Clinical Ear & Forehead Thermometer

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"This thermometer is probably the simplest thermometer I've ever used. It has a cap on the tip to keep it clean. To use it, just turn it on, take the cap off and put it in your ear and press the button until you hear the beep. It'll show your temperature on the big screen. If you have a fever, it'll beep longer and the screen turns to orange or red based on how bad your fever is. It takes just a couple of seconds to measure, and it's pretty accurate from the several times I've tried. Glad I made the purchase."- Becky W., NY

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  • This thermometer makes it easy to take a temperature reading without causing any discomfort or inconvenience, especially when used on small children.
  • The fastest and most reliable way to detect potential fevers in time and prevent more serious problems.
  • Clinically calibrated for medical use, this forehead and ear thermometer reads only in 1 second and notifies you with a beep noise when it is ready.


  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.2oz

18 Reviews

Joyce F.

Verified purchase

This thermometer works very well. It’s easy to hold to gauge the temperature of baby whether s/he is sleeping or playing, the LED light screen makes it easy to read the display at night even the light is dim. The head temperature was gauged accurately and just took a second, very cool. Hope this thermometer lasts forever, highly recommend it.


Vicky D.

Verified purchase

Very accurate! I took the temperature 4 different times going back and forth between the head and ear features and I got the same reading 3/4 times. The temp that wasn't the same was only off by 0.2. Great to use for a sick baby. I also expected this device to be bigger, but it's only the size of a can of pop which is better. Great price. Overall I would buy again.


Becky W.

Verified purchase

 This thermometer is probably the simplest thermometer I've ever used. It has a cap on the tip to keep it clean. To use it, just turn it on, take the cap off and put it in your ear and press the button until you hear the beep. It'll show your temperature on the big screen. If you have a fever, it'll beep longer and the screen turns to orange or red based on how bad your fever is. It takes just a couple of seconds to measure, and it's pretty accurate from the several times I've tried. Glad I made the purchase.


Eva J.

Verified purchase

We finally stepped up to this thermometer after several years of being parents and having the best thermometer be our hand or cheek against our son. Our son would obviously have a temperature, but the other thermometers would give very wildly different readings. When my son was sick this fall, we finally got so frustrated, we stepped up to this unit. Granted, we haven't used it much, thankfully, but when we have, it's performed flawlessly every time. It's basically an instant-read unit and it gives consistent feedback. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade from the cheap drugstore thermometers.


Kay L.

Verified purchase

This thermometer came in handy when right after getting it the flu swept through our house. It is easy to keep track of for me (i always lose the under the tounge ones) its easy to read. The screen displays large numbers and with fever turns red. I also felt it more sanitary getting the temp from the head or ear then sticking thermometers in everyones mouth. Also a great thing for those active babies. It takes temperature in seconds unlike the traditional ones.


Jessica K.

Verified purchase

Sometime the last thing you can do when sick is wait for the temp to read on a standard thermometer. Or perhaps it isn’t an option because the kid is: sleeping, vomiting, refusing, or just drank/ate food/drink. This is a nice quick skin or ear thermometer. It has a nice green back-lit display screen, though I do wish it would stay back-lit longer. It has options for both ear and forehead along with a guide on interpretation.


Angela W.

Verified purchase

I have 4 kids and it seems once school starts my kids pass around fevers and colds they catch at school. This thermometer is perfect for families with little kids. It is extremely convenient to take the temperature of your youngster without them even noticing using the forehead thermometer feature. It takes your temperature fast and is accurate. When I want peace of mind to double check the accuracy of the forehead or if their head is sweaty, I can double check with the ear temperature option. I don't need to have a seperate ear thermometer since this one functions as both forehead and ear thermometer. Whenever I have a sick kid, a good accurate thermometer is valuable for peace of mind to know whether they need medicine and be able to keep track of their fever.


Lacey J.

Verified purchase

This is going to be my favorite ear thermometer for me and my kids. I love how fast it is. I also like that you do not have to buy replacement covers for the ear part like you do with some of the other popular ear thermometers. We’ll just clean the part that goes in your ear as needed and not have to worry about being out of covers for it. Seems to give an accurate temperature reading.


Martha S.

