Buy One And Get One FREE: Portable Lifeline Grip

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"My elderly mother lives with me and it's been getting harder for her to get in and out of the shower.I bought her a shower stool as well as this grip bar so she can take a shower safely. This grip bar is great. It very easily suctions on to the shower wall and once it's there it stays put until you move it. Very easy to use, just flip the tabs to get it to suction on or to release the suction. This has really made a difference for my mother and I wish I had bought this long ago. This would also be awesome for little kids for getting them in to, and out of a bath!" - Angela J., TX

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ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO units for the price of $39.90.


  • Two powerful high quality suction grips provide sturdy support when you get in and out of the tub.
  • No-brainer job to place it on the surface and push the safety locking switch in just seconds, no need to drill holes in walls or tiles.
  • Compact and effortless removal process, just unlock the switches and move it to a new location.
  • Perfect helper to prevent dangerous slips and falls in bathroom, toilet, stair, etc.


  • Dimensions: 11.4x3.5x3.1inch
  • Weight: 7.4oz

We will send you 2x Portable Lifeline Grips for the price of one!

31 Reviews

Denise G.

Verified purchase

I just feel so much security when I'm in the shower. I don't grab, just knowing I can hold on is wonderful. I put both on my shower wall in different locations. I can now get in and get out with ease. Love this product and they stay in place.


Debrah L.

Verified purchase

This little helper is amazing! Locks tightly to tub sides and is strong and safe. I bought 2 and it eases my way out of the new deep soaking tub. Looks cool too!


John H.

Verified purchase

Perfect and 100% as described. RECOMMEND! Bought this for my business as my staff and I deal with people that are a little unsteady on their feet in the shower. This product has helped so much with that. I was surprised by the suction power after I accidentally placed it on my office table and tried picking it up and found I could not remove it unless I pulled the suction release tabs. I then tested this suction power against my own body weight, and as I am approximately 115kg in weight I felt that qualifies me to say that if this could hold my weight, then this product is top notch


William J.

Verified purchase

Very strong grip to the wall so long as the surface is flat ie: tile. Pulls full weight of adult male. Very good product and leaves no permanent markings. Working really well! I would highly recommend


Sue B.

Verified purchase

These grab handles are great. No drilling needed they just stick to the tiles. I feel so much more secure now in my shower having something to hold onto if I need to steady myself. I am going to take one of them on holiday next time I go because sometimes showers in hotels are lethal. They are very light in weight, quite sturdy and easy to apply. So pleased I bought them.


Ronald M.

Verified purchase

A recent fall resulting in a broken femur has meant weeks of non weight bearing on the leg in question I bought these to help my stability in the shower. i must admit i wasn't very sure at first doubting their effectiveness. I must take that all back they are absolutely brilliant, once fitted, the beauty is you can adjust the position to be sure you have the right height etc, they do the job and give you confidence that they will hold you if you slip.


Andrew P.

Verified purchase

These are a product I never thought I would need, a product so strong on tiles, that Samson couldn't pull off! Sadly I'm getting old, stiff, and knackered and am glad these products are made as they are a godsend and they are worth every penny I paid for them, as now I can get out the bath on my own. Recommended? Too right they are buy em don't think oh tomorrow I will do it, there is a time when we have to admit to ourselves we need products like these wether we like it or not!


Michael H.

Verified purchase

This suction cup grab bar from MYBELIEFSUPPLY is just what I was looking for to assist with getting in and out of my bathtub. I have a garden tub with a step to get in/out. This grab bar faces down on the top of the tub so I have something to grip as I step out with wet feet. It grabs the plastic tub surface like a vice and does not slip at all. See attached photo.

A word or two about TILE SIZE: Each suction cup is about four inches across (diameter) and the space between each suction cup is about four inches. It seems to me this would work fine on four inch tile with each suction cup centered on a tile (this matches one of the pictures shown in the description). Larger, six or twelve inch, tile shouldn't be a problem as this would just straddle the gap between tiles.

I have tried this on my, plastic, shower wall and it is solid there too. For now I just needed one for peace-of-mind when getting out of the tub. This grip is a small price to pay for the added safety.


Jerry M.

