Collapsible LED Lantern

$19.90 $89.99

"As far as the light goes, it’s awesome!! Really bright and compact, easy to use for me and my GF who has smaller hands. The way it goes from flashlight to lantern is amazing. Makes it perfect for camping." - Samuel L., MS

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  • When this lantern is expanded, it could be used as a regular lantern to illuminate the inside of your camping tent or your gathering at the beach with your friends
  • If you compressed it into a puck-like shape, you could use it as a flashlight to illuminate your way in the dark while you are hiking
  • With its water-resistant and retractable design, the Collapsible LED Lantern is ideal for any weather
  • 3 Brightness modes: Full /Half/ Flash
  • About 15 hours for full brightness (30lm) on average, 30 hours for half brightness(15lm), 23 hours for flashing mode
  • You can use it for anything: reading, camping, hiking, and more


  • Dimensions:
    Expanded - 5.31 inch (135 mm) x 3.39 inch (86 mm)
    Collapsed - 1.93 inch (49 mm) x 3.39 inch (86 mm)

10 Reviews

Anthony K.

Verified purchase

I used this at an outdoor concert in a teeny tent and it was perfect. Bright as daylight, I could see well and get around the camping area all night without battery failure. I could adjust the light by collapsing the light a bit more and didn't have to wear a headlight. Sitting on the picnic table, it gave enough light to see to fix dinner and clean up. It's a winner!


Sofia B.

Verified purchase

I love this. I keep it in my window for emergencies, WHICH we have power outages relatively often and all my neighbors always look up at our window asking how we still have power. Sometimes when I just need extra light i'll pop it down on the table or hang it somewhere high.


Luke T.

Verified purchase

This lantern gives off plenty of light without being too bright. I love the compact size and ease of this lantern. I used it opened up while sitting around the camp site and used it collapsed down while walking around the camp great either way. Highly recommend!


Camila R.

Verified purchase

This product exceeded my expectations. I am very impressed with this flashlight/lamp because it does exactly what it says. It's very bight, but not too bright! So pleased!


Lauren O.

Verified purchase

This light outdoor lantern fits in the palm of your hand and it's easy to carry.  I was so pleased with it that I ordered another unit for my mom. She lives in South Florida and during hurricane season she fills her house with flashlights and candles. She was delighted to get this lantern in the email. Great!


Samuel L.

Verified purchase

As far as the light goes, it’s awesome!! Really bright and compact, easy to use for me and my GF who has smaller hands. The way it goes from flashlight to lantern is amazing. Makes it perfect for camping.


Henry V.

Verified purchase

It is very bright. I use it as a nightlight to see where to put my glasses after the lights are off. It easily lights up my whole room on the lowest setting. The lamp has three settings low, high, and flashing. It would be excellent in a hurricane or storm ready kit or to use on a daily basis.


Kevin R.

Verified purchase

This thing is enough to read by at night, and it lasts even longer than it claims on high brightness. The one time I left it on to test it, going out after six hours - and I don't even know if it it was at a full charge to start. I love that you can collapse it and use like a flashlight! Great!


Molly B.

Verified purchase

I used this lantern during a recent 5-day power outage and it worked perfectly! My sister who had to evacuate her residence and stayed with me during that time was impressed enough by the lantern to buy one of her own to take with her on her move to Turkey!


Nolan P.

Verified purchase

I love this light. Works really good. Small, compact. Works like a handlamp, what else you ask? I would recommend this to my friends.