Multipurpose Mobile Phone Holder

$19.90 $89.99

"I did a lot of research on these types of products before buying.I have been looking for a phone holder that could be multipurpose and this definitely fits the bill. I can securely hold my phone and use the holder as a stand to watch videos." -  Adam R., CO

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  • Free your hands and make GPS and phone more convenient and protect yourself
  • Simple one-handed operating, easy to install on car vents in 10 seconds
  • Designed with 360° Rotation and 90° Flip Folding
  • This product consists of a zinc alloy, a gear, a silicone serrated clip
  • Unique silicone serrated clip design allows it to be mounted on car air vent for better GPS navigation
  • The phone is in a very stable state from any angle


  • Dimensions: 2 inch (5,0 см) x 3,7 inch (9,5 см)
  • Weight: 2.8oz (80g)

12 Reviews

Maria R.

Verified purchase

Great air vent cell phone holder! The holder can attach virtually any where that the adjustable clip can fit into. After several days I'm extremely pleased. I ordered two of these, one for me and one for my boyfriend and we're both very pleased. We have different kinds of phones and it worked perfectly for both of them.


Josh L.

Verified purchase

I have a permanently-mounted cell phone car mount device in my car, but I started going on lengthy business trips, and for the first week, I hated the fact that I didn’t have my mount in the rental car for my GPS on my phone. This phone car vent mount was the perfect answer to that problem. I needed something removable, easy to use, lightweight, durable, and small for travel. This phone car mount has been perfect! When I got them, I realized what awesome stands they make for your phone as well, so now, I use it at home all day long too. Thanks for the great product!! Worth every penny! Just really love this product!


Oliver K.

Verified purchase

This is actually one of my favorite recent purchases! I've had a case for my phone with a built in magnet for over a year but I've never had a cell phone holder for my car or any other use for it. So when I got this cell phone holder, it was kind of nice that I didn't even have to install the plate or anything - it just instantly worked with my case. I was very impressed that it holds my tablet.


Emmy J.

Verified purchase

This product is great. This is one of the strongest holders for cellphones I have encountered. I love the design and how easy I can rotate it to watch a movie. I will be getting more for my mom and sister.


Lucas T.

Verified purchase

This mount is well made and easy to use. I like the secure way the vent clamp works. This mount is well made and it's easily removable/adjustable.


Camila D.

Verified purchase

This is by far the best vent mount I have encountered. The mount securely attached to the vent and yet you can remove it easily. Love the design.


Chloe B.

Verified purchase

I bought this so I could more easily access my phone while driving. Such as double checking my navigation on road trips. I take many road trips so having my phone where I can glance at it at a stop light or a stop sign is very convenient. I have never really thought I would use a magnetic phone holder on a vent clip but my husband purchased me this one. I'm very happy he did. I've been using it for some time and it works great.


Henry P.

Verified purchase

Very easy to install. Holds my iphone very securely. Easily adjustable. I am planning to buy another one for my other car. I love it!


Joseph O.

Verified purchase

This car phone mount is amazing, yet super simple. The mount clamps down on the air vent, and makes it super secure. Once it is locked on to the vent blade it can be adjusted for the perfect angle. Easy to remove and small so it is great for travel by air and then using in rental cars. Excellent product. Highly recommended.


Luke P.

Verified purchase

This phone holder looks very solid in real life. I have used various vent phone holders before, most of them very cheap, and their quality was not as good. This holder sticks out very well.


Anna P.

Verified purchase

I ordered this phone mount hoping that it would work for my vehicle better than the last one I tried. I am happy to report that it does! The mount is priced right, arrived on time and in good packaging and is very well made. All in all I am very pleased with this purchase.


Mia T.

Verified purchase

I am very impressed. Phone mount came fully assembled and all you will need to do is follow the simple instructions to mount it to your car air vent. This is a nice basic black color and will not show dirt easily. My last two car mounts were stained in a few months. Grip is secure unlike previous mounts that fell off when I was driving.