Verified purchase

This is great! I recently had knee surgery and needed something to help give me stability getting in and out if the shower. These are wonderful, movable but once on, they really stick. They're not for weight bearing, but if you're like me and just need balance, it's perfect.


Thomas M.

Verified purchase

After slipping in the shower on several occasions, it was time to look for some sort of assistance. My initial thought on these suction cup products was were they really going to be able to hold my 185lbs after grabbing them for leverage to help prevent another slip and fall. SHOCKED!! Not only was I shocked at the gripping capacity of these suction cups, but being so simple to move around is a big plus. It took a couple of adjustments to find the perfect spot for me which would have been a mess using a permanent grab bar. Would and have recommended these truly Life Changing Grip Bars to anyone needing that extra help in the shower or anywhere else there's a smooth surface for the suction cups to adhere to. Great for the grandkids too because of the ease at which they can moved at anytime!


Robert T.

Verified purchase

I'm a big guy, so I wanted two handles to divide the amount of force when I pull myself up from the shower chair. And having two of them helps A LOT.Also, it's nice having them there to help me steady myself when I'm standing up. The cups really grab the hard, shiny fiberglass. Even so, I check them when I first get in the shower. Highly recommended!


Nigel B.

Verified purchase

When used as the manufacturer intends, this is a good product. I use it when I step in and out of the tub to assist with balance and and as an assist when turning around or running water over my face. We have a fiberglass tub and the handle sticks well. Unlike most suction cups, this one is applied dry to a dry wall. I've never had it fall off or come loose when using it; once a month I remove and reapply it to ensure it stays tight.


Lucy L.

Verified purchase

I bought Lifeline Grips to assist my husband getting in the shower/tub after knee replacement surgery since I wasn't sure which would fit best. I have 4" tiles (very smooth ceramic). I mounted one at the entrance and second at the far tub wall. The handle did cross the grout line as seen in photo but I had no problem getting a secure grip. We tested both with full body weight and they didn't budge. We have been using them daily as recommended not expecting them to support full body weight and are pleased. We also make sure to test them before we enter the tub. After my husband recovers I plan to let my mother try these since she sometimes needs help with stability.


Val C.

Verified purchase

My husband needed to have something to help him balance getting in and out of the shower. I bought 2 of these to assist him with this. These grab bars really stick to the tile. Even if I undo the lathes they do not want to come off. The suction to the tile is strong. These will work great for the next 6 months or so since we are getting an new shower that a wheelchair can roll right into. They are easy to use just place where you want them and latch. I test these daily to make sure they are not losing suction. I am glad a product like this is available.


Christian J.

Verified purchase

My tub is very high and I'm not that tall so every day I felt like I was going to slip and fall when stepping out of it. I actually slipped a couple of times but was able to avoid falling. My mom was coming to visit and she's shorter than I am so I knew it would be a problem so I checked different options for shower safety devices and decided to go with this one. It arrived on time and it was a breeze to install. I made sure the wall was clean and dry. Then I just lifted the two clips and held it tight against the wall and pushed the clips back down and that was it! It was installed. I pulled on it from different angles and with my body weight and it doesn't move at all. I'm extremely happy with it and highly recommend it to anyone looking to make their tub or shower safer.


Lee B.

Verified purchase

This works so well!!! I will be buying three more to place on my tub and shower walls. I have the one that I placed on the tile just outside the shower and I use it to help keep my balance while standing up from the toilet. I placed it on the wall maybe five days ago, and it has not lost any of the grip from the first day. Works like a charm! I highly recommend this for anyone who needs extra help for balance!!


Nancy F.

Verified purchase

I have just started my third trimester. As my stomach has grown I can definitely tell my sense of balance is off. Having a suction bath mat in the floor of my shower did not help much because the floor is slightly textured so the mat won't stay suctioned for long. After rinsing off suds, my walk in shower feels like I'm standing on banana peels soaked in oil lol. I bought two of these, one for the actual shower wall (like a re-bath material) and one across from it on the glass enclosure. They have a great grip! I still move slowly and take my time, but these really help make me feel safer as I turn around in the shower.


Peter W.

Verified purchase

This is a sturdy and well made item. I am going to be having a knee replacement and my tub/shower requires that I step over the edge of the tub.

