Wooden Memory Chess

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"Granddaughters (6 & 4) love this game. Fun for us grandparents as well. Have played it several times since giving it to the girls a few days ago. Expect to play it many more times during our visit. Nice game! Highly recommended!" - Leslie M., WY

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  • The memory chess game keeps your brain snappy and active, this prevents memory decline and other relevant health issues
  • Place all pawns randomly on the chessboard upside down, take a few seconds to memorize where the colors are placed on the chessboard, then throw the dice and find out which color to look for
  • Pick as many identical colored pawns as you can on the chessboard, so who get more chessmen at last who wins the game
  • A game for all members of the family, grandparents, kids, and parents
  • At a young age, the game can enhance your child's brain, improve three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive ability and stimulate the curiosity
  • It improves IQ, raises bonding with parents, and makes their brains accurate and it also prevents children to depend on gadgets
  • Made of safe wooden material and non-toxic water paint, allow you to use with reassurance


  • Plate Diameter: 7.08 inch (18 cm)
  • Chess Width: 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) 
  • Chess Height: 1.7 inch (4.3 cm)
  • Dice: 0.78 inch (2 cm) x 0.78 inch (2 cm) x 0.78 inch (2 cm)


  • 24 x Chess
  • 1 x Plate
  • 1 x Dice

12 Reviews

Adam N.

Verified purchase

I bought it a few days ago, and I have played about a dozen matching games with my children and my adult siblings. Great game for all ages. This would make a great hostess gift, 4th grader birthday gift, or a grandparent gift. Universal fun for all ages and a great way to keep your brain sharp!


Scarlett K.

Verified purchase

In an effort to spend more family time together, we got a number of board games for Christmas and this was one of them. I just played it for the first time tonight with my 3 3/4-year-old. The basic gameplay is simple enough for my youngest to be able to actively participate, but engaging enough that I honestly had fun playing it several times in a row. What an amazing game!


Isabelle G.

Verified purchase

This is a phenomenal game that my kids love to play. My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves this game. The rules of the game are perfectly oriented towards teaching the child to play smart. Looking forward to play it with my nephew! Great!


Michelle O.

Verified purchase

This is a great little game for younger children. My 4-1/2 grandson loved playing it, and it's easy enough that I'm sure the 3 year old will love it too, and be able to play with only minor help. We love it!


Collin R.

Verified purchase

This is a great game. My kids love to play and it's a game that is also fun for an adult/parent to play too. We've had it for years and all 4 of my kids have enjoyed playing it. We like it so much that we bought it as a gift for another family. My kids started playing it at age 2/3 and now that my youngest is 4 he plays it easily with his older siblings.


Derek L.

Verified purchase

This is my grandson's first board game, and he loves it! We played it several times while we were there, and he seemed to understand the rules and object of the game easily. The game itself didn't take too long, so was just right for a 3 year old's attention span. He enjoyed winning, but also cheering other players on. Great!


Amanda T.

Verified purchase

The twins received this for their fourth birthday. They opened this gift this morning and wanted to play it immediately. The Playing pieces were perfect for their hands. The instructions were simple. They were immediately engaged.


Leslie M.

Verified purchase

Granddaughters (6 & 4) love this game. Fun for us grandparents as well. Have played it several times since giving it to the girls a few days ago. Expect to play it many more times during our visit. Nice game! Highly recommended!


Laura C.

Verified purchase

My 2 year old son "bought" this for his super-hero-nerd daddy for Christmas. The 2 of them love playing it together. My son finds stuff that matches all the time now & is so proud to point it out. Great!


Simon B.

Verified purchase

My son was given this for his hirthday and he LOVES it. Its super great for memory and brain building. Hes 3 and hes doing great at it the entire family can play with him. Great for family and young ones!


Rose G.

Verified purchase

Got this as a birthday present for our young grandson who liked it at his party. Our daughter said it's a good game and that she will be playing it a lot with our grandson. Great game!


Scott A.

Verified purchase

My 4 yr old son can’t stop playing this game! He even brought it on vacation with him. Glad he enjoys the game, but wish his 11 mo old sister was old enough to play with him so I don’t have play to every day! Very entertaining!