Magic Lotus Candle

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"This Magic Lotus Candle is a SHOW STOPPER! The expression on my mother's face as she watched the candle bloom is priceless. She was so happy, her eyes sparkled with joy. Actually all of us are in awe, it looks magical. If there was a way to give 10 stars I would have already done that." - Patricia C., AK

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  • Opens up its petals like a blooming flower
  • The lotus petals prevent wax drippings on cakes 
  • Center candle produces a beautiful shower sparks
  • Plays the Happy Birthday tune as the petals rotate
  • Uses a fire-retardant glue which keeps the small candles fixed on the petals preventing the lotus body from getting burned


  • Dimensions: 2.36 x 5.12 inch
  • Weight: 1.06 oz


18 Reviews

Jackie P.

Verified purchase

This is one of the most requested item in my bakery. It definitely adds beauty to the cake and gives a wonderful experience as you watch the shower sparks and the flower opens up while listening to the tune it plays. My daughter was so happy when we used this on her 5th birthday, she kept telling how beautiful it was to everyone she talks to.


Justin W.

Verified purchase

Nana was very surprised and entertained with this musical lotus candle. She loves it so much that she used it as a decoration after her birthday. Awesome product.


Hannah F.

Verified purchase

I highly recommend it. My daughter and the rest of the guests were so ecstatic when we lit it. It warms my heart to see my dautghter happy. It will be the talk of the party.


Charlize H.

Verified purchase

Lotus Candle was a BIG hit!!! Grandma needed a lil help blowing all those candles out and her great grandsons were more than happy to help!!! Thank you! 


Kelly D.

Verified purchase

Everyone at my twin's party were amazed with this. I posted it on Facebook. Now everyone wants to know where I got them!!! I LOVE them so much I'm going to order more soon.


Jillian S.

Verified purchase

I just wanted to tell you that the Lotus Candle was a hit at my Grandma's 85th birthday celebration in San Francisco. We certainly had everyone’s attention in the restaurant! It made his birthday visit a memorable one!


Vivian H.

Verified purchase

We had a party last night, it was a hit!... I'm 71 years and I was so excited about your candles I wish you could see me, I was like a little girl, thanks for that, God Bless!


Veronica S.

Verified purchase

Stunning! It was perfect on my mom's cake and the experience this candle gave is memorable not just for my mom but to all of us in the party. I wish we could experience it over and over again but that would mean lighting up a lot of lotus candles lol.


Rose A.

Verified purchase

This is my favorite birthday candle. I so love my family who just gave me a surprise birthday party and made the day wonderful with this candle. Watching the petals slowly open is breathtaking.


Katherine R.

Verified purchase

Lotus candles are great. It's amazing something so inexpensive can bring so much fun. It catches the attention of everyone and you can just hear them say WOW. I always keep a few and use one whenever we have parties.


Jerry T.

Verified purchase

My grand kids loves these lotus candles. They always ask for this when we celebrate their birthdays. It has become a family tradition to light one of these candles when we celebrate birthdays, graduations or just want to have a party.


Nancy K.

Verified purchase

I love lighting up one of these when we have gathering. It's not just a candle but rather it gives a kind of entertainment and surprise that leaves a smile on everyone's face. It's a fund experience to watch the petals open and rotate. Awesome invention!


Riley S.

Verified purchase

This is a candle that catches everyone's attention and makes you want to watch it as it opens its petals. I'm an even planner and I've witnessed how this simple candle makes a lot of events magical. A must-have for party/event planners and  bakes.



Amber L.

Verified purchase

My daughter loves this lotus candle. She and her brother was so entertained last week when we celebrated her 8th birthday. After lighting this up, they just want to stare at it and kept on asking to light the candles up again after she blowing them off. Definitely a cool product.


Dorothy C.

Verified purchase

Thanks to these musical lotus candles our surprise party for our mom was a blast! She said she loves the part when she was watching the petals open while we were all singing. Made her cry and we all got a big hug from her.


Gracien W.

Verified purchase

Cool candle! I got this for my grandma's upcoming birthday. I had one when my team surpised me at work and I loved it and the experience I had as I watch it open so I am positive that my grandma will love this too. Can't wait to see her reaction once she sees what this candle does.


Sally L.

Verified purchase

Awesome product! My sister had a lot of fun watching it do it's thing and blowing the fire off. I'll get more so we can use them on our mother's birthday. 


Leslie J.

Verified purchase

These are amazing! It felt like watching a magician, you just feel entertained and look forward to what it would do next. Love love love!