Convertible Animal Travel Pillow

$39.90 $119.99

"This was the cutest animal. It was very comfortable as a neck pillow and very easy to switch between the animal and the neck pillow. I'm going to order several for those people in my life who travel with kids. The animal is just the right size for children to cuddle with and the pillow is perfect." - Madison T., CA

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  • Made with plush fabric, durable but soft to the touch
  • Easy three-step transformation from stuffed toy to neck pillow
  • Small in size, easy to take with you anywhere
  • Comfortable and safe for the neck and head area
  • Bear/penguin character makes the perfect travel buddy and also keeps pillow clean whilst in transit
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Machine-wash safe

7 Reviews

Carol S.

Verified purchase

This is the greatest invention ever! Seriously. This is a very nice u-neck pillow and it doubles as a cute stuffed animal for the kids. My daughter hasn't let it go since it came in the mail. We plan on taking it with us on our upcoming trip, her first plane ride.


Dena G.

Verified purchase

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! We got 2 for a trip and we use them in the car all the time now that our trip is over. 


Mark P.

Verified purchase

At first sight this pillow is just like any other travel pillow. It is firm enough to hold your head and easily support your neck, but it is still very soft and comfortable. It seems about the same size as my regular travel pillow, which I was not expecting. When you unzip the thin concealed zipper, you are able to pull out the stuffed animal's extremities to see it easily convert to into a toy, mine is an adorable stuffed penguin. The pillow is very well-made and requires no instructions. Traveling with children can be so chaotic, I really think this pillow can offer comfort and help soothe an otherwise unhappy child. This is really good for children who travel often and may need a positive reassuring presence. It's good for older children too.


Eric J.

Verified purchase

I bought this pillow for my wife after I saw another tourist with one. The penguin is really cute and the pillow is really comfortable. My daughter has already taken away the pillow for herself on several occasions. For a child travelling on an airplane, I would think this pillow would be really great. For the plane, it would be a pillow and during the trip, it can be their stuffed animal.


Sandra H.

Verified purchase

My daughter is going to love this pillow. I bought it for her birthday so I do not have pictures of her with it yet, but it is just way too cute. It easily turns into a bear too which is great, I did not have to struggle with it at all. All you have to do is unzip it and stuff the ends in and it only took about two minutes to convert. My poor baby sits in her car seat still of course and has trouble getting comfortable in it. She often falls asleep and looks very uncomfortable so I am hoping that this helps her out with that. Plus when she is at home she can make it into a bear and play with it. It really is two gifts in one.


Patricia N.

Verified purchase

Haha so this is about the cutest thing its a perfect travel pillow for my sister. When I showed her this as the travel pillow she was pretty unimpressed because I told her I have a huge surprise for her haha. Her face was pretty priceless. Then I turned around unfolded it to the penguin and showed her haha she lit up with excitement. I convinced her It was magic for about an hour before I showed her how it worked. She absolutely loves it though its her favorite pillow and she sleep with the penguin every night.

It's very easy to turn it into a penguin and vice vera. It is really soft and comfortable to use. This is a wonderful little invention very clever and very fun. I had a great time giving this to my little sister.


Rebecca M.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love this travel pillow. It is easy to convert back and forth and seems to have a sturdy construction and fits my son (age 2) perfectly. Penguin is also adorable. I'm considering ordering a few more to save for gifts.