Magnetic Microwave Cover

$19.90 $89.99

"This microwave cover is the bomb! The best I have ever owned! This is an excellent design made from strong materials, is dishwasher safe and no BPA. I love the feature magnets which allow me to store it in the microwave so it is always ready to use. Just pull it down from the roof of the microwave and cook. Heats up the food quicker and keeps the microwave clean. Extremely happy with this product."-  Amanda L., 

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  • Magnetic Microwave cover is the new microwave splatter guard that uses microwave-safe, polymer-encased magnets that secure to the roof of your microwave, so it is always ready to use
  • Just pull down to cover and when you’re done, lift and let it hover
  • The 4 polymer-encased magnets will help keep your cover out of the way when not in use
  • Cook food quickly without the mess
  • Keeps your microwave clean
  • Built-In steam vents
  • Fits over most plates, bowls & even platters
  • Keep foods covered after reheating
  • Food-Safe & BPA-Free
  • Rinse clean or dishwasher safe

12 Reviews

Peggy T.

Verified purchase

I love this microwave cover! No more wax paper or paper towels to cover my food in the microwave. It is the perfect height and radius to fit a bigger dinner plate. And the best part? You just raise it up after you are finished and the magnets on the top of it hold it in place on the ceiling of the microwave until you are ready to use it again. I have already ordered two more or other family members. Great product !!!


Linda N.

Verified purchase

Love it! Works great and takes the place of other covers that don't stay put and we no longer have to use plastic wrap. Very convenient to leave it in the microwave ready for use. It covers just about everything we've put in the microwave and saves a lot of mess.


Katherine P.

Verified purchase

I really like this cover!  It stores conveniently at the top of the inside of the microwave. When I need to use it, but only have 1 hand available, I can sit my food in the microwave and easily pull the cover from its resting position at the top of the microwave. Amazing idea! 


Rachel D.

Verified purchase

I love making pizza in the microwave and now I don't have to clean it all the time! It sits in my microwave and all I need to do - pull it down. Best purchase ever!


Stella R.

Verified purchase

This is a well thought-out product. Large enough to cover my largest dinner plate, serving bowls, etc. and the magnets are very strong. I don't have to look for it the next time since its always there in the microwave. Cover is very durable. Great!


Jaxson L.

Verified purchase

Considering the number of items we microwave this was an absolute MUST. It does an excellent job of keeping the juices contained and protecting the inside of the microwave from explosive messes. Recommended!


Easton C.

Verified purchase

If you are tired of the splatter, tired of cleaning the top of the microwave, this product is for you! Contains the food so that it doesn't splatter but has the steam vents to properly release steam. This is easy to clean and used. I'm very happy!


James B.

Verified purchase

I have a big family of microwave users. At the end of the day the inside of the microwave looks like the end of a paintball match. This microwave cover sticks to the ceiling of the microwave and easily pulls down to cover the food. It simple and the kids treat it as routine. After dinner grab it, wash it, click it back in. It also fits over the average plate size. Best thing ever!


Natalia O.

Verified purchase

Helps keep the microwave clean. Wish I would have gotten one long ago. Bought the second one for the RV. Great value, easy to use, easy to keep clean. Exceeds expectations.


Luis M.

Verified purchase

These are so nice because they stay right in the microwave and magnetize to the top. I just through it in the dishwasher whenever it needs cleaned. Great gift idea


Maxwell W.

Verified purchase

I love this product. My sister gave me one and I liked it so much I ordered these for Christmas gifts and will probably order more. Genius! 


Cindy A.

Verified purchase

I never thought that a splatter cover would make such a difference. I have been using paper towels to cover my food in the microwave. My mother had a microwave cover and stored it on the counter. This top clings to the top of the microwave with magnets. Very nice and a great invention.