Verified purchase

Are you looking for a super easy to use thermometer that also gives accurate results? Then this is the product for you. It's super easy to use. Supplied directions are easily to follow for use. 
I was amazed at how quickly it gave me a temperature reading, and the lighted screen was definitely a plus when it was dark.
I have another thermometer and the readings of the 2 were the same so I believe it to be very accurate.
When my husband had a temperature this last weekend the digital screen turned red, and did not display green which told us immediately that he had a fever without even looking at the reading.
I love the memory feature. It holds up to the last 12 readings so when asked what his last readings were I was able to easily pull them up on the thermometer and not fret that I hadn't written them down. Love love love that feature.
I also love that it shuts off automatically. No more worrying about shutting it off or draining my batteries because I had forgotten to shut it off.
This is a very nice thermometer that will definitely replace others that we have in the house. Highly recommend if you're in the market for a nice, easy to use thermometer.


Nancy G.

Verified purchase

This thermometer is EASY and READY to use when you open the box.  I tried it on my entire family and everyone liked the easiness of it! Definitely a must have and can be used for everyone in the family..especially right now during this flu season.


Sarah K.

Verified purchase

 Omgosh!!! I absolutely love this! One of the best things I have bought! So easy to use and accurate! My daughter since she was a baby and is 8 now still doesn't like things being put in her ears or around them... so I can use the forehead part and it's so simple and fast!


Casey G.

Verified purchase

Good size. Doesn't feel cheaply made and is accurate. We took the temperature of all of our family members. One of my daughters has a bug and it did show her fever. I'm confident in it's accuracy and I like the option of both head and ear mode.


Amy C.

Verified purchase

I have had the worst luck with thermometers at every price point. I've had problems with them all, everything from ease of use on my children to inaccurate/inconsistent readouts. I want easy to use, fast and accurate temperature every single time. I've finally found my holy grail of thermometers! This thermometer is absolutely everything I've been looking for. It is the best of both worlds in that it can be used for a forehead temp as well as the ear. Finally, I can say goodbye to fighting my daughters about keeping a thermometer under their tongues, which if you have children, you know this is an almost impossible task even with a good under the tongue thermometer.

I came down with some sort of bug last week and my 5-year old daughter took my temp for me. She absolutely loved doing it and got a real kick out of seeing the readout turn red in order to indicate that mommy was running a fever.


Kerry U.

Verified purchase

This is a nice temporal/ear Thermometer. I like that it has a dual use. When my kids are sick the last thing they want is for me to put a thermometer in their mouth. That problem is now solved. The reading is quick, and light up green for normal, and red for a higher temperature. The cap is removed easily to enable the ear function. You just put it to the side of your head and press the button, and you are done, easy peasy. 


Alexander R.

Verified purchase

I. LOVE. This. Thermometer!
I know it's stupid, but I do. I ordered it after my kiddos started coming down with...something. Both my nine month old and my four year old were SICK. Like, I'm pretty sure they had influenza. They were coughing, radiating heat, crazy fatigued, sleeping WAY more than usual (no complaints!), and just done.

This thermometer was a lifesaver! I had been debating what kind of thermometer to get for both of my kiddos because they have very different attention spans and abilities. My four year old has trouble breathing through her mouth for an oral temperature and my nine month old won't lay still for an accurate rectal temperature. So it was a toss up between a forehead thermometer or an ear thermometer. Forehead....ear....forehead....ear... THEN THIS ONE HAPPENED!!!

I freaking love it! When I got it, my four year old perked up and was so excited to check her temperature multiple times a day. It lights up red when the temperature is too high and stays green it's acceptable. My daughter liked basing her sickness off of whatever color popped up on the thermometer. Our whole family would do forehead and ear measurements and compare. Spot on accurate. That is also how I discovered that I was also very ill with a 102.5 temporal temperature. So. Moms don't have time to get sick though! But this thermometer definitely made it more 'fun'. (I also bought one for my cousin because I had to share the awesomeness.)


Jenny L.

Verified purchase

Love our new thermometer! Perfect timing to get this as our old one broke. Just in time when kids r sick with the sickness going around. Accurate!! When no fever, light turns green, if fever, it turns red and making beeping sounds. Worth it!


Betty A.

Verified purchase

I love this thermometer. The ear and forehead are accurate to each other within a reasonable amount and are accurate to a mouth thermometer. My kids (5 & 2) don't mind having their temp taken either way since it's so quick. I highly recommend if you're looking for a simple, infant & kid friendly thermometer that will reliably work in the middle of the night, which is the only time kids ever get sick.


Mia E.

Verified purchase

 I received this product and was able to use it right away since was husband had started a fever. It is easy to use and easy to read the temperature. I would recommend this product for children and also adults.