Door Lever Lock

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"I loved these door handle locks. My grandson is eighteen months old and these kept him out of my pantry and laundry room. He tried to open the door and when he could not succeed, he gave up and didn’t go back. It is nice to know that he is safe in my home. It also helped to keep him away from my basement stairs. I bought two sets. I would recommend these to keep little ones away from areas that may be unsafe. They were so easy to place on the door. I especially like that it is still easy for me to open the doors when I need to. Just push buttons in and levers move sideways. Great product!" - Amelia B., KY

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  • Compatible with a standard door, widow, cabinet, drawer lever handles
  • Deter children from opening door to prevent your little explorer from accessing off-limit rooms or getting out of a room
  • The only way to lock and unlock the lever lock is by press the button and turn the handle simultaneously
  • Peel off the 3M adhesive and place the lever lock on the door, no drilling needed and it is 180- degree adjustable
  • Durable & non-toxic ABS material, which is safe for baby and eco-friendly
  • The smooth surface of the lock effectively prevents your baby's hands from being hurt

13 Reviews

Rosie Y.

Verified purchase

With so many of my friends and family members having babies, this is the perfect, practical (and gender neutral) addition to any gift! Everyone loves getting cute baby clothes/accessories but I am realist and love to add more usable gifts that I know will be beneficial! This door lock is perfect to get any family who is starting on baby proofing their home.


Michael H.

Verified purchase

These door lever locks are exactly what I needed to keep my curious toddler out of rooms he doesn’t belong in. So simple to use, just the press of a button and you can move the top and bottom pieces individually. It’s ideal because you can lock a door from the inside but still get in from the outside if you want. Great purchase!


April I.

Verified purchase

I got these for my doors at work, we have a large dog that can open the doors, these help to keep her in or out. They are easy to install and so far have stayed in place. These provided a perfect fix for my pet situation but would also be great for children!


Brianna S.

Verified purchase

I bought this to keep my very active 1 year old from opening the pantry door and pulling everything off the shelves. Almost 3 months later and it's still working great, he hasn't figured out how to open it but it's easy enough we were able to show my 5 year old how to use it. Installation was super simple too.


Dianna O.

Verified purchase

Very simple to install, just wipe surface, peel and stick! It's easy to move with one hand so it doesn't make opening the door too much of a hassle and best of all, it keeps my one year old out of the pantry and bathrooms! Most of all it prevents her from getting out of the house on her own. I am so glad I found this product, I was thinking I was going to have to switch all my door knobs to round ones to keep my little one out of places she shouldn't be.


Justin L.

Verified purchase

These are EXACTLY what we needed. We were able to set the bottom to lock, so the toddler can't pull down on the door handle, but adults can still push handle up, (and not get locked in the room)!


Jennifer C.

Verified purchase

So, my son is a curious little man and has been for all of his 2 years of life. He wants and tries to get into EVERYTHING, including every room of the house. Well, he's now unable to turn the door levers because of the wonderful Door Lever Lock. At first, we had the bottom lock extended and left the top open, but wouldn't you know he's figured out how to turn the handle upward to gain access to his desired room. Now, we have both locks extended and he has yet to figure out how to "un-extend" them. If he does, we'll get him into some baby genius class or MENSA or something. I'll definitely buy more Door Lever Locks if we ever need them. Especially since our little girl will be arriving mid-May 2019.


Gloria L.

Verified purchase

These are great, and a must have with little ones! Little kids are fast and when they are determined to get out the door, they will if you don't have protection against that! These are perfect to stop kiddos from getting outside without you once they have learned how to open doors! This is a great quality door level lock that does the job! Now I can have peace of mind! It is easy to use and easy to install. Very happy with my purchase and I would purchase again if needed.


Yvonne S.

Verified purchase

I bought these because our new cat has figured out how to open our lever door handles and constantly goes into rooms that are off limits to our fur babies. These were the perfect solution and work great! I love that you can only close the bottom "lock" and prevent the handle from being pulled down, but humans can still lift up on the door handle to access a room. Great product!!!


Andrew M.

Verified purchase

Works great for keeping our too-smart-for-their-own-good labradors from helping themselves to our room and bed while we’re at work. I like that you can only use the top or bottom at a time so that you can keep them out while you’re inside as well, but still be able to get out when you need to.


Melissa A.

Verified purchase

My year and a half son has made a habit of entering the pantry and asking for food (or directly helping himself to whatever he can reach). We bought these locks to prevent his from opening it, and they work perfectly. Once in place, it prevents the handle from going down, and thus the door cannot be opened.


Linda F.

Verified purchase

Bought this for my sister. She just had a baby and she has an almost 3 year old and this has given her a little more peace of mind. She's always aware of what's going on, but it's just an added measure to make sure everything runs smoothly. She's considering buying more now that she's seen what they do. Great purchase!


Jim W.

Verified purchase

When your toddler starts be curious and strong he can open doors that you don’t want him to open. Our 2 year old girl can now open the front door and that’s very dangerous if you don’t watch her 24/7... and who does. I didn’t even know this thing exists and was thinking to install another high lock or something but when I saw this I figured it’s easier and cheaper.
I like it because I can set it up easily and it’s very strong. Small kids can’t play with it because it’s locked in one position and to unlock it you need to apply some pressure.
So far so good, it feels strong and secure.