Outlet Shelf

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"I just installed this in my tiny bathroom to hold my electric toothbrush. It's PERFECT! Love that it holds my toothbrush AND a tube of toothpaste standing up AND still has room for any other small item you have yet taken up no more space than a standard outlet. I love it so much, I'm thinking of where else I can use it."-  Claire V. 

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  • Create an extra shelf in seconds using your existing outlet cover
  • Perfect for keeping items off the floor and countertop
  • Modern design complements any room and wall
  • Super easy & safe install - exactly like replacing an outlet cover!
  • A shelf can also be mounted upside down
  • A sturdy platform supporting a maximum weight up to 10lbs (4.5kg)


  • Dimensions: 6 inch (15.24 cm) x 5 inch (12.7 cm) x 4 inch (10.16)

12 Reviews

Anna P.

Verified purchase

I have been looking for a small shelf for my bathroom to put my mini speaker on. This is the BEST! The size is perfect and it holds in place by the outlet cover. I LOVE IT!!!!!


William T.

Verified purchase

Have to say, after receiving this shelf I am very impressed. It's perfect! I have received complements from family who visited my home. I have one in the kitchen with a Echo Dot, and one in the bathroom with a Echo (1st Gen). Having them off the counter and out of harms way (not to mention no cords tangled up). I highly recommend this product not only for it's versatility but also for it's easy installation.


Cindy M.

Verified purchase

Finally! A solution for the electric devices that needed to be charged! Just two weeks ago I told my husband that someone needs to create a solution for shelving these items that need to be constantly tethered to electricity, and voila! I found it and I'm so happy!


Anthony W.

Verified purchase

I really like this shelf! It was very easy to install and doesn’t require putting any holes in your walls - the best part! I use it to hold my Bluetooth speaker and electric toothbrush to keep them always charged and out of the way. It gives me more counter space, which is always a plus in small bathrooms. I like that I can take it off and install it on any other outlet any time I want. I highly recommend this shelf!


Victoria P.

Verified purchase

One of my best purchases! This thing was super easy to install, it literally took me less than 2 minutes. Fits perfectly. I will seriously be buying more of these!


Nolan N.

Verified purchase

This little shelf is ideal for my purpose. I recently remodeled a small bathroom where space is limited. The unit fits perfectly on a wall near the bathroom sink. The unit is incredibly simple to install. I need more for my kitchen and bedroom!


Nathan K.

Verified purchase

Love love this. I had to buy a second because it works so great!! The first one holds Alexa and the second one I use in my garage. It's very durable. I'm very pleased.


Eleanor B.

Verified purchase

Love this shelf! I use it for a speaker and an Alexa and it keeps them up off the counters and gives them their own place to be. Plus it doesn’t take away from the other outlet that is not being used so that it can be used for other things. Great for anyone who wants to keep their counters from looking cluttered.


Dominic T.

Verified purchase

Oh my this little shelf is perfect if you’d like to store something on your bathroom countertop and have it easily accessible but don’t want it to get wet. It’s a bit larger as well and very sturdy. I keep my electric shaver on it and works perfectly. Also use it for a Bluetooth speaker! Well worth a try, you won’t be disappointed! I love this!


Adrian E.

Verified purchase

This may be a little piece of plastic but it saved me lots of space on my bathroom sink. Easy to install and very sturdy. I have my electric toothbrush permanently plugged in and the bottom outlet gets used and abuse a lot by hair dryer, water pik, shaver and even my phone charger. It holds up great. Easy to clean too.


Tyler L.

Verified purchase

Love it! We use it in the bathroom and have gotten tons of compliments on its looks and how it keeps wires neat. Strongly mounts to the electrical outlet and feels very solid with a gen 1 echo perched on top. Very easy to put up. I’d have them on all my outlets if they all weren’t so low.


Rachel H.

Verified purchase

It's like someone read my mind and invented this gem. It says it holds up to 10 lbs. It's bulkier than it looks in the photos. This was super easy to install and works wonderfully in my bathroom. It helped clean up the clutter of the phone charger cord which kept getting wet on the bathroom counter. Now it's neatly tucked and out of the way. I love simple and functional innovations.