LumiPro HD - Ultra Portable Projector

$99.90 $399.99

"Super compact and easy to use. Some projectors have so many ports and buttons making them overly complicated. This is is simple and easy to set up without compromising quality. This projector is perfect at home for playing games or Watching movie and would also make for a great travel projector. I can’t wait to take it camping." - Patrick S., CA

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  • Bigger than BIG - Up to 220" projection
  • Bright & Vibrant - 600 lumens & 800:1 contrast that rival high-end LED TV
  • True Theater Experience
  • Premium Lamp - 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Works With Any Device - HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD, TF card connections
  • Advanced Cooling System
  • LumiPro HD is a complete home entertainment system that connects to all your devices and is small enough to fit in your bag. 
  • Projection Distance: 1-3m. For best results we suggest: 1.5-2m!


  • Max Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Zoom: Focus
  • Native Resolution: 320x240dpi
  • Screen Scale: 4:3/16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1-2000:1
  • Home Theater Projector: Yes
  • Projection Distance: 0.8-3m
  • Projected Dimension: 0.8-3m
  • Bulb Power: 24W
  • Brightness: 400lm

220 Inch BIG SCREEN!

18 Reviews

Thomas D.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love this little thing I need is a tripod and. A speaker. And I'm set for a good movie night I'm very happy with the resolution of the product considering its size


Shannon H.

Verified purchase

 I bought this as a surprise for my husband for our bedroom which isn't very large but does hold a king size bed and large side by side dresser. I set the projector up on shelf above the back of the bed to project on a blank wall in front of the bed and its perfect. It gave just the right size picture for our room and not over pixelated. We've been able to hook up our cable and our Fire stick then watch whatever we want, when want. I'm glad I bought it instead off a regular flat screen tv.


Hugh R.

Verified purchase

We love it, bought it for our camper. We plug in the Roku to it and turn on the hotspot on our phone and then watch movies outside. We get about a 70 inch picture which comes in Crystal clear.


Peter F.

Verified purchase

The best idea ever. Super small , only a hand size, but it have a big power. We love it... play so well. It worth every penny. I cannnot wait to use it this summer with my kids to have our door movie in back yard. It can connect to tv, phone, computer ... you name it .. everything. Love it!


Jordan N.

Verified purchase

Wow this is one of the tiniest projector that i have encountered. i wanted a projector to carry around which means it has to be portable and this was perfect. The projector is not the best when it comes to picture quality but considering how you can just have a small tv in your pocket and start a mini theater anywhere is amazing. it projects 1080x720 and the quality is phenomenal and anything beyond that can get pixelated. so keep that in mind when you order this little gadget


Patrick S.

Verified purchase

Super compact and easy to use. Some projectors have so many ports and buttons making them overly complicated. This is is simple and easy to set up without compromising quality. This projector is perfect at home for playing games or Watching movie and would also make for a great travel projector. I can’t wait to take it camping.


Sadie V.

Verified purchase

Wow! Such a great product at an affordable price! The picture quality is great and it is super easy to use. We have just used an HDMI cord to hook it up to our laptop and it has worked wonderfully! The remote also makes it super convenient to turn on/off or adjust the volume. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone considering purchasing a portable projector.


Lois A.

Verified purchase

I bought this projector to make movie nights in my children's room. It is easy to install and projects very well. It is much smaller than I expected. So I think it will be perfect to take it for a ride to our vacation in case entertainment resources fail.
It connects easily to my laptop, the picture and sound are good.


Connie G.

Verified purchase

I was going to buy this for myself because I never had a projector but one of my cousins had her birthday and I haven't bought her a gift. Knowing she's techy and likes electronics, I thought this will be a great gift for her. So I tried it first to make sure it's working and I'm surprised how this little gadget can do such things. I used to remember projectors cost thousand of dollars. Not anymore now I guess. Will get one for myself too.


Mollie V.

Verified purchase

This projector is GREAT!! its small size allows us to take it anywhere, perfect for camping or outdoor hangouts.. picture is good, very easy setup and couldnt be happier!!


Richard P.

Verified purchase

This mini projector is awesome. For the price it has been a great buy for my and my family! Small and compact. Really enjoying this purchase.


Arlene H.

Verified purchase

Okay, so this product... I absolutely love it! It is great quality for the price you're getting it at. I would recommend getting a tripod with it, I did & it is awesome. You gotta mess with it a little bit to get it exactly how you want it, but after that it is so cool. I've always wanted a projector & I am so glad I purchased this one


Ally M.

Verified purchase

I bought this for two purposes: one for the baby's bedroom and two for business presentations at the office. This works perfectly for both of my purposes and I didn't have to break the bank to do it. For the baby's room I have customized a light show presentation. I have the projector secured to a stand and aiming at the ceiling above the baby's crib. I can leave this on and it keeps him entertained all night. For purpose 2 I can carry this with me easily. It's neither big nor heavy. Easy to set up and aim at a dry erase board. For these reasons I am extremely pleased with my purchase.


Sarah J.

Verified purchase

We bought this to take to the lake and do a special movie night. Worked like a champ!! It is NOT a $300 projector but it works flawlessly on a power pack and kept the kids entertained. It even stole most of the adults away from the fire. I wouldnt hesitate to purchase this again.


Chad K.

Verified purchase

I'm very happy with this led projector. You can play it anywhere and video files, pictures or audio right off a usb thumb drive. Its one heck of a bargin compared to the retail stores. I'd buy it again.


Mary H.

Verified purchase

Best projector I have ever bought. My kids love having movie night noe.


Alex E.

Verified purchase

You can't beat this for the price. Extremely easy to use and worth the small price tag. Take camping, hotels, backyard, anywhere!


Joseph T.

Verified purchase

What a great little projector. I took it on vacation; it fit perfectly in my suitcase along with my Chromecast which plugged right into it. Netflix movies are even better and I will never watch football on a regular sized television, ever again. I love my little projector.