AutoLight LED Motion Sensor Strip Light

$29.90 $109.99

"I used it in my kid's closet so they can get dressed by themselves since they cant reach the ceiling light's pull string.The color temp is PERFECT! I hate cold blue LEDs. This one blends in with a nice warm tone.Great price, I'll be buying more of these for other rooms." - Jackson K., TN

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  • AutoLight brightens up any corner with powerful LED lights to give you a warm, glowing effect like no other
  • Now you can easily find your way to the bathroom at night, get a better look at your closet, illuminate doorways - wherever you need the extra light
  • Activate AutoLight's motion sensor so it only lights up when it detects movement. No need to turn it on yourself
  • Unlike standard bulbs, LED lights do not eat up too much energy. You get bright, powerful lights for half the usual energy consumption
  • AutoLight also turns off by itself when it doesn't detect movement. You won't have to worry about leaving it on
  • Just peel off the adhesive cover and stick on the light strip wherever you want to place it
  • Simply cut AutoLight to your desired length to fit where it needs to go


  • Dimensions:
    Controller - 5.5 inch (140 mm) x 1 inch (27 mm) x 0.55 inch (14 mm)
    Strip - 39 inch (1 m)

12 Reviews

Hannah M.

Verified purchase

This was exactly what I needed! I recently purchased a much much older home that was not exactly equipped with spacious or well lit closets. Picked this baby up in hopes it would work for our small master closet and boy does it do the trick!!! Will definitely be buying more of these for the other dark parts of my home.


David O.

Verified purchase

I have been searching for months for an LED strip with a daylight-only motion detection sensor and finally found this one. I have it installed them in my bedroom and on the bottom of our stair banister so that when people come out of their bedrooms at night, the motion sensor will flip the lights on before they get to the stairs. And then I have installed one more strip with the motion sensor at the bottom of the stairs for anyone going up after dark. It makes the stairs safer and saves electricity when I don't have to leave a light on all night. And I love that I can adjust how long the lights stay on for, so there is a perfect amount of time for people to get down the stairs before they shut off. Love it!


Grace P.

Verified purchase

Love the product!!!! I am using these lights in the kitchen and they are great at night. I do not even have to use my regular lighting. Everything you need to install is included and very easy. I would highly recommend it.


Nathan R.

Verified purchase

I'm very impressed so far with the quality of this product. Set up / installation was very fast and straight forward. I attached mine to my daughter's bed. I have the brightness as dim as it will go and the timer set to 30 sec. The motion sensor is flawless. The lights will stay on longer than 30 sec as long as the motion sensor continues to sense movement so that setting works great for me. My daughter loves it!


Alexis B.

Verified purchase

I wasn't sure what to expect, but we love it! I am pregnant so it's great for our bathroom I don't have to turn the light on I can just walk right in in the middle of the night and don't have to worry about the light waking anyone up. Really like it!


Christian O.

Verified purchase

It's my 3rd time buying these led strip lights. These lights are going to be installed into my new kitchen underneath cabinets to give off a nicer brightness and also show off the new backsplash. These lights set a fun mood to any type of room and I will continue buying.


Jerry A.

Verified purchase

These lights are fantastic! Perfect lighting, easy installation and looks great. Definitely one of the best and simplest improvements we have made during our DIY bedroom remodel. 


Claire N.

Verified purchase

Love these. They work great! And fit almost anywhere. This was just what I was looking for. Brightens up those stairs going to the first floor! I'd like to get more and continue to add to other areas.


Camila P.

Verified purchase

These lights are amazing! I lined the inside of my sons closets with these and it lights everything up. I love the motion sensor on it as well. Now I want these lights everywhere. Especially under kitchen cabinets!!


Connor A.

Verified purchase

These lights have a motion sensor attached via the wire that you can place in a easy to reach spot even if the lights are under the bed. We set this up with the lights being under the bed and the sensor on the edge of the fllorboard of the bedframe. The sensor can be adjusted to keep the lights on from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. Very easy to install and really looks great when activated.


Amelia L.

Verified purchase

I installed it in one of our corridors to light up during the night time - looks beautiful and works great. Sensor lights are my new favorite thing allowing to always having lights on when needed, but I never need to remember to turn them off, super easy to install.


Briana K.

Verified purchase

I was initially looking for those dome press on lights to add some lighting in my closet, and came upon these in my search and I am so glad I found them. What a fantastic item! You can switch between manual (push the button to turn on/off) and auto (goes on/ off based on motion).