Portable Lint Remover

$19.90 $89.99

"This is life-changing. You need to use a little muscle to shave your clothing, but it's incredible. I immediately used it on my fav yellow sweater, and the difference were imazing. I love this thing and can't stop raving about it. I love it." - Kimberly T., KY

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  • Portable Lint Remover restores your clothes and any fabrics to perfect condition
  • Excellent for removing fuzz balls on clothes even on the sofa
  • Give your old fabrics new life by giving them a quick shave without damaging the fabric
  • This Portable Lint Remover brings stable and constant strong power to remove lint and balls
  • Remove pilling and lint from sweaters, curtains, carpet, upholstery and more
  • Pure copper head ensures a long service time
  • Quick and easy to use, battery-free


  • Diameter: 7.8 inch (20 cm) x 5.5 inch (14 cm)

12 Reviews

Katelyn D.

Verified purchase

Oh my, I can’t even recall how many things I’ve purchased to try to get rid of embedded dog hair in my sofa. I finally found a handheld vacuum that worked super well, but it was tough to use and it caused my couch to pull from the rubber hair remover. Anyway... ithis removed all the pills and at least 90% of the dog hair, so this is all I’ll be using from this point forward — i love this thing!


Miles H.

Verified purchase

Very impressed. Little to no risk of damaging fabric. Easily and effectively gets rid of fuzz balls with one stroke. Fuzz sticks to this shaver so no mess, easy clean up. This item is one stroke and done. HIGHLY effective.


Isabelle M.

Verified purchase

I am absolutely pleased with this product. I wanted something that wasn’t battery powered but did the job well. I used it on two sofas that were filled with pils and made them like new. It was a bit of work but funny enough I found it therapeutic. Also I love the part that removes lint which will come in handy for my wooly winter jackets. Wood definitely recommend it!


Mia A.

Verified purchase

I bought a beautiful grey sweater. Wore it one time and had to wash it. I followed the instructions and when I took it out, it was covered in fuzz balls. Took me 15 minutes to remove the fuzz balls. The sweater looks new. I tried it on my sofa and it worked perfectly! This is my new "what to give someone who has everything" gift. LOVE it!!!!!


Caroline K.

Verified purchase

Bought this in hopes of salvaging my favorite cardigans, full of pills. I literally just opened it, started using it and HAD to share how great it works. I actually pulled a cardigan out of my donate bag, that I had replaced because it got too full of pills. And what do you know!! I’m hanging this cardigan back in my closet because it’s back to new!! So excited to get WAY more life out of my sweaters thanks to this easy to use product!! Yay!


Carrie B.

Verified purchase

This product is a miracle, it does work very well with a little elbow grease and patience. I plan to buy another as a gift for my mom who is always trying to "save" old clothing. I've loved what it's been able to do to my sofa and thrift store sweaters for my son. This is working great.


Amy L.

Verified purchase

No batteries and no catch container to empty every five seconds. I love the simple construction on this thing. It doesn't need batteries, the fuzz doesn't get caught in awkward places and best of all it keeps going and going. I got this to take the fuzz off of couch cushions and it works great. It also takes up pet hair another win. It can even work on a wool coat, or a sweater without chewing it up. Great!


Margaret D.

Verified purchase

I'm glad I did not have to throw away my old beautiful cashmere sweaters. So far this is the best lint remover which I can use from high quality clothes to socks. It prolongs the life of clothes so incredibly, so if you are having a second thought, due to its price, no worries. You'll be satisfied with the purchase.


Shane C.

Verified purchase

I ordered this based on several good reviews. I was AMAZED at the results!! I used it on 4 throw pillows I special ordered with my new sofa a year ago. I was at the point where they had so many "pills" that I was considering replacing them entirely, but I love the fabric and thought I would try this gleener as a last resort. The results were beyond belief! 


Emma P.

Verified purchase

I can't compare this to other products on the de-pilling side but I will say it definitely worked on various different fabrics including my couch. Very pleased with it. I also LOVE that it removes pet hair and have found it to be one of the best I've ever owned. Amazing!


Sharon R.

Verified purchase

I purchased this to use on my sofa and pillows, also I am addicted to knitting with quality wool and they all pill to different degrees. This tool is a must, it removes all of the pills that my lint shaver never could and is better for heirloom quality fabrics. I now use it as a lint brush, it is the best lint brush I have ever owned. I will be purchasing additional lint removers for my office and car. It is an amazing lint remover!


Lauren M.

Verified purchase

We have a tan, fabric couch that had a lot of pills after a year of use. The pills made the couch look dirty even after deep cleaning the couch with an upholstery cleaner. This pill remover is AWESOME. It looks like we have a brand new couch!