Multipurpose Gardening Knee Pads

$29.90 $109.99

"I do a lot of my gardening on my knees as I find it easier on my bad back. Until I purchased these Gardening Knee Pads I used a pad that I knelt on. The problem with the pad, is that I have to get up before moving to a new spot. It is much easier to garden with the these knee pads attached to my legs. I am very pleased with this purchase.​​​​​" - Samantha W., MT

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  • Ribbed outer shell for added grip
  • Protects the knees while kneeling
  • Soft inside contact surface for comfortable use
  • Ergonomically designed, lightweight and durable
  • Magic stick straps make it flexible and elastic to ensure a perfect fit
  • Resistance ability, strong toughness, with good shock/damping performance
  • High and low-temperature performance (can withstand cold and heat exposure)


  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.9 inch
  • Thickness: 0.47 inch


  • 1x Pair of Multipurpose Gardening Knee Pads

13 Reviews

Patricia L.

Verified purchase

Great deal! This is the most comfortable knee pads that I've ever had. It stays in place and  perfectly does it's job by protecting my knees when I kneel. I don't just use it when I take care of my garden, I also wear this when I do household chores that requires me to kneel.


Philip C.

Verified purchase

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made to help with my gardening. I wish I would have bought these years ago. I saw the little kneeling pillows at the gardening stores and they were kind of expensive, plus I didn't really want to carry it around with me wherever I went. These are perfect because I strap them on and wherever I want to kneel to do some weeding or planting, I can just plop down and get to work. And both of my hands are free to hold trays of starts, buckets, gardening tools, etc. I don't really pay attention to what I'm kneeling on -- sticks, rocks, etc. -- as it seems to be pretty puncture resistant. I've had them for over a month now and I really like them. They fit just fine for me and are very comfortable for my knees while kneeling. When I walk around I don't even notice I'm wearing them!


Ellie P.

Verified purchase

These knee pads are excellent for any number of outdoor chores requiring you to be on your knees whether it's gardening, pruning, fertilizing, repairs to fencing or a host of other tasks. The whole pad is relatively soft with a tougher coating on the front and a flannel-lining on the inside for comfort.

These preformed pads are correctly curved to fit your knee and upper shin. The pad material, though soft enough to have a little "give", are very tough on the outside. These can take a lot of abuse. The elastic, Velcro-fastened straps fit me just fine and I'm a little shorter than average so they should be able to fit a wide variety of sizes.

I use these often in the garden, in my orchard, using my chainsaw, etc. and have performed quite well and I have no complaints.


Peter M.

Verified purchase

I will use these in my home and garden but the reason I purchased these is to wear at work. I work retail and it is all the hours before the store opens that I literally spend on my knees. The items in my department can be placed inches from the floor, so my knees take the load of weight. These pads are comfortable, easy to wear and ohhh so cushy!


Hailey D.

Verified purchase

These are great for doing gardening or manual labor! I blew out my knee playing sports in high school, and have a hard time putting any weight on my right knee when kneeling. Putting in a patio was a daunting task, but these have been life savers. I've had other knee pads in the past, but they've had a plastic shell which has cracked when you put weight on it. Other products also have a more uncomfortable strap, these ones sat below my knee, so no annoying abrasion against tender skin.


Rachelle K.

Verified purchase

ABSOLUTELY LOVE these! Wish I would have bought sooner!

I am currently remodeling my home. I purchased just prior to starting a flooring project. I have looking for knee pads for a while. Soo many of them I was finding were too short, WAY too long, hard covered (not ideal for my project), sized for larger people, cheaply made or VERY expensive. After reading the reviews I purchased a pair. What I got was AMAZING! They are soft on the outside so they work well on my new hardwood floors. They are sized appropriate for myself (smaller person) and my brother (tall skinny guy, who also got a pair after using mine). They go on easy. Stay put generally well while walking around. Not heavy or overly bulky. Inexpensive. Washable. Definitely do the job! I can work on my floors all day, my knees don't feel a thing!


Michael S.

Verified purchase

I bought these knee pads because I was painting a mural in a room with a ceramic tile floor, and I wanted to save my knees. The foam padding was very nice and definitely comfortable to kneel on. Fits well and does the job!


Celine Y.

Verified purchase

As I've gotten older, I have found that crawling around on my knees, scrubbing our 28 ft boat leaves me very sore. Bought these and I am amazed at the difference they have made. They do an excellent job of protecting your knees, are comfortable and as an added bonus leave absolutely no marks on either wood or fiberglass surfaces. I can without reservation say that I would most definitely recommend this product to a friend, neighbor or family member.


Lanie L.

Verified purchase

I had surgery on foot and ankle a month ago. Still a month until I can go up and down stairs. I live in a three-storey house, so I am very happy with these. I go up and down the stairs on my knees. After the first week, I had bruises. Now my knees are well padded. I'm a gardener, so these will come in handy when spring arrives - and hopefully I am walking again!


John F.

Verified purchase

Not just for gardening. These are billed as low cost gardener type knee pads, but I use them for construction work around the house- on my knees grinding concrete, setting pavers in a new walkway, etc. Work great. Not for a professional who'll wear them all day but absolutely fine for a homeowner for occasional use.


Dennis P.

Verified purchase

I finally used these the other day and was very pleased with them. I plan to use them when I work on headstones in the cemetery, as well as when I give my little Yorkie her bath. Getting down on my hands and knees at my age is no longer easy, but my knees don't complain when I wear these knee pads. For me, they were the best buy. They work, and the price was right. I'm very happy with them.


Chloe P.

Verified purchase

I ordered these because (1) I lost my other pair and (2) they were offered at a great price. My husband and I were working on our hardwood floors, and I needed knee pads to finish the job. These were such a good price, I figured I couldn't get hurt if only I used them for this one project. I was astonished at the great quality for such a good price. The foam does not scratch hardwood and I like the velcro straps for removing the pads. I am extremely happy with this purchase.


Gary M.

Verified purchase

The knee pads do as they are supposed to do. We purchased them for the garage floor when we woodwork but ended up having to use them on rocks to fix a sprinkler system and they held up great and provided support. I have lots of health issues and have never used knee pads. Normally my lower back stiffens up and it takes work to not only get up, but then to straighten out. I noticed a significant difference, not a cure-all but it helps a lot. Thank you!