Pet Selfie Stick

$19.90 $89.99

"I absolutely love this product! After I opened the package, I immediately put it on my cellphone and before I could even call my dogs they were sitting next to me looking up at it, as if they were dying to know what the new toy was! They sat patiently waiting while I snapped a few pics. This works great." - Molly T., IA

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  • The Pet Selfie Stick is a genius way to take perfect selfies with your pet
  • No more struggling to get your pet to look at the camera: their eyes will be right on the treat clip
  • Clip the Pet Selfie Stick onto the top of your phone and adjust the arm
  • Then attach your pet's favorite treat or toy onto the other clip and take selfies
  • Features joints that are easy to add to and remove, allowing you to adjust the selfie stick length to suit your needs
  • The arm is also fully bendable and finding your best angle is easy


  • Dimensions: 2.28 inch (5.8 cm) x 1.14 inch (2.9 cm) x 5.74 inch (14.6 cm)

13 Reviews

Justin G.

Verified purchase

Love this idea!! Kept my dogs attention for the perfect shot. Did fit my phone case perfectly. I would highly recommend it for a quick and fun way to get that perfect shot!


Paige L.

Verified purchase

This product ensures perfect poses of your pooch each and every time. Simply snap onto your phone, add a toy or a treat, and Fido looks right at the camera. I sent one to my son, a dog trainer, and his four-legged clients love it. Great! Five woofs!! 


Kaitlyn D.

Verified purchase

Love this product!! We have two dogs that we think are beautiful, but getting them to pose for pics has always been a hassle. Not anymore! They are focused (pun intended) on the phone and make cute faces when they see a treat. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes to take pics of their pups.


Jessica K.

Verified purchase

Works great! Bought it for my sister (her dog's birthday present) and works so well that I'm going to buy one for myself and one for my parents. The toy works better than treats, as my parents lab becomes really focused and serious when it's treats, but with the toy - he gets excited and happy. Very happy!


Miles R.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my daughter who loves posting photos of her dog, but her dog is rarely looking at the camera. Well, this worked! Her dog looks at the phone with the toy on top and my daughter gets great pictures! Then her dog grabbed the toy off the phone and had a little extra fun with it. This is a super clever gadget and a great gift for any dog lover!


 Nancy O.

Verified purchase

It's so simple, yet so genius. My dog is very wiggly but also treat obsessed, so this solves the photo-taking problem with ease. It's hilarious to see him snap to attention the moment you bust it out. It provides plennnty of entertainment. A must have for wiggly dog owners!


Rachel A.

Verified purchase

I swear the maker of this product would’ve been an excellent super-villain has he not used his mad genius to show love for his pets instead. It works, you’ll wonder why it took you this long to purchase one. Great for that happy, playful pup photo that always seems impossible to get without them turning away or turning out blurred from them being more interested in playing than sitting still for your boring-people pictures. I’ve gotten some of my best pictures of my pups.


Melanie A.

Verified purchase

This product is so awesome! Every time we tried to take a picture of Izzy prior to this product would result in blurry pictures, her head turned, or her head was just a blur with the rest of her in focus. Now, we get pictures of her that are simply cute. Best!


Robert J.

Verified purchase

My dog is very camera shy and runs & hides when I try to take his pic. Plushes are his favorite toys so the more I thought of it I thought why not try it. It came today and I put it on my phone. Now I have some of the cutest most awesome pics of him! He was so interested in the ball he didn't realize I was taking his pic. It really works and is a pure genius!!


Amy P.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my daughter as she loves selfies with the puppies. She loves it and the big challenge is keeping the dog from getting the treat. I am so glad I bought this because its fun to watch her get the dog involved. Recommended!


Alice T.

Verified purchase

THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!!!!! If you LOVE taking pictures of your dog but your dog won’t look at the lens you must buy this. I would have easily paid $100 for the photos I just took of my dog the first 15 minutes using this. Love love love it. Even got him to calmly keep a hat on for a quick pic!


Steven M.

Verified purchase

I'm so happy with the results, it's simple but so very clever. I have taken so many photos of my fur babies and every single time they look away. Thanks to this amazing invention this is now a problem in the past.


Katie V.

Verified purchase

My dogs are camera shy! If i point a camera at them, every single time they turn their head. This product is amazing! Both my dogs sit perfectly for a photo now!! It's the BEST! I love it and so do my kids! Great product - wish i would have thought of this!