LED Safety Wheel Light

$19.90 $89.99

"These lights are great. I'm sure they have saved me from getting hit and I have gotten lots of compliments on them. I've used them for a few months now a we ride at least three nights a week for 6-12 miles and they are turned on for much of the ride since it started getting dark sooner. I recommend this highly for adults and kids."- Marty N., PA

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  • The easy-to-attach LED Safety Wheel Light is the perfect way to increase your visibility, safety, and cool factor when you're riding your bike in the dark
  • It fits almost all kids' and adults' bike sizes
  • Stays secure, even during off-road riding
  • Shock and weather resistant


  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 5 inch
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032


18 Reviews

Rose K.

Verified purchase

I actually purchased these for my twin boys who just learned how to ride a bike about 3 weeks ago. They chose the same bike and a similar Spider-Man helmet. We were just lacking the cool safety stuff. My boys love these and as they say I must do the same for my bike and my husband's. Thanks for the exciting safety gadgets!


Randy A.

Verified purchase

I ride my bike to work everyday, including in winter since the weather here in the Bay Area is generally so mild, and have been doing it for over 20 years. As I get older, I'm less inclined to take risks, and riding at night is one of those risks I reevaluate constantly.

Well, these lights have made me go from hating to ride at night to feeling kind of bummed that the days are now getting longer and I'll have fewer opportunities to show them off. Lol!


Russell H.

Verified purchase

These are amazing! The lights are bright and beautiful! I did a night ride through downtown Cleveland at an urban cycling festival and received so many compliments!!! They were easy to install. This product also held up to 5 hours of constant rain and remained lit throughout the storm! Definitely recommend!!!


Roy S.

Verified purchase

Love these! So easy and quick to put on your bike wheel and they stay in place I've had them on for over a month and they've never even wiggled from their place. The colors are so awesome!  Great way to stay visible on your bike at night and they look cool, very first night out with them I had several people stop me and ask me where I got them, even gave two away because they're such a great price! I know I'll definitely be buying more for my nephews one day. They'll love them, I know I do!


Theresa D.

Verified purchase

These are bright, easy to install and worth every penny. Can't complain. After a few days of biking around I never had a problem and I am very visible. Cool safety gadget!


Bryan J.

Verified purchase

Got the green and red which both look great on my bike rims. Installation process is a no brainer. Cooler looking bike and a safer night ride! 


Grace Y.

Verified purchase

Great product! I love all the available colors but I picked the multi-colored because of my kids. Bike riding is our thing and these LED Safety Wheel Lights has just made our family bonding safer and fun! Thanks!


Joe S.

Verified purchase

I purchased the green ones for my new bike. These are perfect! Works great and keeps me safe when I ride my bikeat night. Makes me look cool too!


Christian P.

Verified purchase

Lights up my bike and makes it very visible at night. Works great and easy to install. I've had these for 5 months now and they still work great! All bicycle riders should have these!


Ruth S.

Verified purchase

Prettier and cooler looking bike, that's what I have now. While I am very happy with the effect of having these safetly wheel lights on my back I am even more thankful that this simple device keeps me safe at night. I just placed a new order for my hubby and son. Can't wait to get them and make both of them super happy!


Nicole E.

Verified purchase

I got these for my daughter's bike, as I wanted to make her a bit more visible to drivers when it's dark - for the price, they're great - they work well and look cool.


Martha R.

Verified purchase

Two thumbs up! These work really great. I've never felt more safer. Thanks!


Nancy D.

Verified purchase

Lights up my world(lol), well, at least my bike. Somehow looking at these lights on my bike brightens up my night, makes me want to go a few blocks, spend more time with my bike which is great(I really need the exercise). Now I don't have to worry about the possibility of getting hit by a car, I know I am visible and safe.


Karen H.

Verified purchase

Cool safety stuff. It is sturdy, I am positive it will last a long time as I have had mine for more than six months. They really work great, lights are very visible. I ordered these new ones for an upcoming family gathering. This will be an awesome prices for our parlor game winners. I'm sure whoever gets these will love them.



Eric M.

Verified purchase

This is the simplest but most effective safetly lights I've ever had. I will never use a different type of safetly lights ever again. I highly recommend this because it is well make, very easy to assemble and install, the waterproofing feature really works well and it's very visible even when it rains or snow. Five star!