Easy-Grip Long Reach Nail Clipper

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"I have always used traditional toenail clippers but I heard a lot of good buzz about this Long Reach Nail Clipper. I gave it a try and I have to say, I am impressed! It trimmed my nails up really easy, it didn't take out any chunks of nail and I could trim my nails with perfect shape finish. The blades are angled to cut easier and the blue handles are coated for good, comfortable grip. I am definitely switching to this from regular nail clippers. The blades are angled to cut easier. I am a satisfied customer." - Shirley J., AL

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  • Ergonomically designed to assist those who have difficulty in bending down to cut their own toenails
  • High-quality stainless steel blades designed to cut without cracking, tearing, or splitting
  • Long looped handles that enable the whole strength of the hand to be used
  • Slightly serrated stainless steel blades to stop nail slipping whilst being cut
  • Molded finger and thumb grip for easy grip and great leverage
  • Easy cleaning & care
  • Non-corrosive


  • Length: 7.87 inch
  • Blade length: 1.18 inch
  • Weight: 1.41 oz


  • 1x Easy-Grip Long Reach Nail Clippers

11 Reviews

Elizabeth H.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love this long reach nail clipper! The extra length makes life a little bit easier, incredibly strong, and most useful of all, it cuts equally well facing left or right. Highly recommended.


Clara F.

Verified purchase

Absolutely brilliant!!! Cuts the nail straight across and stops you from over trimming the edges of the nail. Good for those who can't safely reach their toes.


Chloe P.

Verified purchase

Love this long reach nail clipper! Definitely better than the long clipper that I used to have. As soon as my old clipper gets wet it starts to rust and is no longer safe to use. This is so much better because it has nice long handles that are easy to grip and are shaped to cut around the toe nails if need be giving a much better cut which nail clippers do not always do. Ideal for those that has difficulty bending down.


Olivia K.

Verified purchase

Easy to use and perfect length! I find it hard to bend, the length is just perfect for me. The blades and sharpness is suitable for my hands.


Mia N.

Verified purchase

I wouldn't say that cutting toe nails is a pleasure, in fact it's downright annoying when you get to my age, but this do make it rather easier. I disagree with those that say they're flimsy. OK, they're not designed to cut sheet steel, but they get through my tough big toe nails very well, and they don't distort. Just wish I'd found them years ago.


William H.

Verified purchase

This long reach nail clipper is perfect for people with either temporary or permanent back or mobility problems.

I am impressed at the long handles and the design, meaning that you have absolute control over the cutting from so far away.

Although I do not have mobility problems myself, these scissors provided me with an easier way to cut my toe nails than regular nail scissors or clippers which can be fiddly at times. It cuts every nail with ease. The blades are slightly serrated meaning there is less chance of you accidentally slipping and cutting too much nail. They are quite light too which is a bonus.


Lily S.

Verified purchase

It amazing how hard it gets to reach those toenails, the older you get. Well not anymore, now that I have these beauties it's a totally different story. The long handles combined with the angled cutting blades makes it so easy, and the beautiful design of the handles ensures perfect grip. My husband and kids loves it too so I will get more.


Ava J.

Verified purchase

Only diamond cutters have touched these toenails of mine - up till now! Completely easy and straightforward to use, these scissors are a fantastic product at a low price, and I'm absolutely delighted with them.


Olivia L.

Verified purchase

After struggling for months, I finally gave in and bought this. What a huge mistake I made waiting to get them! It's brilliant, very strong, and that extra long handle helps enormously on thick nails. They are fantastic value for money.


Madison B.

Verified purchase

Wow! This is sharp! Toenails can be really tough for scissors, especially the big toe but this had no problems with mine. The blades are true and tight so work well. I can reach my toes now.


James C.

Verified purchase

One of the best things I have ever bought. Finding it difficult to reach to cut my toenails but this make it much easier. Comfortable to use and ideal if, for what ever reason , you are unable to use usual scissors or clippers. Blades at perfect angle.