Nano Bicycle LED Brake Light

$19.90 $89.99

"Just what I needed. I have a son who loves to go biking evey single day and I will get every safety device to ensure he remains safe while having fun. He was so happy when I gave him this LED brake lights. He said it was so easy to install and looked cool on his bike. Now I'm sure any car, bike, motor or person behind him knows when he uses his brake therefore ensuring that they themselves slow down and stop." - Stacy H., CO

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  • Increase your safety
  • Easy to install, no tool required
  • Perfect for outdoor biking or hiking
  • Warns vehicles at the rear when you brake
  • Waterproof design, use as normal on a rainy day
  • High brightness red LED, it flashes while you brake, warning and safety light


  • Bulb: Red LED
  • Weight: 0.19 oz
  • Battery: CR1025
  • Dimension: 1.22 x 0.63 x 1.18 inch

12 Reviews

Harry K.

Verified purchase

Great idea! Works as advertised. It was very easy to install and I have already used it under the rain so I can say that it works well, every part was well made and I love the safety feature it offers every bike rider. Thanks for this cool brake light.


John H.

Verified purchase

This Nano LED brake light is really cool. The installation steps are simple and the product is itself is sturdy. This sure keeps me safe when I ride my bike. I'll never ride again without this brake light. 


Peter I.

Verified purchase

This has kept me safe for months now. I ride my bike everyday. I use it whenever I go to work or just need to get some air. This lets any rider or driver behind me know when I use my brake. 


Frank E.

Verified purchase

These are great safety lights for your bicycling needs. I know a lot of people that could use a set of these and have referred them to where they could find them. I bought 2 sets to give out as gifts at Christmas and everyone got a big kick out of them and love using them. 


Lindsey A.

Verified purchase

I got into an accident a few months ago. A bike rider hit me from behind, said he was in a hurry and didn't notice that I was slowing down. We both got minor bruises but I want to make sure that I never experience that again. This was the best resolution. Now I feel safer when I ride. Thanks a lot!


Harold L.

Verified purchase

The best brake light! My mom never lets me ride my bike at night or when it's raining because she's worried a car or another rider might hit. When I got this last month, my mother finally allowed me when my father gave this brake lights. It makes bike riding feel safer even when it's foggy or dark. 


Tyler A.

Verified purchase

Talk about stylish and safe. This looks good on my bike that my friends decided to get them too. Sometimes we play around and use our brakes at the same time. Sure looks cool on the road. More importantly, keeps us all safe. Two thumbs up!


Wilma C.

Verified purchase

This one works well! I never had any problem with it. I've been using it for over a year and has kept me safe on and off the road. Highly recommended!


Mark O.

Verified purchase

Excellent warning device! I recommend this to all bike riders! Our whole family loves to go out and ride our bikes every now and then. It has been our family bonding for years. My wife was so glad when I got one for each of us. ‚Äč‚ÄčThank you for selling this!


Ken T.

Verified purchase

I love this LED brake light as it is bright and increases my visability in group bike rides, when cars are following close at intersections, and on night rides. 


George R.

Verified purchase

Very easy to put on, light weight, works perfectly with every rear brake applied to alert the rider behind me. It's simple but it works great and it's sturdy.


Nancy F.

Verified purchase

These glasses work wonderfully. and they are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.
Works great, very simple install. Adds an additional bit of safety and cool factor.