LED Eyeglass Clips

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"I’ve been using these led clips for exactly a month now and I love love love these because they are so user friendly. Just clips to side of glasses, no need to put anything together. It’s bright and you can adjust the light where you need the focus to be. I have advanced keratoconus, and these clips provide me with much greater visual clarity than me using a regular lamp. Great quality, highly recommend!" -  John A., NH

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  • Our mini Clip-on LED Lights are super bright and very easy to use, just clip on the sides of your spectacles and you are ready to go
  • It’s perfect for those times when you need more directional light or if you do not want to disturb other people around you
  • This light has a clip-on design, usually, you can clip it on glasses sides or hat brim for ultimate convenience and relax your hands
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Compact and portable


  • Dimensions: 1.5 inch (37 mm) x 1.2 inch (30 mm) x 1.2 (31 mm)

13 Reviews

Avery M.

Verified purchase

Extremely bright and can be clamped to anything I need illuminated. I have a large commercial embroidery macine that needs regular oiling. Finally I can see the dark areas that I've never been able to get to before!


Ethan C.

Verified purchase

 These little lights are outstanding! They clip perfectly to my glasses, and my Wife's as well. They don't slip or move around once clipped. And, they are bright!! I have made quite a few LED projects, and own a company that retrofits small businesses with energy efficient LED conversions. I wanted something small and minimalistic to use when reading at night. The brightness is so impressive that I only wear one to read, and it is more than sufficient. I'm very happy!


Ryan B.

Verified purchase

I put these babies on a pair of magnified safety glasses and the outcome is terrific. These old eyes can finally see when I am working on smaller things!!! They work. The lights are bright and easy to direct where I need them.


Hudson T.

Verified purchase

Works fantastic- I am a quilter and use these to add direct lighting to my quilting area. If I could make one change it would be to larger clips as I have had trouble putting them on a wide bow frame. They take 4 - 2032 replacement batteries but I have not had to replace them as yet- love these wish I’d known of them ages ago!


Hazel J.

Verified purchase

I can't tell you how much I love these! If I need to look in a pets ears or mouth, find something under the sink, or just need some extra light, there it is. Hands free. I look like a cyborg but that's sorta cool. Also, I love to go camping and these make reading in the tent so easy. I have them on my glasses all the time.


Parker O.

Verified purchase

Wonderful for reading the newspaper, or any similar activity where you are moving your head. My glasses are wire rimmed and they don't grasp well, so I have gone back to a head lamp. My wife uses hers all the time. They're light weight, bright light, and put the light where you're focusing.


Melanie N.

Verified purchase

They work! They work! They work! I was out that very night doing some emergency car maintenance and it was ridiculously easy.


Brianna D.

Verified purchase

I attach these lights to my hat when working when working on various projects. They are small but pretty handy to keep in your toolbox when needed. Works great, so I went back an ordered 2 more pairs for others that want to try them.


Eliana L.

Verified purchase

I love these products, really. They are bright, unobtrusive, very convenient for dark places or precision work in poorly lit areas. Great!


Sawyer B.

Verified purchase

These work great on my reading glasses for clipping my dog's toenails, digging a sliver from my Grandson's foot, beading, reading small print, etc. etc. I use them all the time!


Maria V.

Verified purchase

It is excellent for threading a needle and up close looking at my sewing and other crafts. Thank you so much. I'm very happy I bought them!


Wesley S.

Verified purchase

These have been a nice option to utilize for reading or tasks requiring both of my hands to be occupied. Great! 


Margaret P.

Verified purchase

My mother-in-law is so excited to get her reading lights. She is 90 years old and reads constantly. She says these are perfect for clipping on to her glasses and she can point them exactly where she needs them. A must have!