Natural Shoe Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator

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"These are AMAZING! I had several pairs of sneakers and slip ons that had the worst odor, and after sticking these in them for a day, the smell went away completely. I love that it's a natural way to deodorize without having to use any kind of spray or even worse, chemicals. I also keep a couple in my car to help keep any odors away.​​​​" - Francis D., MN

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  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • 100% all natural bamboo charcoal air purifier and deodorizer
  • Convenient size bag fits perfectly any small areas
  • Freshens air by removing odors, not merely masking them with foul smelling chemicals
  • Absorbs humidity, bacteria, and deodorizes, thus keeping the space dry and prevents mold mildew, therefore, extending the life of shoes, clothing and other textiles
  • Applicable for wardrobe, desk, cabinet or smaller enclosed spaces such as shoes, purse, boots, diaper pails, coolers, and near litter boxes or pet cages


  • Dimensions: 6.69 x 2.95 inch
  • Weight: 3.53 oz
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Flax bag & bamboo charcoal


  • 2x Natural shoe deodorizer and odor eliminator bag (1 pair)

14 Reviews


Blake J.

Verified purchase

I bought these out of curiosity and need. I've read a lot of positive feedback and I thought I should try it. I'm happy to say.....this actually works! If you put them in your shoes, for example, overnight, you can actually smell the difference (and 24+ hours just improves the performance). So there you go, a simple, reusable, product that actually works. It surprised me.


Nancy S.

Verified purchase

This product does what it say’s, I wear my shoes quite often because they’re my favorite pair and they go with everything but when I wear a pair of shoes too often it does get kind of smelly hence why I threw out my old pair, now everytime I take off my shoes and put them away I slip these suckers in and it keeps the smell at bay, I always keep a pair of these in all my shoes now. But I’m not sure when exactly should I replace them I guess I’ll just buy more when I feel like they’ve worn out. Definitely recommend to everyone.


Jack K.

Verified purchase

I can definitely tell a difference since using them. I keep them mostly in my flats that I wear with no socks. Gets rid of most of the smell, but the smell comes back after a few hours of wear them again. Obviously wear socks helps the smell but some shoes you just can wear socks so these are great to help eliminate the smell. I use them in my soccer cleats inside my soccer bag and it's made a world of difference! No more gross sweaty soccer smell when I unzip my bag. I will probably get more since I have WAY more than 6 pairs of shoes.


Jessie Y.

Verified purchase

I am on my feet all day as a nurse and my feet sweat. Between that and running, I was in need of a shoe deodorizer. These have been great! I rotate them between the pairs of shoes I wear frequently. I have considered buying additional sets so I could have one in each pair of shoes ( I would go with this product again) but they have actually have done a good job keeping the odor level down in all of them with just the rotation I have going. If one pair threatens to get super stinky (e.g. if I get caught in the rain on a run) they get the deodorizer overnight. I have not recharged them yet (directions say to do so every so often by sitting them out in the sun - I need to look up the specifics again), but might try doing that now that we're starting to have warm, sunny weather. I haven't noticed a decrease in effectiveness or increase in smelliness, but it sounds like a good maintenance thing to do. I am very happy that these do not have a smell of their own, as I am sensitive to most smells and hate when something tries to mask bad smells instead of eliminating them. They are sturdily constructed (I tried to pull it apart at the seam in one of the pictures), with a rough textured material, a neutral pleasing color, and they fit well in my size 10s.


Helena C.

Verified purchase

Nice size purifier bags done in neutral color. The sewing seems to be decent because none of the bags has leaks. I use them everyday in my work boots to keep any mildew and other moisture-related smells at bay. Mind you, I store my boots in a plastic bag to avoid any dust or creatures crawling in them while I'm away (I leave my boots at work), so moisture was DEFINITELY getting trapped in my shoes. Now, when I come into work the next day, my boots are dry and completely devoid of any smell.

I also use a pair in my backpack, as I tend to throw in all kinds of things that carry mild/moderate odors -- lunch, sweaty socks/shirts, dirty work pants, etc. With these hanging out at the bottom of my bag, odor does not linger. My nose is ever grateful.


James W.

Verified purchase

These size bags are great and versatile. I use it mostly for workout shoes and keep one or two in my luggage when I travel for my gym clothes. Lately, I used these bags to deodorize a refrigerator that had been off for the last couple months with good success. Kept it in for about a week and odors have been gone. The bags stink of course now but cleared up with being exposed to the sun for a couple hours. 


Sandra F.

Verified purchase

These pouches work as advertised. I live in central Texas where it has been really hot and humid. My closet is located in the master bathroom and I noticed with the humidity and heat my closet started to smell musty. I was able to put each pouch on a hanger and hang them on opposite sides of my closet. Within a day I noticed the smell was gone. I've used scented deodorizers, febreeze, and scent sachets but they only worked for a few days and just covered up the smell. The charcoal pouches actually eliminated it. I'm buying some for my son's closet next.


Holly F.

Verified purchase

I have a dog (and one I sit for often) in my 950 sq ft apartment. No matter how much I vacuum and sweep up the hair, the smell would still linger. These things have been a godsend. I can tell the difference dramatically and also in the kitchen when I cook something with a strong smell or fry something. Great value for the price!


Ara B.

Verified purchase

These have been wonderful in keeping odors at bay in our shoe closet, especially with a teen in our midst. We just make a habit of putting them in our shoes as soon as we take them off. We've even taken them along on trips to put in our shoes overnight. Super product I'd recommend to everyone. Thank you so much for coming up with these things!


Grace H.

Verified purchase

Despite mixed reviews, I chose these over the "sneaker balls" and sprays because they're made of natural materials, and because they claim to remove the smell rather than mask it with another scent. I don't normally have a big shoe odor problem, but I have a couple pairs that do get mildly smelly, so I tried this on them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they eliminated the odor in one night. Now I just pop them into one of those pairs of shoes when I'm done wearing them, and the next time I want to wear them, they're ready to go. Definitely worth the cost in my case! I'm ordering a second set for my daughter, who has some more intensely smelly shoes, and we'll see how they work on those


Myra D.

Verified purchase

This is a very good product! I have had a musty smell in my basement that I could not get rid of. I tried everything, all kinds of carpet cleaners, sprays, etc. This product really makes a difference! Good purchase!


Adrian S.

Verified purchase

I purchased these for our camper. It had been closed up for a 2 yrs and it smelled stuffy and my sinuses started to bother me. I placed two of the pillows in the 26’ camper one at each end. We are camping in Myrtle Beach and the camper smells clean and no allergy problems. Yes I would recommend these to anyone.


Alicia L.

Verified purchase

I hate to wash my running shoes because they seem to wear out faster. I also do not like wearing socks.
This combination makes for some stinky shoes.
I leave my workout bag at my desk at work (I run before work in the morning) and it started to be embarrassing.
Searched for shoe deodorizers and found these. I drop them in my shoes as soon as I take them off after my runs and they no longer stink up my workspace.
Problem solved!

Billy G.

Verified purchase

I ordered these to help absorb moisture and prevent the funky smell in my boxing gloves. I've tried a couple of other brands with fragrance. As soon as the fragrance wore off, my gloves got stinky. With these charcoal inserts, they dry quickly and my gloves smell fine after 6 months of use! I do wipe my gloves out with an antibacterial wipe before placing the insert. These are definitely worth it!