Portable Perfume Bottle

$19.90 $89.99

"These work so well, and held enough perfume to have many uses. When I wear a perfume I put the matching one to the perfume I’m wearing for the day in my purse. So I can freshen up my scent later! I like to smell pretty all day!!! They are small and compact but hold enough before you have to refill as well. Easy to fill as well. So happy I made this purchase and have already recommended them to my friends!" - Olivia T., KS

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  • Bring your perfume or cologne anywhere with you with this new Portable Perfume Bottle
  • It grabs some of your fragrance and stores it in a nifty 5ml bottle making it's hassle-free at airport security
  • All you have to do is remove the cap on your desired fragrance bottle
  • Grab your new Portable Perfume Bottle and look for the nozzle hole at the bottom. This hole only allows liquid in but not out, so you're atomizer won't leak
  • After that, you can insert the tip into the bottom of your bottle and begin pushing it down
  • You can see how much liquid has transferred by looking at the transparent section of the atomizer
  • Freshen up on the go anytime, anywhere


  • Dimensions: 5 ml (0.17 oz)

11 Reviews

Emily J.

Verified purchase

I had been looking for these for months, I travel a lot so it's easier to carry a smaller version of my perfume than the regular size bottles, plus its FAA approved and that makes it a win-win. Thank you! I am so very pleased with my purchase.


Chloe B.

Verified purchase

It’s compact and easy to put into my pocket, purse, wallet, etc. I can carry multiple and have no problem. I bought this to go on vacation and needed to make sure it followed with TSA rules and it works nicely. It lasted for about 10 days with daily spraying and touch-ups during my summer vacation. Great!


Peggy K.

Verified purchase

Usually I'll take whatever samples I haven't tried out yet with me on vacation, but these let me take my favorite fragrances with me when I travel without worrying about losing or breaking the big bottle! I find myself throwing them in my pocket or gym bag as well since they are so portable. Very convenient!


Samuel H.

Verified purchase

Well I received these and am thrilled!! They spray great, don’t leak at all. Very sleek and reusable. They are great. My wife is very happy!


Amelia R.

Verified purchase

Me and my daughter are so freakin excited about this bottle!!!!! She is always trying to take my bottles of perfume home with her. Lol. Now I can actually share with her without losing it all. And these are perfect for travel or just keeping in your purse. I haven’t had any trouble with it leaking so far. And it was super easy to fill with perfume. Amazing!


Connor P.

Verified purchase

This is a great product. I don't know why I didn't purchase sooner. I can not transport my cologne on vacation, to the office and in my pocket without the entire bottle. Good deal also. Definitely recommend!


Katherine L.

Verified purchase

Easy to use. Refilled directly from 12 oz perfume bottle without any spilling. Next time will try using the spray nozzles that I purchased to refill the spray bottles. Because of their size I also carry an extra one in case I happen to run out of the first one. Amazing!


Stella M.

Verified purchase

Very stylish atomizer. It’s convenient to use and refill, no leak and is narrow enough to slip into a small purse. I like traveling light and this is perfect for taking my favorite perfume with me. Highly recommended!


Violet C.

Verified purchase

I am so excited to be able to have a perfume in my purse & for traveling. I love my perfume but with the glass bottle I don't feel comfortable putting in a suitcase when I fly. I also hate how expensive small bottle's of perfume are. It is awesome to be able to transfer perfume by just pumping from the original bottle into a metal container. Amazingly convenient!


Christopher O.

Verified purchase

Great for traveling with your cologne. You don’t wanna bring a giant cologne bottle that is made of glass and that might leak. These are a perfect replacement and our TSA approved.


Nicole T.

Verified purchase

Got this to travel for a weekend getaway and now I carry in my purse. Small like a lipstick. Easy no mess fill from the bottom straight out of the sprayer. Just have to remove the nozzle from the perfume bottle then replace after. Perfume still smells just as if spraying straight out of the bottle. Love it!