 I purchased this with low expectations but nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact I just ordered two more of these so there will be several points on which to balance. The manufacturer is quite clear that these are not to be used for weight bearing but I can not get this to slip on my fiberglass shower wall no matter how hard I pull.


Shawn D.

Verified purchase

We moved into an apartment where the management was not interested in putting in handicapped bars. This grip is perfect for us. Both have stayed strongly attached for over two weeks now, and I feel much more stable when entering and leaving the shower. I like that we can take these with us when we move or when we travel.


Francis S.

Verified purchase

Used this after ankle surgery for my shower. My wife made sure I knew I wouldn't be drilling any holes in the wall for support, so this was my answer. 


Irene M.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my 89 year old mom who can't stand or get up without assistance. I took a "let's see if this thing works" attitude when I ordered this. My mother absolutely loves it now! (In fact, I'm ordering one more for her.)


Christy H.

Verified purchase

Purchased this to help me stand up in shower and beside toilet. Had foot surgery and will be non weight bearing for 12 weeks and didn’t want to permanently drill holes in the wall for a bar. This was easy to install, have been using it for 3 days now and it hasn’t moved or lost its suction on the wall of the bathroom or the wall of the shower highly recommend for temporary help in getting up.


Lisa H.

Verified purchase

I JUST got this a couple hours ago. Let me first tell you that I have Fibromyalgia and a demyelination disease in my legs so I'm not very strong or steady. For these reasons I purchased it. I'm so excited about it that I just have to give you my first impression review. I hate showers and I don't think I'll ever give up taking baths. It's just that I'm a bit unsteady and always concerned that I will fall getting out (or in) of the tub. Right away I tried this out on the tile of the wall and on the bathtub itself.  I put it on the bathtub itself to grab it so that I could sit down in the tub gently rather than plopping and sliding in and also to grab to help get up from sitting in the tub. Again, this worked perfectly. Easy peasy installation...just press it against the surface you wish to use then press down the little grey locks on each end to secure it. That's all! I am really excited to have this and know that taking baths will be easier with much less concern of slipping and falling. I took a  photo which I hope will help you out.  I'm just so excited and happy to have it!


Carol B.

Verified purchase

These are SO secure that I thought I was going to break them when I had to close the clips! I have guests that spend the night in my house, and many are over 50 years old, including my mother, who is 83. Having this grip when entering the tub shower gives me, and them, peace of mind. I added a little water to the suction cup area and they were already secure before I closed the clips!


David V.

Verified purchase

Read a billion reviews about these. They work just fine on my mother's tub. I attached this to her tub wall about a month ago, and it's still attached - well enough that I can't pull it off, unless I flip the lever.


Jody S.

Verified purchase

Great product, i had just remodeled a bathroom for my parents with large tile on the walls and a ceramic tub, i ordered two, i put one on the top of the tub and one on the inside of the tub. It works great!


Linda G.

Verified purchase

Works very well and very easy to use. Suction is strong and adequate as stated. Is not for whole weight but perfect for momentary balance. We use 4 in our along with shower stool. Worth the money. Have used other brands and was disappointed. Would buy again.


Vicky A.

Verified purchase

This is my 2nd portable lifeline grip I have put in my bathroom. They both work wonders. No worries about having to drill into tile as they adhere with the suction handles and stay. The one in my shower has been up for apx 2 years and although it gets wet daily it has never moved. I need them for balance and safety and couldn't be any happier with this product.


Tim P.

Verified purchase

These are really great for the shower I suppose they could possibly be used elsewhere as long as it were a surface that was wet. Possibly a boat or pool. This particular brand did stick to the wall and stayed on the wall and it was sturdy enough to help you lift yourself up. They give you a bit more stability and confidence that your secure securely good product, quick shipping! thank you


Lisa D.

Verified purchase

This product is great. We suctioned it onto our tile shower and it has never moved! My husband is a big guy (6'4" and 210 pounds), and it was able to assist and support him with getting into and out of the shower quite easily. I highly recommend this product.


Susan D.

Verified purchase

Grab bars have made the difference of my husband being able to safely enter & exit the shower, without fear of falling.
Just as a precaution, I always test the grab bars first to make sure they are still secure in shower walk. So far, no fails.