Magic Anti-Slip Pad

$19.90 $89.99

"I was surprised at how well this works! We use it because my husband once broke his sun glasses when he didn’t have a place to put them and they fell from the seat. This solves that issue! The anti-slip pad is a good size and holds hand sanitizer, chap stick, sun glasses, a work ID, keys and a lot more (yes, we tried several items, lol)! I also use this to secure my phone when I shower. Highly recommended!" - Daisy M., MI

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  • Good hydrophobicity
  • Safe and quick to use
  • Leaves no mark or residue
  • No adhesive or glue needed
  • Super easy to apply and take off
  • Prevents vibration and slide, doesn't pop out
  • Non-slip surface, non-magnetic, and reusable
  • Strong, durable, malleable and extremely versatile
  • Use in your car, home, boat, office, almost everywhere
  • Can hold coins, sunglasses, GPS, garage door openers, and other small objects


  • Dimensions:  5.5 x 3.3 inch
  • Color: Black

11 Reviews

Carla A. 

Verified purchase

This Magic Anti-Slip Pad has made my life so much easier. I simply attach it on my car dashboad and I can stick anything that I need it to hold. I love the quality. I'll be placing a new order next week and I'll give them to my siblings and friends.


George I. 

Verified purchase

I got a few of this because I like having my things within my reach so I have some near my bed, inside my car, kitchen and even one in the bathroom. I can simply stick my phone and keys anywhere! I really like having this because I no longer misplace my keys and phone, I know it's on this magic anti-slip pad!


Nina G.

Verified purchase

Easy to use and works like a charm! I travel for work and need to keep the phone visible it keeps it in place on the dashboard and window. Also, use it to keep a clipboard in place and paper from flying all over the place while driving. I'm amazed that something so simple works so well! Every car should have some of these. 


Julie L.

Verified purchase

Great help! Sticks firmly, holds a lot of small items. A true travel buddy! I also have one in my kitchen, I use it to hold my tab when I'm cooking. Very easy to use and it's washable so it's easy to clean. 


Billy S. 

Verified purchase

These are the best things since sliced bread. I am getting more. I have a portable lap top table that my mouse always falls off, not anymore. These are not just for dashboards. I did get these to stabilize my cell phone, I am going to use it for HUD navigation display. These stick to anything, and grips everything - tried my keys, lighter, phone, pen..etc. And the best part is that I don't have to glue anything to my dashboard.


Lyra K.

Verified purchase

These handy little Magic Anti-Slip Pad are what everyone needs! I put it on my dashboard and it magically hold my phone nearly vertically without any effort. I have also removed it and replaced it and it does not damage the dashboard. I sincerely believe everybody should get this product it is essential especially when using Google Maps, waze or other direction apps for a trip! 


Becky A.

Verified purchase

This pad is amazing! I lost my defroster in my Dodge Ram and needed to non permanently mount a small fan on the dash to serve as a defroster. I tried a lot of different things that didn't work; but let me tell you, it never slides with this one! Also, we live in North Ohio where it gets COLD and it still works perfectly even when it's freezing out.


James Y.

Verified purchase

These are AWESOME for holding credit card machine key pads on the counter at work! I put them at every desk. They are good quality & easy to clean. I have one on my dash in my car for my cell phone & my kids have one on their night tables for their cell phones ( so the cat doesn't knock them onto the floor) I also have one on my desk at home & throw my pen on it. My cat like to play hockey with writing implements & we are a busy household with a bunch of kids. This helps keep at least ONE pen by my desk.


Theresa W.

Verified purchase

I bought these for use in my camper. They work great for holding down things on the counter tops and keep them in place when you are traveling. I used them to stick down an air freshener and the hand soap bottle dispenser. There are other things in my RV I will use them for so I don't have to take everything off of the counter and keep them in place. These things work great, are super grippy and easy to clean and get back to the original sticky-ness. 


Andrew P.

Verified purchase

These things are just what is needed to hold my mobile phone in the car. They're so sticky the phone will never accidentally come off and if they get dusty I just rinse them under the tap and they're good to go again.


Kevin O.

Verified purchase

Had these for 5 month with continuous use and holds really well. It has managed to hold things in place through windy roads with ease, definetly worth it!