Premium Multi-Jar Opener

$19.90 $89.99

"I LOVE this jar opener!!! This is a product I have been waiting for all my adult life! Finally, I don't have to bang jar lids on the floor hoping that will make them easier to open! This thing is really a great addition to our kitchen implements drawer! Everybody should have one." - Grace T., NE

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  • Adjustable jar opener is an in-demand kitchen essential that loosens any lid in seconds
  • Easy to use. Reverse the jar cap counterclockwise and unscrew the jar cap
  • Thanks to its clever gripping teeth design, it attaches firmly to move the most airtight jars
  • Effectively reduces pressure on your wrist and knuckles
  • Jar opener is suitable for jars and bottles with lids between 1" and 3.7" in diameter
  • Whether you have small hands, poor grip, injured or have arthritis, Jar opener allows you to be self-reliant in the kitchen


  • Dimensions: 2.52 inch (6.4 cm) x 3.62 inch (9.2 cm)

11 Reviews

Kaylee F.

Verified purchase

It Works! I purchased the Jar Opener because I have arthritis in both thumbs, making it hard, at times, to open jars. This is perfect and I already LOVE it! I have gone through and opened 4 different jars, all different sizes, and this has not failed to open them yet! Very easily adjustable to your jar lid and easy to turn. This is going to a drawer that i can get to and get it easily from now on. No more looking for someone to open jars for me! LOVE THIS!


Lauren A.

Verified purchase

This is the greatest invention ever made for people with arthritic hands. Works very well, and is great quality. I bought this to replace another ring top can opener, and this is a first class replacement. This is very sturdy, and I think it will last for a long time. Great!


Camila M.

Verified purchase

This is the best thing ever! I've struggled for years with jar lids. Running the jars under hot water. Tapping the top of the lid with the end of a knife, putting a wet dish rag over the lid and trying to twist it off. Nada, nothing, vilch. And now voila! Adjust this little opener to fit the lid. One little twist and the lid opens. I love this thing! 


Lucy K.

Verified purchase

I got really tired of not being able to open jars as easily as I once had. I took action & since this tool came in I've had no problems opening any jar I needed to open. It's been perfect!


Maria T.

Verified purchase

This is fantastic! It really work just as I hoped it would and it takes up almost no space in my kitchen drawer (front and center since I use it often). I'm an occupational therapist and I will recommend this to all my patients who have trouble opening jars.


Colin O.

Verified purchase

My hands are arthritic and getting weaker all the time, so I needed help with opening jars. This works great for me. Now that I am "old" and arthritic, it is important to have the leverage this provides as an added oomph in the kitchen! I bought several to share!


Edward H.

Verified purchase

I've had this a while now (4 months). It has been working like a dream! Great on plastic twist on lids, too (depending on the shape of the plastic lid--but so far, it's worked on all!). Now that I know how it works, it's easy and quick and takes very little strength. I LOVE it and will buy for friends!


Juliana K.

Verified purchase

Love - love - love this kitchen tool. I don’t have arthritis but I don’t have the hand strength to open a lot of containers. This tool makes it possible for me to independently open ANY size container from a pickle jar to a bottle of olive oil.


Rebecca R.

Verified purchase

I bought this because it looked like a simple, easy-to-use design for my sore hand. I was right. It makes opening things a breeze. You can open something as small as a bottle of carbonated soda to something as big as a huge jar of pickles with ease. I recommend this product highly. It would work really well for arthritis sufferers.


Kathy C.

Verified purchase

Bought this for my husband. He had a stroke several years ago and suffers from weakness in his right hand. Then this year he got a kidney transplant and is now required to drink a 32oz bottle of Gatorade every day. Well, anyone who has tried to open those suckers knows that hand strength is a major requirement, which of course he doesn't have. Looked around and came across this little jewel, and let me tell you, it is a life saver.


Megan R.

Verified purchase

I can now open my own water bottles one at a time instead of having to have my bottles opened by family members and put back in refrigerator for later consumption. Convenient and easy to use ! Love being able to open canned drinks without needing to pry up can top also.