Long Reach Flexible Comb

$29.90 $109.99

"I cannot thank you enough for offering this long handled comb. I have looked everywhere for this and am so glad to have found it on your website. It works so nicely for me. I have had both my shoulders replaced and am unable to lift my arms enough to fix my hair. THIS IS WONDERFUL!" - Sarah G., CA

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  • Ideal for people with flexibility constraints and reaching restrictions
  • Extra-long, ergonomically-shaped handles which make it easy to style hair from front to back with a minimal shoulder and upper arm movement
  • Comfortable rubber grip that is easy for users with arthritic hands or limited hand grip to grasp
  • Firm bristles and contour design 
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Free from latex and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean and can be fully immersed in water


  • Length: 14.69 inch / 38 cm
  • Weight:  3.56 oz
  • Color: White/Light blue

6 Reviews

Ellona F.

Verified purchase

It's a life saver. The curve is just right. I have limited mobility in both shouders and this comb allows me to look presentable.


Dinah S.

Verified purchase

This was bought for my mother who has severe arthritis in her shoulders. She has very limited arm movement. She loves this as she can now reach the back of her head!


Bryan A.

Verified purchase

Bought this for my 91 year old mother who cannot lift her arms very high due to shoulder problems. She tells me regularly how wonderful this comb is and how it helps her. She liked it very much and was very happy.


Arian G.

Verified purchase

This works great! The comb part is sturdy and the teeth are far enough apart to go through the hair well. No more strain and discomfort on my shoulders whenever I comb my hair! Very pleased!


Sonia C.

Verified purchase

Got this when I was recovering from shoulder replacement surgery. It made combing my hair so much easier. I still use it on days when my arm is tired.


Sheina H.

Verified purchase

I didn't even know something like this existed until my mother's therapy nurse suggested I look online. My mother is thrilled to be able to comb her own hair again. Thank you!