Rechargeable Solar Insect Zapper

$39.90 $119.99

"WOW, I just received the Rechargeable Solar Insect Zapper by delivery moments ago, plugged and Zap!!, it killed a bug, ah there goes another one bites the dust. It works great. You need to get one for indoors." - Elizabeth D., CA

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  • The blue plasma light attracts insects --> the live wire eliminates them
  • Kills all unwanted insects: mosquitos, mothes, flies, houseflies, wasps, bugs, mossies, cockroaches, midges
  • No need for wiring or battery costs. Solar panel harnesses the sun's rays and stores the energy in rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Rechargeable batteries maintain work at night or when there is no sun
  • It can be placed almost anywhere, even when you are travelling
  • Safe, hygienic (easy to clean by removing front cover) and chemical free
  • Ideal for picnics and days out in nature. Make those moments carefree and even more enjoyable than they already are with this UV lamp
  • Advanced PV Technology
  • Super-grip suction pads that can be mounted anywhere
  • Insect Zapper needs to be placed on a transparent surface against the sun so that it can be charged fully by the solar energy (Red button on the product enables the charging)


  • Dimensions: 1.77 in x 4 in / 4.5 cm x 10 cm

9 Reviews

Jerry B.

Verified purchase

Well we used to struggle a lot with mosquitoes and flies inside our house but no more! Plugged this baby in inside the kitchen and we were basically cured over night! I don't have to worry about getting bit up by mosquitoes when I'm just hanging out watching TV or trying to sleep.

I haven't tried it outside yet but I'm sure it would do a great job in our screened in back porch while we are having bbqs and such! It feels really nice too, not cheap or easily breakable - I actually accidentally knocked it off our deep freezer and it survived the fall without a scratch.

Pretty impressive.
10/10 would recommend to others suffering from pestilence and plague.


Carol T.

Verified purchase

Spring is here and our toddler left the patio door open. We had some bees and fly in the house. I proceeded to switch this on. I checked after few hours and found the bug zapper had zapped them. We are excited to try this more in summer!


Kelly D.

Verified purchase

This is a nice looking easy to use electric repellent indoor bug zapper. It can also be used as a blue night light for killing mosquitoes and other insects. I’m excited to plug this in where I keep my fruit on the counter because at times we get little gnats around the fruit and I sure don’t like bugs!


Jacqueline M.

Verified purchase

I'm going to be ahead of those bugs this year. Now all the pesky fruit flies and mosquitoes that were bugging me during the day, will be white noise to sleep to at night. Buzz! Might even double as a night light as I go to enjoy a random piece of fruit they won't get to taste. Comes with a small brush to clean up those little critters in the morning.


Randy F.

Verified purchase

Used this while camping and it worked amazingly!!! Very easy to set up and clean up is easy (just take tray out and dump dead bugs!) will get another one for the house so I can keep one in the camper!


Thomas R.

Verified purchase

Love this product!! Works great, right out of the box! We have the biggest problem with indoor bugs and we've been using fly strips in our house trying to control the problem, but not any more!! This thing is A LIFESAVER!!!


Elizabeth D.

Verified purchase

WOW, I just received the Rechargeable Solar Insect Zapper by delivery moments ago, plugged and Zap!!, it killed a bug, ah there goes another one bites the dust. It works great. You need to get one for indoors.


Gary C.

Verified purchase

I bought this device because my apartment is right next to a body of water and the community pool. When it gets hot, little fruit flies come out. Those little bugs are not only annoying, they bite too. I can't wait for the summer to see how many fruit flies this thing will kill.


Shawn K.

Verified purchase

We live in a very wooded area! After a good rain it can be almost impossible to enter the house with out a bug flying in! With this I can plug it in right by the front door! It's a very generous size!