Portable Led Lamp

$19.90 $89.99

"Who doesn't want a light bulb in their closet? I recently remodeled bedroom closets and these are beyond easy to mount. You can either screw them in or use the tape that is already attached. I used the tape on a freshly painted wall and it sticks like a pro. Taking the light bulb off the mount is flawless. It takes no skill at putting one together or putting it on the wall. I love the design, simple and clean. Very happy with it."- Parker L., NV 

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  • The battery-operated portable lamp can be installed in seconds
  • Simply peel and stick the base anywhere you need instant light, slide in the light bulb, pull the cord and that's it
  • Very useful in attics, garages, basements, closets, pantries, under stairs, or inside cabinets
  • The bulbs are cool to the touch and shatterproof so they're safe around children and pets
  • The bulb even slides out of the base to become a handy lantern for power outages
  • No wires, no expensive electrician, no messy renovations


  • Dimensions: 2 inch (5 cm) x 3.1 inch (8 cm) x 3.5 inch (9 cm)

12 Reviews

Miles T.

Verified purchase

 I have 4 of these for power outages in my house, loved them so much I gave them to several family members for Christmas. Totally safe, uses AA batteries. I choose to use the rechargeable batteries and always keep extra's charged for emergencies. Very useful!


Molly P.

Verified purchase

These are perfect for what I need. The light bulbs are plastic but they work just fine for me for my closet. Perfect!


Jonah M.

Verified purchase

This comes in so handy when electricity goes out. Gonna get more for hurricane season.
Does not make room hotter. Love it!


Adaline B.

Verified purchase

This is so handy. I placed it in the closet as the top shelf was full of linen and the closet light was blocked. When we lost electricity during a storm, I was able to remove just the light part and I could easily read by the light. I had one in my old house for 10 years and never had to replace the battery or bulb. I forgot to pack it when I moved so I'm happy to get one for my new apartment.


Iris V.

Verified purchase

These are a MUST in the house! They require 4 AA batteries and the batteries last about 6+ hours and they light up a room! I gave my neighbor and landlady a box and they were a wonder during our last blackout. This is an excellent gift for anybody, especially during the winter months when blackouts occur or better still, I hand then in my closet to help me arrange an outfit to assure my colors match. I have extra boxes to give to people for gifts during the Christmas holiday. This is a very good product.


Oscar R.

Verified purchase

I ordered 4 to light up the pitch-dark closets in my old house, and they are working great so far. For the first time, I can actually tell what color my clothes are before removing them from the hanger. I am also using one outside on my back porch to throw some light on the keyhole when I get home from work in the dark. Great!


Hayden K.

Verified purchase

They work like a charm for getting around in power losses, both inside & for minor mobility outside. Just hold above head & walking in the dark outside is doable, or inside just pull string & set on a table in the room to see things. Like the fact that they remain cool to the touch. I'm very pleased!


Harry F.

Verified purchase

Works great in my dark foyer right by the door. It installed with tremendous ease and appears to be a very stable fixture. We use it in the evening when we either have to leave or enter the house and do not want to use the larger ceiling light or when we need to open the door for a caller. It is perfect for an area where you do not need a light all the time and/or where it might be difficult to install an electrical outlet. Love this product.


Clayton M.

Verified purchase

Can't get electric in some areas of the home so thought I would try these and they are SUPER!! Will buy more for my closet!


Jett A.

Verified purchase

I don't know why someone didn't think of this sooner. These lightweight, stick-up lights are great for illuminating dark corners. They take 4 AA batteries and have a strong adhesive on the back that sticks to surfaces, even textured ones. I put two by my front door, which lacks any lighting. I'm so happy!


Ember J.

Verified purchase

I was surprised at how much light is given. I used this both in a closet and a mechanical room. This did provide me with sufficient light to be able to see. Also, this product did not take up much space and in fact was out of the way of being able to get to things. Recommended!


Erin T.

Verified purchase

Works great! My daughter purchased it for her horse barn that she does not have electric in and I was there the other night and she has it in the feed room and you can clearly see in there and also in the horse stall. Great product!