Low Back Bra Converter

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"I bought this because I needed a way to wear a bra with a cutout back bridesmaid dress. This works with my current strapless bra perfectly! It's very comfortable to wear too! Now I don't have to spend a lot of extra money on a new backless bra, instead I can now easily convert my existing bras whenever I need to wear a low back shirt or dress." - Daisy J., FL

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  • Dare to bear with help from these adjustable low back bra extender straps
  • Saves money and time because this eliminates the need for buying a new bra, simply attach the hook end of the strap to the "eyes" on your bra, wrap the belt around your waist, adjust to fit and attach the hooks of your bra to the "eyes" on the strap
  • A universal attachment that fits all rear closing two hook bras while extending the bra strap around your waist for comfortable movement
  • Perfect for low back shirts and dresses, converting any back closure bra into a low-cut 'V' back
  • Soft and skin-friendly because of its high-quality cotton with plush back material

12 Reviews

Sofia W.

Verified purchase

Every woman needs a bra extender especially for those cute backless dresses and tops you only wish you could wear but don't know how you would wear a bra to keep your girls in place. I kid you not ladies, this should be something every woman has even if its not used often. They are a lifesaver and a no brainer especially if you are like me and would rather not have your bra show all over the place!

These traps are clearly made well and offer a lot of flexibility as to how you want to position them around you. You can use them with all your bras. Even if I have a cute blue bra on, I don't need the strap to be blue I can just pick any of these three colors. 


Victoria L.

Verified purchase

Finally, I can use this dress. My husband gave this as a birthday gift but I haven't been able to use it because the bras that I own are not made for low back dresses. I was searching for a bra online when I saw this adjustable low back bra extender strap and I have to say, I am glad I decided to buy this instead of getting a new bra. It's very comfortable to wear and I can convert most of my existing bras by simply attaching this strap. 


Elaine D.

Verified purchase

I had to wear a bridesmaid dress with a very low back and did not want to go braless. This little baby worked perfectly! I am a size 16 and the strap was easy to adjust and stayed put the whole night. My bra has the same support as always but this allowed me to lower the back strap enough to conceal it behind the dress. Fits very comfortably and I didn't have to think about it for the rest of the night.


Beverly A.

Verified purchase

I'm glad I found this low back bra extender strap on your website. I prefer to do my online shopping on your website because all the items that I've ordered in the past months were all of good quality and works as described. I recently enjoyed wearing low back casual dresses and shirts but I only have a few bras that are made for low back clothing so I was super happy when I finally received the straps that I ordered. I got all colors and as expected they are as described, easy to use and comfortable to wear. I am a loyal customer of My Belief Supply. 


Michelle K.

Verified purchase

Converting my regular bras for low back blouses and dresses is as easy as one, two, three with this low back bra extender strap. Thanks to this strap I can now comfortably wear my low back dresses and shirts anytime. I mostly use this strap during summer so I'm planning to order more soon!


Hannah G.

Verified purchase

I'm very pleased with these adjustable low back bra extender straps. I had two of these for a while now and they are both a life saver. I don't have to worry about getting a new bra whenever there is a need for me to wear a low back dress. They are well made and the materials are very comfortable on my skin. I just placed a new order and I look forward to finally having all three colors!


Jasmine T.

Verified purchase

Great material, very comfortable to wear. I love the fitting and I find it amazing that I can use it on any of my existing bras. I also got two for my daugther who loves to wear low back blouses and she was super happy with it. All ladies should have these, they are very handy and a practical item to own.


Christine I.

Verified purchase

Easily converts most regular bras for low back clothing. These are also great when your bra strap is just a smidgen too tight and going up a size would be too big. I  just clip it on with the hooks and eyes, multi-purpose! Love these!


Lara K.

Verified purchase

Perfect for someone who wants to wear their regular bra with a low back dress! Save you the money and hassle of searching for a new bra. 


Paula Y.

Verified purchase

Such a clever little wardrobe assistant! It's always a difficulty finding solutions when wanting or needing to wear a bra with a formal or backless dress. This extender strap allows you to wear your own bra and just modify it to sit much lower in the back. Pretty cool!


Mia A.

Verified purchase

I had to wear a low back dress for a wedding and I can't go without a bra. This worked great and very comfortable to wear. Two thumbs up!


Esther F.

Verified purchase

I have so many tops that have low back but always struggled with wearing them because my bra would show in the back. These low back strap extender straps make it possible for me to comfortably wear all of them without the worry of my bra showing! These are so easy to use and really just clasp onto your bra just like you would normally anyways, pretty self explanatory!