have to use my "gloves" to retrieve plates and bowls. Last week I accidentally hit the side of the microwave oven, the soup spilled and thid heating rack did its job - no mess in the oven. I can also use it as a plate stand. Love it!


Amanda R.

Verified purchase

This is one of those "gadgets" that is really useful. If your microwave is above the stove like mine, you'll understand why. Most microwave containers do not have handles so when you try to grasp them with a potholder or mitts, it's very well as dangerous and messy! This is a lifesaver. Highly recommended.