Multipurpose Car Storage Net

$19.90 $89.99

"I bought this for my 2016 chevy colorado extended cab to keep my 70 pound dog from standing on the center console while I was driving. Super easy to install and does exactly what I need it to. There's enough stretch on the material to where both the driver and the passenger can adjust and recline their seats without the divider interfering which was a big concern of mine. A neat way to add storage in my car too!" - Tyler J., NY

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  • Simple way to make driving safer for you and preventing your pet from launching forward at sudden stops or climbing into your lap
  • Helps to classified storage your items and keep them in good order of reachable place
  • Adopted thickened polyester fibers with strong flexibility, it can stretch to the perfect size based on different space between the driver and co-driver seats of various car models
  • Equipped reliable safety hooks that makes the whole storage mesh simple hook up to the headrest pole within 1 min, time and efforts saving


  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 9.84 x 0.40 inch


18 Reviews

Jake A.

Verified purchase

It works as advertised. My dog used to stand on the center console while I was driving. This stops that. It's also a perfect storage for my snacks and drinks, making it easy for me to grab them while driving without getting my eyes off the road. Very useful product.


Dennis W.

Verified purchase

What a clever idea this pet barrier is, wish I would have thought of it! It's easy to install, nice looking, takes up no extra space, and can easily move it to another vehicle if needed. The fact that it's also a storage pocket is nice too. It's stretchy so can move with the seat if the seat is moved forward or back. This is way better than the other pet barrier I've used for years


Josephine L.

Verified purchase

This thing is perfect to keep my pups in the back seat. All the ones that are marketed for that reason block the air from the AC and so the dogs get hot. With this, air flow is perfect! The dogs are cool in the back seat and stay put.


Amanda T.

Verified purchase

I bought this for a long trip I was taking with my dog. Though she was harnessed securely in the back seat I felt there was something else I could do to set boundaries and offer a tiny amount of safety in the car. This was the perfect solution. She could still put her head over the mess to look out the windshield and be nosy but kept her front paws in the backseat. I like that this also offered a little more storage as well. It was super easy to install.


Rosie A.

Verified purchase

We ordered this as a pet divider so our dog would not put her paws on the center console while we are driving. It's perfect! It's minimal and you can easily see your pet in the back seat. It's also easy to strap on and off depending when it's needed.


Melissa W.

Verified purchase

I purchased this to keep my dog in the backseat but still give him the visibility to see upfront and we both love it. I also love that I can use it as a storage for my umbrella and drinks which are both a necessity for me.


Stephanie L.

Verified purchase

This does the job well, to keep Jack [our 184# Irish Wolfhound from trying to take over the drivers seat. I'd originally wondered if such a small barrier would do the trick but is does. So just his big head comes up front now.


Henry I.

Verified purchase

Fits perfect in my Optima. Looks like it came with the car. Hold snacks, drinks, wallet, ipad, lotion etc.. great for road trips or everyday. My main use is shoving my purse onto my armrest and it keeps it from falling off into backseat floorboard. Also fits right above my air vents in the back of the armrest so it doesnt interfere with backseat air.


Lincoln C.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love this car seat dog barrier. I have a very wild puppy and this has stopped her from jumping up front to help me drive.
Some others I tried didn't work well at all. I have a GMC Yukon, and the clips and straps are perfect, but the storage ability is limited
because it is stretched quite tight. I wasn't going to use the storage feature anyway. Highly recommended!


Pamela D.

Verified purchase

I can't believe I didn't purchase one of these sooner. The bottom clips under the seats, which is awesome. It's perfect for keeping my gigantic purse in between the armrests without falling over or falling into the back seat. This is really a great product.


Daisy M.

Verified purchase

Perfect for keeping doggo in the back of the Jeep with pockets for her leash and baggies. Great quality and easy to install


Frank H.

Verified purchase

Works really well. We love it. Nice and sturdy. Should be able to get years of use out of it.


Nancy A.

Verified purchase

I use this as a barrier for my dog. He thinks he's being sneaky every 5 minutes trying to inch up to the front seat. But now that I have this he doesn't try any more. I'm so glad because I was afraid he would get hurt upfront. Now he is in the backseat and doesn't fuss.


Victoria C.

Verified purchase

Exactly what I needed to keep my two Shih Tzu's in the back seat and not jumping up front and throwing the car in Neutral doing 70! The net is nice and thick but it allows a nice flow of air. I also use it to hold stuff that I always use.


Clara J.

Verified purchase

Super helpful in keeping my pitbull baby in the back and NOT on my lap where she thinks she belongs!!!


Keith S.

Verified purchase

Fits a 2014 Fusion well - it stretches and installed in seconds. Perfect solution to my wife wishing to have her purse handy without it falling off the console or her having to turn and access the back seat. Seems sturdy and well-made. Should also keep pets from the front seat area well. I got three, one for each back seat and one in the middle. Plenty of storage in our car lol!


Michael P.

Verified purchase

I purchased this for a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. I was surprised at how much my kids use it in the back seat. Construction quality is very good and the design is solid. It fit perfectly, and if needed, with a little ingenuity, you can modify the design of the attachment points. A simple but useful item.