Soft Bristle Pet Brush

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"The best! So glad I found these I have a pit bull who is white and is ALWAYS digging! I haven't been able to really get deep into his hair so hes always a slight brown even after the bath. I'm so glad I found these! He not only enjoys bath time because of the soft bristles, but I can finally get his fur all the way clean!" - Christian C., MD

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  • Bristle Pet Brush cleans the hair thoroughly until the soft silicone bristles reach the skin, while also applying a great massage helping your pet's blood circulation
  • It helps maintain proper grooming, removes dirt and promotes blood circulation
  • Open the lid, add the shower gel, shake and start bathing your pet
  • The soft silicone doesn't harm the pet's skin
  • It has a shampoo dispenser that makes bathing easier and saves time
  • All the parts can be disassembled


  • Dimensions: 3.14 inch (8 cm) x 4.33 inch (11 cm)

11 Reviews

Sarah N.

Verified purchase

I don't know what sorcery was dripped into this brush but it's simply magical. My girl LOVED this brush wet and dry. She never was a fan of bath time, and this made a world of difference. She seemed much more relaxed than ever before. Great!


James B.

Verified purchase

Usually at bath time, dogs are hard to be found. With new grooming pet shampoo brush, it's like they are standing in line to be next. They love it, haven't tried to jump out. Honestly, you'd think they were having a spa day! Amazing!


Alexa K.

Verified purchase

I had to try it out on my dog. She is already hard enough to bathe with two people. It is nearly impossible with one person. Today, I bathe her by myself! The long silicone buns are soft and long. They got a lot of her loose fur off her. I will buy a few more as gifts.


Sydney R.

Verified purchase

These were a GREAT addition to doggy bath time. So much easier than trying to hold on to a slippery shampoo bottle once you already have soapy hands and great for those hard to reach places like under the belly and chin. I'm so happy with my purchase.


Thomas O.

Verified purchase

Works perfect. I have an Aussie who has an undercoat and this makes it so much easier get the shampoo in the fur. It helps distribute the shampoo through the thick fur. It also helps get more dirt out. It’s easy to use and you can put enough shampoo in it for a whole bath. Love it! 


Dillon P.

Verified purchase

Our dogs love this because it massages them. Especially in the lower back they melt. They think they are at a doggie spa. Great!


Kevin M.

Verified purchase

These help wash your dog fast and easy. Your allowed to have one hand free to wash you dog send the other to hold and rub at the same time. You can scrub the loose hairs from your dog and massage together. It holds a lot of soap so you are not going back and forth refilling it up. A must have for any dog owner!


Naomi P.

Verified purchase

This is actually such a quality of life item and I enjoy using it in and out of the shower. When i first got it, i just used it to scratch my dogs tummy and back! He loves it during a bath and smiles the whole time. Its like you are giving a massage and bath at the same time. Great!


Rachel C.

Verified purchase

If you wash your own dog you have got to get this brush! It made a night and day difference washing my dog – and she loved every minute of it, and she's not usually a big fan of water! This brush really helped penetrate her fur, so I could rub her special shampoo into her skin. It was like a massage to her, while she got the best deep clean she's ever received from me. Love it!


Luis H.

Verified purchase

Nice! I have been used to washing a dog with very short hair, which is plenty easy with just your hands. Our new pup has a much thicker (not long, she still looks like a shorthair spaniel mix) coat and I was really struggling to get the shampoo spread evenly. But this makes it so easy. Great product!


Katelyn J.

Verified purchase

When I bathe my dog, one continuous task stuck out as most difficult... getting the shampoo on her legs and belly without wasting a bunch. No more! This little gadget is the best! Little bristles are soft enough, yet strong enough to scrub very well. Thank you for this product! It worked great!