Premium Kick Mat Car Seat Back Protector

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"My 4 and 6 yr old grandkids can't seem to stop kicking the back seats of the driver and passenger leather seats. I got these and no more nagging them to stop. My 4 yr old granddaughter said "Grandma, now you don't have to worry about when I'm kicking the seat." Win, win!" - Becky K., TX

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  • Designed to shield your seat from the elements, dirty shoes, hands, scuff marks and more you’ll rest assured knowing that your seats are protected no matter how bad the weather is or how muddy your little passenger’s shoes are
  • Engineered from high quality fabric & reinforced with expert stitching these will be going strong when your toddlers are teenagers
  • Simply pull the kick mat down over your seat like a t-shirt and buckle the top strap under your headrest
  • Kid tested, mom approved

12 Reviews

Kristen D.

Verified purchase

Having a walking, rear facing baby means your brand new seats aren't going to look so nice for very long. Enter these. We had just bought a new car around the time he started to walk so his shoes were always leaving dirty, dusty, and sometimes muddy foot prints on the seat. I decided to try these and i'm SO glad I did. Seriously.

I bought a set for my parents car even so I can save their seats from getting ruined by my son as well.


Becky K.

Verified purchase

My 4 and 6 yr old grandkids can't seem to stop kicking the back seats of the driver and passenger leather seats. I got these and no more nagging them to stop. My 4 yr old granddaughter said "Grandma, now you don't have to worry about when I'm kicking the seat." Win, win!


Sandy R.

Verified purchase

I recently got a new car and was looking for something to keep my car clean from a 5 year old boy's muddy shoes and wet boots in the winter. These fit great! I have a Honda Civic and it covers the entire back seat. The other car I had these in was a Honda Accord and they covered the entire back seat in that vehicle as well.

Overall I don't think you can go wrong with these. They are durable and will withstand any child's kicks while keeping your vehicle clean!


Peter M.

Verified purchase

We have two toddlers and when they are having a meltdown in the backseat I dont worry to much about the damage/filth that it will cause Haha. I have all black interior so everything show up. All I do to clean them is a quick vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth and everything comes off. It is very thin material and it doesn't slide all over, the straps attached hold it securely in place. I would definitely recommend.


Sharon H.

Verified purchase

Best kick mats I have purchased for my 2013 Suburban. I have 4 kids ages 6, 5, 4, and 3 and these things actually cover my entire seat protecting it from their little feet.


Mandy C.

Verified purchase

They do what they're supposed to do, which is save the backside of your front car seats from filthy dirty kid's shoes! The back side of our car seats were turning black because our little munchkin just LOVES to kick her feet up every time we get in the car. Even though I admonish her to put her feet down, she can't help but stick them up. Maybe we need a bigger car so her little legs can't reach the front seat back anyway...


Barbara G.

Verified purchase

We use these as kick mats for our still rear-facing toddler, so we have them secured on the backseats. They work well with both of our vehicles (Jeep Grand Cherokee and Volkswagen Passat) and while we don't use the bottom strap to secure around the seat, the car seat butts up against the backseat and holds the bottom securely. Our daughter is taller and so her feet easily hit the seat so these became a must have once she started walking everywhere. Once she turns 2 and we can turn her car seat around, they will then go on our front seat backs.


Jared T.

Verified purchase

Good solution for protecting the front seats in our new car. We have 2 toddlers who are constantly kicking the front seats with their nasty, muddy, 1 week old shoes! My shoes are 2 years old and they don't look nearly as dirty (yes, I know I need to workout). I decided not to get the seat protectors that have pockets because that would add more clutter in the car. The My Belief Supply kick mats are low profile, made of easy to clean material and match the car's interior. Just what I was looking for.


Julia F.

Verified purchase

Perfect for the families with little kids. We have two under 7 and they are constantly putting their dirty shoes on the seat backs (driving mom and dad crazy). These installed quickly and easily and the strap that goes around the base - tucks in nicely so you aren't sitting on the buckle. We have noticed that the top folds in a little bit if the top strap isn't tight enough.


Lisa R.

Verified purchase

My husband always has a fit when the kids get in his truck and kick his seats and gets them dirty.... so I bought these and he is extremely happy with them. Very durable and fit perfect in his truck.


Daniel Z.

Verified purchase

This is a pretty good solution to our four year old stepping all over the front seat. Easy to install and adjust. It does exactly what is is supposed to do. Currently using in two vehicles and very happy with the results.


Ally E.

Verified purchase

I read the reviews prior to purchasing this product and appreciate the other buyers feedback. It is a great mat for the back seat. My son's legs are long enough to where his dirty shoes are constantly putting dirt on our seats. It wipes off easily and easy to install. I like the extra long straps for bigger seats. I have a Passat and it covers the back seat perfectly. This is a great product.