Interactive Jumping Pet Ball

$19.90 $89.99

"WOW! We love this ball & so does our puppy! Used it over the past few weeks & our dog never lost interest in it for excitement & play. This ball is an amazingly fun toy for our both dogs to chase & their humans to enjoy watching."-  Violet P., 

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  • The ball jumps with random movement holding your dog's attention for hours
  • When the ball is activated it will play upbeat, catchy music and flash bright, colorful colors
  • Keeps your fur friend active and happy
  • Entertains and helps prevent destructive behavior
  • High-quality pet toy made from BPA-free thermoplastic rubber


  • Dimensions: 13 cm (5.12 inch)

11 Reviews

Carter L.

Verified purchase

There is nothing I can say. Except. My dog absolutley loves this toy. He litterlaly drives himself into a frenzy with it. Amazing! A must have for any dog owner!


Sophia B.

Verified purchase

I have two dogs and they are obsessed with this ball. I know this is a 'dog' toy, but my cat also loves it! My last cat loved to play with the one that was my Son's toy growing up. And our new kitten has started to play with this ball in the same way... That's SO COOL!!! All pets are happy!


Charlotte V.

Verified purchase

My 11 month old French Bulldog, Louise, loves this thing. We’ve had it for a little over a month and it’s still in one piece. My dog is very exiteted about this toy. I am so glad I got it!


Anthony W.

Verified purchase

Allow a few minutes for your pet to get over the fear of this crazy thing and they will be able to entertain them selfsame for hours. Doesn't seem to drain batteries and will get bouncing around until you get tired off it. I will recommend this to my friends.


Caroline J.

Verified purchase

At first, my puppy was scared to play with it. It was very funny! I kept it turned off for a few weeks so that they can get used to it. Now they are just chasing it all over the place. I love to watch them play so happily!


Jose C.

Verified purchase

This thing is great to get your dog's attention! We have a dog with high energy and this a great toy to exercise and keep her occupied. My dog is crazy about this toy. I'm very pleased with this ball!


Colton R.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love the interactive ball and have had dogs in the past that loved playing with it. I purchased it for my current two dogs and they like it. I'm very happy!


Madelyn A.

Verified purchase

I bought this for our American Eskimo dog. He chases it around growling and barking when it's turned on. I keep it put up so he doesn't tear it up , he's a heavy chewer. The other day he was standing in front if the cabinet where I keep it whining. He loves this toy. It give him a great work out!


Taylor F.

Verified purchase

I have a boston/catahoula mix. She loves to chase this toy around and will even take it to her bed and roll her back on it..I think she likes the massage!  She is happy so am I!


Miles H.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my active 2 year old dachshund Annie. She loves it so much she whines when I put it up. Highly recommended!


George M.

Verified purchase

My dogs LOVE this toy! I do have to put it up sometimes or they just won't stop playing with it! It's such a treat when it comes out though!