Screwdriver Magnetic Ring

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"This is the best bit holder with magnet I have ever used. I have never used a bit holder with such a strong magnet and it is just incredible. It really holds onto the screws and makes one-handed driving very easy, especially when up on a ladder or reaching up and abover your head. I use this on my Dewalt 20v impact driver and Milwaukee M12 impact driver and it performs flawlessly with both." - William T., KY

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  • Screwing something on horizontally/vertically? No problem! Keep screws from falling off the driver with Screwdriver Magnetic Ring
  • Simply insert the screwdriver bit into the magnetic ring, the screwdriver head is instantly magnetized
  • It’s easier to remove and start a screw, especially when working into hard to reach places and darkened areas
  • Magnetization comes in handy when you need to pick up a screw from the floor
  • Suitable for various screw heads
  • Made of stainless steel, skid-resistant


  • Dimensions: 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) x 0.79 inch (20 mm)

10 Reviews

Michael T.

Verified purchase

These are the best magnetic ring I've used. The ring prevents bits falling out and is a great compliment to the magnet. Also, the magnet is the strongest I've seen in a magnetic ring and it magnetizes the bits enough to hold 3" long construction screws It's was really nice and smart!


Richard R.

Verified purchase

Good, strong magnet, nice collar so you can determine when the driver bit will cam out of the screw before overdriving it. Made it really easy to put up shelves in my shed, since I didn't need three hands. The best!


Dylan L.

Verified purchase

This thing really comes in handy. Was worth every penny. I don't do super critical work but I do take pride in my home project stuff. Just can't have enough screwdrivers around. This really helps! Great!


Harry T.

Verified purchase

Was very pleasntly surprised by the strength of the magnet. Held screws very well while driving. Was even more surprised when removing a large number of screws with steel finish washer. Bit not only held the removed screws but the washers as well, really speeding up the process by not having to chase dropped washers. Doesn't sound like much but the time saving really made the job quicker and more pleasant.


Katherine B.

Verified purchase

For such a tiny bit of equipment, this is surprisingly useful. The magnet is really strong and the bit doesn't pop out of the holder unexpectedly. Can't ask for more. Very easy to use. I got a few more to give to my friends.


Tyler M.

Verified purchase

This thing really works. The idea is that you have an extra magnet to hold the screw onto the bit, and I was really impressed with how well it works. You could put a 3.5 in wood screw on this thing and reach around under something and it would stay in place. A really useful addition to your toolbox!


Robert K.

Verified purchase

For washer-head screws this is the best I've used. It has by far the strongest magnet and the screws stay seated much better. Far fewer dropped screws. Highly recommended.


Bryce A.

Verified purchase

Super strong magnet really holds the screw to the driver. Works great. You need pliers to change bits to pull the bit out of the holder. It's that strong. Great!


Charlie O.

Verified purchase

I've used this tool so many times that I can't believe it still has the magnet on it, but through wear and tear it still is a strong product. I would definitely recommend this product.


Vincent R.

Verified purchase

I really like this tool, bits stay in place no matter what. I use #2 & #3 Phillips bits the most, put one on each driver and just change drivers when I need to. No more bits getting stuck on the screws which I hate specially when hanging drywall. Strong!