Temperature Sensitive Water-powered LED Faucet

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"My 2 year old enjoys brushing her teeth and washing her hands more because of this attachment! The smile on her face is priceless! It really does add lots of fun for little ones! In fact she loves it so much it's hard to get her out of the bathroom!!" - Melissa B., OH

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  • They’re easy to install. It couldn’t be easier to fit one of these clever LED lights. After taking them out of the package, you only need to unscrew your current cap and replace it with this one. It requires no tools or expensive plumbers and takes less than 5 minutes.
  • They’re useful. Being able to see what the temperature is before putting your hands in can save you from icy cold or scalding hot water. If you have kids, then this is a simple tool to ensure they don’t hurt themselves and have a little fun while they're at it.
  • They’re fun. Who wouldn’t want to have colorful water coming out of their faucet? It’s like having your very own mini light show in the comfort of your own home. Amazing and fun.


  • Dimensions: 11.4x3.5x3.1inch
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces

13 Reviews

Melissa B.

Verified purchase

My 2 year old enjoys brushing her teeth and washing her hands more because of this attachment! The smile on her face is priceless! It really does add lots of fun for little ones! In fact she loves it so much it's hard to get her out of the bathroom!!


Thomas F.

Verified purchase

Grandchildren love them. They laugh and have fun. Yes they make a mess but water cleans up. They have fun, get clean and bless us with laughter.


Amy J.

Verified purchase

 I love how awesome this LED water faucet works. The lights change colors the entire time while your water runs. The pressure is very strong as it comes out. It was super easy to assemble. I am happy this came with 2 so I could also add one to my bathroom faucet. My kids love it. They are actually washing their hands more because it is now cool to use the sink.


Amber P.

Verified purchase

I bought these in an attempt to making washing hands a little more exciting for me kids. Happy to report that this worked. It's like a little mini disco in the sink! This facucet led also changes the stream from one solid water stream to more of shower like stream (with lots of individual streams coming out) which I liked so I also ended up putting on of these on our kitchen sink. Works better cleaning dishes


Brenda M.

Verified purchase

So Cool makes doing dishes fun again... I really just like that when you get up in the middle of the night you can get water with a little bit of light. I like that you get two cause as soon as my god sons saw it they had to have it and I was able to give one to them.


Daniel S.

Verified purchase

My granddaughters wanted me to purchase an LED shower head but I didn't think I would enjoy that very much, so this was my compromise. The kids love them. They were very easy to install and very reasonably priced. I actually think they brush their teeth a little longer.


Richard G.

Verified purchase

Children of all ages love this. And it gives a nice strong spray for cleaning. The darker the room the neater it is. Your grandchildren will love it!


Christina B.

Verified purchase

Purchased this for my elderly parents. Yes elderly parents who would leave the water running after washing. No one has left the faucet on since the LED faucet was installed.


Sam P.

Verified purchase

These lights are an absolute hit with the children and add some colour and fun to my bathroom. Order was exactly as advertised and of good quality. Very simple to install.


Jerry W.

Verified purchase

Fun ! Scare the hell out you at night till you get used to them. Great to put in x-mas stocking. Kids would get a kick out of these. I am 70 and I do.


Rebecca D.

Verified purchase


I love this piece of magical goodness. It's a cool tool to get your kids to wash their hands!


Courtney S.

Verified purchase

I kept one using in my kitchen and gave one to my granddaughter who is using at dad's house. lights change colors and spray is good gives light in dark if getting a drink. will purchase again!


Linda M.

Verified purchase

They work great. Grandkids love to wash their hands to see the light show. Another benefit, no batteries nessary.