Professional Wall Painting Set

$49.90 $159.99

"I have been working on painting my kids room for some time now, decided I needed to try something to get it painted quicker. This paint roller set worked perfectly. It was easy to use and also easy to clean up. Recommended!" - Victor T., LA

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  • Wall Painting Set is professional paint roller system to get the job done - with no mess, drips or splatter
  • Just fill it with up with the paint and you can have a wall painted in 5 minutes or an entire room in just 20 minutes
  • Perfect for painting large surfaces, such as a wall, door, floor, ceiling or roof
  • The spill-proof design, for both indoor and outdoor
  • Micro-fiber head delivers an even coat with seamless paint distribution
  • Flocked edger and corner pad – cutting in has never been cleaner or easier


  • Dimensions:
    1. Paint roller - 7.9 inch (20 cm) x 7.9 inch (20 cm)
    2. Corner pad - 10.2 inch (26 cm) x 2.5 inch (6.5 cm)
    3. Flocked edger - 9.4 inch (24 cm)
    4. Resting tray - 8.5 inch (21.5 cm)
    5. Easy-pour-jug - 27 oz (800 ml)

10 Reviews

Thomas N.

Verified purchase

This paint roller is AWESOME! I wish I had gotten something like this sooner. You fill it with paint and it doesnt splatter. It paints evenly and quickly. It's so easy to use! I actually love painting (I just hate taping) and this makes it super easy and more fun. The accessories for corners and edges and the extension pole are also really nice!


Claire R.

Verified purchase

This roller is such a genius idea! First it saves a lot of time by not having to run back and forth to the paint tray and helps keep it clean with less chance of drips. The corner tool makes doing corners super quick too. This set saved me so much time painting a house I was helping to flip!


Hayden O.

Verified purchase

I love this set, it is so easy to use. It definitely cuts the painting time in half. It is less messy to use then just painting with regular brush. The strokes are smooth and its fun to use. The rollers are very sturdy and easy to handle. This set is a great! I will get one more for my dad.


Asher T.

Verified purchase

This paint rollers is very great. I never seen paint brushes like these and comes with 5 PCs. Very soft and works well. It is very very easy to use. I love that you can actually pour the paint inside the roller case, stops paint drip from roller- cool concept and it works The edger and corner brushes is super cool for corners. Best!


Kaitlyn N.

Verified purchase

Perfect! Easy to use, and very little clean up afterwards. I liked that I could pour the paint directly into the roller. That way I only had to clean the rollers after I was finished. They worked well and I didn’t have any issues. I highly recommend this for any paint project you are working on.


Bryce M.

Verified purchase

There are some small rooms I need to paint and I am so tired of all the tape tonorepare the room! My friend told me I could find brushes that give you a good line where the wall meets the ceiling and then I wouldn’t have to tape everywhere if I just go slow. Wow, much less messy than dragging a paint tray around and super fast work! 


Jake R.

Verified purchase

This kit worked great to get my hall painted. I have avoided painting it for some time because I would have had to tape SO MANY ANGLES! But with this kit I could get in close without having to tape everything. Such a time saver!


Rebecca A.

Verified purchase

Did a wall in the living room. No mess and probably cut my time in half. No spills. I never liked having too keep going back to the pan and reapply the paint. Glad I found this! Very smooth touch!


Victor T.

Verified purchase

I have been working on painting my kids room for some time now, decided I needed to try something to get it painted quicker. This paint roller set worked perfectly. It was easy to use and also easy to clean up. Recommended!


Alivia G.

Verified purchase

Love this paint set. Made doing a small project of chalk painting on furniture, so much easier. It was easy to fill up and then use. Comes with multiple pieces to do every step.Very happy!