Pancakes & Egg Maker

$19.90 $89.99

"Lifesaver! My kid LOVES silver dollar pancakes, and I can't make them at all. This makes it feasible and gives kiddo perfect silver dollar pancakes. And I can have as many egg sandwiches as I want. Great." - Anna V., NE

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  • A simple and fun way to make perfect pancakes every time!
  • You can flip multiple pancakes at the same time without any mess
  • Try this with other items such as eggs, omelets, hash browns, biscuits and so on
  • Made of non-stick stovetop-safe silicone
  • Heat resistant from -104 to 446℉ (-40 +220℃)


  • Dimensions: 15.7 inch (40 cm) x 9.3 inch (23.5 cm)

12 Reviews

Benjamin R.

Verified purchase

Great idea and and super easy to use!! Love these! They make the perfect sized pancakes for my 3 year old. I also did mini omelets! Make sure you butter the bottom of it before putting in the pan. Dishwasher safe, too! Great!


Nora A.

Verified purchase

These worked amazing! I like to make eggs and biscuits for breakfast and now they always turn out to be perfect. No more mess! They clean off easily too. So happy!


Nicholas P.

Verified purchase

Easy to clean easy to use. Kids love pancakes. This makes it simple to cook multiple small pancakes with perfect shape. Love it!


Eva C.

Verified purchase

Love this for meal prepping! A family of 5 can get used to this!! Pancakes and eggs are no brained now! No one has to wait long for breakfast! Thanks to this little convenient kitchen staple for adding ease!


Lara K.

Verified purchase

My grandkids love pancakes and I thought this would be a perfect little surprise gift. It works great and they love helping their mom mak e pancakes. Great! 


Kevin L.

Verified purchase

I purchased this so I can make uniformly sized pancakes to store in the freezer for future reheating on weekdays and it works great! It's super easy to use and you just put it on the griddle or in the frying pan and fill the little wells with batter. The pancakes cook up quickly and easily and when it's time to flip you just pick the entire thing up and flip it over as one unit so there are no squished edges or anything! I certainly recommend it.


Hayden K.

Verified purchase

Perfect pancakes every time. And for my picky eaters that demand evenly sized pancakes it is a must buy!  This really is a breakfast must-have.


Brandon R.

Verified purchase

Great product. Grandkids love using them for Sunday family breakfast. Easy to wash aswell. Can't ask for more! 


Everly M.

Verified purchase

That's perfect to make some little and cute pancakes, I also use to make some omelettes !!! Really easy to use !!! 


Wesley N.

Verified purchase

It works well. My kids love this and you can use this to make pancakes with a thin layer and it is very good for kids, Also you can use this for fried eggs for a big family for breakfast. It is very easy to clean and very easy to store.


Isabelle G.

Verified purchase

These are super cool to have to entice your kids to eat better food options because not only can they be used for pancakes, but eggs, and eggs with hidden veggies inside! Great!


Lilly M.

Verified purchase

I've been looking for ways to make breakfast with toddlers more fun. These silicone moulds are a great addition to our breakfast festivities for special occasions. They're easy to use and clean. It keeps the batter from mixing in the skillet and prevents pancakes from getting stuck together. Works great!