LED Lighted Folding Vanity and Travel Mirror

$59.90 $179.99

"I Love LED Lighted Folding Mirror. I've had mine for more than 5 months. It's lightweight and compact which is a real blessing because I can take it with me everywhere I go. The compartments are very useful, I no longer need extra pouches for my makeup kit! The lights are bright enough but not distractive and the magnification works awesome!" - Amelia P., NY

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  • Distortion-free mirror glass
  • Built-in organizer for accessories
  • Lightweight and compact for travel
  • Rotates to a powerful 10x magnification mirror
  • Extends to a full 13" high, yet folds for convenient storage
  • Super bright LED lights on both sides for picture perfect illumination
  • Whether you’re going away on a trip or you’re getting ready for a big party, the LED Lighted Folding Vanity and Travel Mirror can show you who the fairest of them all is: YOU


  • Dimensions: 6.1 x 6.1 x 2 inch
  • Weight: 15.2 oz
  • Color: White
  • Powered by: 4 AA batteries (not included) or USB cable (included)


  • 1x Mirror
  • 1x USB charging cable

11 Reviews

Ivy A.

Verified purchase

The best portable mirror ever!!!! It's stylish, well-made, definitely a must-have. I am always on the go so this is helpful. I can put my makeup where ever I am and whenever my friends invite me to a party after work hours I don't have to worry about not looking presentable because I have this with me. Awesome product! 


Melody J.

Verified purchase

This is just what I was looking for! I wear glasses, and it is impossible to apply makeup without magnification. It doesn't distort, which is great.

Also I travel a lot for work and needed something that would fit in my carry-on. Love, love this mirror. Love, love the fact that I am no longer a suspected substance abuser arriving to work with eyeliner over my eyelids. Haha!


Pamela K.

Verified purchase

My eyes are getting worse and when I travel, the bathroom mirrors are too far away for someone who is 5'2" to be able to see to put on makeup. This folding mirror is perfect for travel and the magnifying mirror is exactly what I was looking for. Very reasonable price. Friendly customer service. Thanks My Belief Supply!


Karen Y.

Verified purchase

This folding vanity mirror is just lovely. I was so happy when I got it because I finally have a multi-purpose mirror which I can use any time of the day. The mirror can easily be tilted for the angle that you need. The lights are very bright. It folds up easily and is very convenient for packing in a carry on bag or in luggage. My dog loves it too! Lol! 


Vanessa S.

Verified purchase

I recently started wearing false lashes and this wonderful mirror has greatly simplified the task of applying them properly. I place the mirror on top of a tall dresser, extend the top, flip it to the 10X magnification side, and turn on the lights. I can stand comfortably and see exactly what I'm doing. The mirror folds into a compact shape so I can stow it discreetly when it's not in use.


Wendy F.

Verified purchase

I definitely like how it folds up for travel! And like the 10x!! Love the led light and no chords to mess with! 4 AA batteries and your good to go! Thanks for the reasonable price and great customer service!


Nancy G.

Verified purchase

High quality, and the white color is really nice, looks elegant. The USB charger/ battery is very convenient, and the LED light is a help. The adjustable height is amazing and I love that it's collapsible so I can take it with me when I travel. I recommend this product and this company. 


Joanna E.

Verified purchase

This is the best lighted travel mirror I have ever owned, and I have owned several! I much prefer this mirror to the lighted makeup mirrors typically found installed in hotel bathrooms. It stays upright and has a stronger magnification than my other mirrors. I keep it in the original box when I travel and it has held up well over several trips. I liked it so much I bought my sister one for a gift and she loves it as well. 


Jill D.

Verified purchase

Absolutely essential. It lights up brightly, and it can be adjusted easily. I have wanted to replace an old unlighted one that I have had for years. Now it's so easy to apply makeup and fix my hair. My daughter loves this too so I got her one. 


Isabella B.

Verified purchase

This is my new travel buddy! I also use it at home but I always take it with me. The collapsible feature is just great, it can easily fit inside my shoulder bag. The lights work great. The mirror doesn't distort my image. The magnification is a great help when I'm fixing my eyelashes and eyebrows. Two thumbs up! 


Lucy A.

Verified purchase

Got this for my daughter. I was so happy when I got it because it's beautiful and sturdy. It works as advertised-collapsible feature, 10x magnification, adjustable height etc. My daughter loves it so much! I like it too so I placed a new order!