Remote Control Mouse

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"This was a Christmas present for my cat and she is going crazy playing with it, She is having so much fun and keeps watching it all the time even when it is not moving. Comes with a remote control that you can make it move back and forth or can go in circles, fun for me to play with also. Made of good durable material because I have already crashed into the wall many times with it . This would be fun for kids to play with also. Has like furry material on it to make it look more real. And a long tail." - Allison B., SD

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  • This Remote Control Mouse toy will mesmerize your cat with its lifelike movements and actions
  • When turned on, this toy’s soft rubber tail wiggles back and forth to capture the attention of any nearby predators
  • The durable toy even for the toughest of cats
  • Has a powerful motor and rubber wheels, can be used on carpets
  • Fun and simple control modes: forward and backward movements with unpredictable turning directions keep your cat entertained


  • Dimensions:
    1. Mouse - 5.9 inch (15 cm) x 2.4 inch (6 cm)
    2. Remote control - 2.2 inch (5.5 cm) x 3.9 inch (10 cm)

10 Reviews

Mindy K.

Verified purchase

I ordered this for my kitten to play with (and for me to mess with her) and it's super fun! This is a must have for any cat owner! I love watching her try to catch this thing. It really does trick her into thinking it's real!! Very happy!


Stella M.

Verified purchase

It brought so much fun to my two cats. They are very curious about it and start following the toy around as soon as I turn it on. What I love about this toy is that it goes in all different directions, not just forward and backward. I guess it really brings out the inner hunting instincts of my little kids.


Jamie H.

Verified purchase

It is just so fun for them to play! My kitty was attracted by this new toy, and I can see that she is really into it. The instruction to start is also very easy. Great product!


Lara K.

Verified purchase

I have a dog, she is only two years old, 19 IB! She is so lazy doesn’ like to move at all! So I bought this for her, now she starts moving again! She loves to play with the toy, I bought this toy two days ago and they are already sleeping together.


Kinley O.

Verified purchase

The instruction is pretty straightforward. It actually goods for both cats and dogs. The quality is also nice. My cat seems to be very instested so i'm happy! I highly recommend it!!


Tucker R.

Verified purchase

We have a very playful cat. I thought it would be a fun way to give her some exercise for her. You can control the mouse remotely. Yep, this is a great product, and my cat loves it.


Rachel P.

Verified purchase

It works very well. I agree that's a bit larger than a mouse but it only took my two cats a few minutes to get over their hesitation to start pouncing on it every chance they can. So far, after 3 days, they haven't grown tired of it although I do pick it up and hide it away in between play times. Cool toy!


Hope G.

Verified purchase

Our cat took to it after about ten minutes - goes great on hardwood floors as well as rugs - although there is only forward and reverse, you can make it change directions by using the reverse, then make it go forward when it turns in the direction you choose, without any problems. This little rat is a gem.


Veronica T.

Verified purchase

This mouse is about the size of my hand. I would recommend rechargable batteries as they wear down fast. My 7 month old kitten loves it! My older cat doesnt, but he will sneek a peak around the corner when the little one is playing, so in a way he get's entertained too. Great!


Gregory D.

Verified purchase

This is an excellent cat toy! Lots of power and control with the remote. It almost scares the cat at first lol! If it does, just let your cat smell it, size it up. Then the game is on! Recommend if you are a cat owner!