Pet Hair Remover

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"We have 3 cats and we regularly used the vacuum cleaner to remove embedded fur from our sofa and chairs. I was AMAZED by how well this worked. Just a few movements and everything is so clean. The best part to me is that it also helps the environment because there are no “sheets” to be thrown away. Highly recommend!!!!!"-  Amanda R., FL

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  • Removing unwanted pet hair or lint from your clothes, carpets and any furniture
  • Picks up all types of dust, fur, and lint
  • Reusable, gentle and economic design
  • No power source or batteries required
  • Easy to use, easy to empty
  • Portable, Lightweight


  • Dimensions: 7.6 inch (18.9 cm) x 7.9 inch (19.7 cm) x 2.2 inch (5.5 cm)

14 Reviews

Jackson O.

Verified purchase

I got this thing yesterday and OMG it works like magic!! I should have gotten this thing a long time ago. I have a cat with medium length fur and unforunately, his favorite place to lounge is on our dark brown couch. So defurring it is must before we have company over. FINALLY no more sticky lintrollers and it does a much better job! Plus, it's SO much quicker. I love this thing. It's a must for pet owners!!


Victoria P.

Verified purchase

Oh boy. This remover is a game changer! It is my favorite device for removing dog hair from furniture. Using it is kinda fun too, so I can already tell that it will be much easier to stay on top of the cleaning. I have a tweed like fabric on my sectional upstairs and this roller takes it right up. Want to get a couple more.


Lillian T.

Verified purchase

I LOVE this!! It is so easy to use and takes away cat hair with ease! This this takes away 99% of hair in only a few seconds!! No changing rolls, just press the quick release and dump the hair out. In 30 seconds I cleaned our cats favorite sleeping spot! So much easier then usually half a lint roller and the vacuum!


Jayden K.

Verified purchase

I cannot say enough about how well this works! I have a golden retriver and a border collie lab mix with an undercoat. I needed something to de-fur my bed in between washing. This product is amazing and does the job well. I'm going to get a few for gifts this year for my animal loving friends.


Scarlett M.

Verified purchase

Was in desperate need of something to remove the fur off my furniture. I have a german shepherd/chow mix and she is just a big ball of fluff that rains fur everywhere she goes. I excitedly opened the package when I received it today and did a test run and MY GOD!!! IT DOES WONDERS without any effort. I simply ran it over the furniture and the fur was picked up and gone. BEST PURCHASE EVER.


Samuel C.

Verified purchase

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have tried so many methods over the years to get cat hair off of my rug. This cleaner works so easily because you can go back and forth with it and the amount of hair that it picks up is incredible. I just did all of our carpeting in a long hallway, our living room and our den. I accumulated enough hair to make a small cat.


Nicholas D.

Verified purchase

Before your eyes, the fur just disappears. But it’s got so much more than fur. I used it on every cloth surface in my house and geez, guys. It gets dust and dirt, too. A couple swipes on my pillow case and I was appalled. Amazing!


Jason K.

Verified purchase

We have 2 long haired dogs who shed like its going out of style, even with constant brushing. In minutes I’m able to get all the fur off my microfiber sectional and all the pillows! I am now sharing this miracle device with all my dog friends.


Naomi A.

Verified purchase

This item is brilliant! I have a chocolate lab and light colored couches and with it being winter, he sheds like crazy. I used this product for 5 minutes and my furniture looks great!


Connor S.

Verified purchase

What an amazing invention!! We have struggled for 15 years with our German shephard and her dog hair. This roller works so good, just back and forth off the couch and all the hair is in the compartment. This is now my new favorite cleaning tool and may give these out as Christmas gifts, people don’t know what they are missing out on! Highly recommended!


Vivian L.

Verified purchase

I needed something to help combat the fur problem we have with 2 huskies. This works great I wish I found it sooner. I use it on my couches and bedspread. I'm very pleased!


Piper O.

Verified purchase

This thing works AMAZING. I have four really hairy dogs (a Malamute, a Husky, a border collie/Australian Shepherd mix, and a beagle/terrier mix), so pet hair is a big problem in my house. In less than 5 minutes I had done a quick swipe over both couches and they look so much better than when I try to vacuum them. I had to empty the little hair reservoir twice in that time. This thing really picks up the hair. I'm impressed.


Dylan L.

Verified purchase

This thing is the holy grail of lint rollers. I have a double coat breed service dog, and two long hair cats. Needless to say my life is basically one giant fur storm. This thing doesn’t glide as easily over fabric as a traditional lint roller, but it negates the need to tear off a strip every 0.2 seconds, and it also totally gets the job done. I have lint roller basically everything I own, and plan on buying some of these as Christmas gifts for the pet lovers in my life.


Evan H.

Verified purchase

I would absolutely recommend this product! We have three cats and two dogs at home, so it’s a total zoo and there is virtually no escape from pet hair. However, this has been an absolute lifesaver for our furniture! It’s works perfectly to remove all different types of pet hair, including our pittbulls short and stubborn hair. Just a few passes back and forth and this picks it all up, and it’s super easy to empty.