Car Headrest Hook

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"These are amazing!!! I use them to hang my purse or my suit jacket on the back of my seat. Easy to reach and keeps everything from getting bunched up or lost. I can't tell you how many times I've cleaned the contents of my purse off the floor or had the bottom of a jacket wrinkled from setting things on the front seat. Bonus it hold my iphone for my kiddos to watch a little kids youtube on the way somewhere. It's slim and compact, I love these!" - Krystal B., CA

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  • Helps to hang clothes, handbags, umbrellas, water bottles, kid's toys, baby supplies and so on
  • Save seat space and prevent bags falling off when turning
  • Can be rotated 360 degree
  • With an incredible 22LBS weight limit
  • It's small and easy to hide when not using
  • Easily transformable into a secure phone holder
  • No need to disassemble the headrest, no tools, no adhesive
  • It is compatible with 4.0-6.0 inch cell phones and can be use on all cars, trucks, SUVs and more

14 Reviews

Barbara F.

Verified purchase

These hooks are great especially if you have children and don't want huge iPads in your backseat I like to keep my car clean. These hooks are perfect for my little one to watch videos and movies on her phone in the back and when it's not being used for that purpose by simply flip it around and hang my purse or work back on it very sturdy goes right on back of your headrest and is secure. Great product if you have children!!!


Nina D.

Verified purchase

Love, love, love! No more purse spills. I can hanger my grocery bags on top. Kids like the fact it holds their phone so they can watch Netflix on our long drives. Well made and sturdy!


Kevin R.

Verified purchase

This thing is the greatest little gadget. Yesterday I used one of the hooks to transport a bag with two small watermelons. They didn't roll around the car and arrived safely.


Judy V.

Verified purchase

How did I not know about these before now? Lol. I adore these. I dont have to worry about stuff sliding off the seat etc. All cars/trucks should have these.


Steven K.

Verified purchase

So many ways to turn these and use for different purposes: hold cell phone, hang handbag, jacket or grocery bag. So glad I ordered this!


Susan T.

Verified purchase

 It is execllent for holding heavy bag. It is good for me to hang my kids’ huge tools in my tiny compact car and cause my car’s space to become bigger. It can also hold my smart phone and kids can enjoy the video in long trips. Awesome hook! Perfect hanger.


Ellen S.

Verified purchase

Perfect size & length, easy to install. Bought a second pair for the other car. Holds up kids school back packs and water bottles so there is no clutter on the floor.


George H.

Verified purchase

Very nice product for kids. It holds phone firmly and my son like it very much. Besides, it is very useful to hang in grocery shopping bags. Just what I needed.


Debra P.

Verified purchase

I sometimes hit the breaks too hard and “stuff” flies over and out of my purse or grocery bags. This has been a lifesaver!


Peter G.

Verified purchase

Would purchase again and again! Brilliant product. I used it to play stuff for my baby while traveling.


Sarah L.

Verified purchase

Seriously what a great product! No more reaching for my purse on the ground finding it dumped out all over the floor. It swivels so you can have it on the front, side, or back of the seat. It also is able to hold your phone too which is pretty cool too. Definitely would recommend this hook to anyone!


Mary B.

Verified purchase

Got these hooks to hold my daughter’s backpacks or drawing tote which always are bulky and sitting on the backseat floor. Now the floor is clear and the bags will not get stepped on by herself getting on or off the car.


Dorothy P.

Verified purchase

Help organize my things in the car and also for things not to move around while driving.
Kids back packs in the back and my purse and other things in the front.


Karen R.

Verified purchase

No more bags falling on the floor! This little gem was easy to install and now I won't have to hold onto everything in the passenger seat when I really have to hit the breaks!