Pet Grooming Gloves

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"Unbelievable how much cat hair I was able to get with just one swipe. These gloves have saved me hours of sweeping and vacuuming. When I put the gloves on, my cat comes running over. He knows it’s time for his massage. I use these each evening before he comes in the house and the amount of hair they remove is astonishing. After I was done with him I ran my hands over an area run and removed his hair from there as well. Works wonders!! I highly recommend them." - Virginia P., TX

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  • You’ll Get Left & Right Gloves – Use your both hands while grooming your furry friend
  • Enhanced Five Finger Gloves Design – Gently clean sensitive hard-to-reach places, like face, tail or legs
  • Use them wet or dry – Palm coating will help to keep your hands and fingernails clean
  • Pets Love Glove Massage – Scrubbing nubs provide relaxing massage; your pet will ask for more
  • Reduce Shedding – Regular brushing removes loose hair and mats from your pet’s coat
  • Perfect for All Furry Friends – Skittish cats, playful dogs or graceful horses

14 Reviews

Cherry G.

Verified purchase

Amazing de shedding gloves. My kittens did not like combs or brushes for hair removal, no matter how I worked with them. These gloves have removed more hair in two short uses from both cats than a comb could hope to looses in two hours of work. The hair peels off nicely if you start from the palms and go to the finger tips. The more hair on the gloves the better it peels off. I love them and will be ordering another pair. They are great and the quality is very nice.


Nancy S.

Verified purchase

I have a german shepard that sheds so much, there is literally hair everywhere. He hates normal brushes and refuses to let me brush him. I have even used the vaccum cleaner hose to remove hair from his body. Then i saw an advertishment for these lets give it a go. I was amazed at how well these gloves work! Not only that but because its my hands, he lets me do it and doesnt run away from me. Which makes my life so much easier!! Less hair in my house makes my allergies sooo happy


Kathy P.

Verified purchase

These gloves work beautifully. My fur baby loves to have his head and neck carressed or brushed. Beyond that, he isn't going to have it. These gloves allowed me to brush him from head to the end of his tail and even his belly. I was astonished and pleased to see the amount of loss hair removed, gathered and saved from being strown all over our home. They fit very comfortably on your hands as well. I'm very happy with my conclusion to order these. I highly recommend them.


Donna Y.

Verified purchase

We have a medium hair cat (pictured) and she HATES getting groomed with every brush I’ve tried. However, she loves these gloves. I’m able to groom her daily now and it’s not a chore for both of us anymore. Fur is easy to remove from gloves.


Carol N.

Verified purchase

These are great! I’m shocked at how much loose hair came right off of my cat. I mean I see it on all my carpets but still had no idea. After I was done with her I ran my hands over an area run and removed her hair from there as well. Works wonders!! Material is strong and the combs aren’t too harsh on your pet. I highly recommend this product and at the price point, I’m very pleased.


Fred W.

Verified purchase

These gloves are well worth the money! My horse is shedding like crazy, he had a very think winter coat and these gloves work! My horse was so relaxed, he is always antsy about new things, but he didn't care. The hair fell right off the gloves, like it says in the description. It so much easier to get a decent grooming without a brush. The last time I used the brush, I had to constantly stop and pull the hair out of it. With these gloves, I just shake my hands and the hair is gone.


Lois D.

Verified purchase

Finally grooming gloves that I and my pups love. My dog sat for over 20 minutes letting me brush her something she never sits still for. She fell into some sort of dog trance absolutely loved all the brushing.


Melany M.

Verified purchase

These are awesome! My 15-year-old cat was totally blissed out while being petted with these, and they removed sheet upon sheet of cat hair. I say "sheet" because the hair easily peels off the glove in an intact sheet of hair. I got a giant wad of hair off her in just a few minutes of petting her—less hair that will end up on my floor, furniture, and clothes!


Ann K.

Verified purchase

Every pet owner needs these. Unless you have a Sphynx cat, then probably not necessary.


Rene N.

Verified purchase

I have a very old (16 years old) dog. She doesn’t like being brushed anymore. She and I both LOVE THESE GLOVES!! They work really well and they are so easy to use on her. Thank you


Jasper M.

Verified purchase

The best! These are extremely helpful for dealing with the constant shedding of my chow mix...and my pitbull who doesn’t shed that much still loves being pet with the gloves because it feels like a good massage. I’m so glad I made the purchase.


Patricia T.

Verified purchase

The best gloves ever. These gloves de-fur themselves super easy. No struggling to clean out the hair after a few strokes.


Krystal A.

Verified purchase

I have 3 cats that shed like crazy, but these gloves are an amazing help to keep my house clean. My cats love it so much they practically beg to be groomed.


Sue R.

Verified purchase

I work at a dog grooming salon with 6 other people & we all are pretty impressed. They’re great for desheding treatments!