Portable Car Grip

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"Got this to help my 92 year old mother out of the car. It is GREAT!!! Provides the sturdy support exactly where she needs it. Wish I knew about this sooner! And the fact that it can also cut a seat belt or break a car window in case you come upon an accident is a good bonus. We keep this right in the glove compartment to have it close at hand." - Katie P., NY

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  • Securely hooks into place and will not move allowing you to get a steady grip when you need it.
  • Non-slip grip is comfortable to hold and gives you the leverage to lift yourself up.
  • Forged aluminum construction can hold 350 lbs (160kg).
  • Built-in flashlight - The ultra bright LEDs can last 100,000 hours.
  • Stores away easily in your door or glove box.
  • Emergency seat belt cutter and hammer feature to break glass when you need it the most
  • Fits virtually any car


  • DimensionsApprox. 2.76*4.33*7.09inch
  • Material: Aluminum + Carbon Steel + ABS + Rubber

9 Reviews

Tara S.

Verified purchase

This has made a world of difference for my mom- she is much more secure getting in and out of the car now. Love this product, wish I had bought it sooner.


Anthony G.

Verified purchase

I had already purchased one of these for myself - since I'm getting a bit older and I don't trust my right knee. The handle takes some getting used to, but this is a cool idea. And I love that there is a very bright flashlight built into the car cane. It also acts as an emergency escape device in that the tip of the metal shaft can be used to break glass if you become trapped in your car, and the handle has a cutter in case you need assistance extricating yourself from your seatbelt if it won't unlatch following an accident. So I bought one for my sister as a Christmas gift since she's older than me. And even if she doesn't use it for assistance getting into and out of the car, she'll have an automobile emergency tool just in case. Highly recommended.


Luke T.

Verified purchase

I bought this as a gift for my aged, aged grandmother. It hooks into the door of most cars and allows for easier entrance and exit from vehicles. Never had cause to try and cut a seat belt with it, but it seems like it would be possible. Also did not get to try and break any glass with it. Perhaps my life is not exciting enough for a "three-in-one" tool. Regardless, it does what I bought it for.


Nat K.

Verified purchase

My Mum recently had major surgery to put pins & plates in broken bones just below her knee; before that, she had challenges getting in or out of my car as its a lowered '01 Mustang (plus at 68 years old, she was beginning to have challenges getting in/out of HER '06 Mustang!). Yesterday, unable to switch cars with my husband due to his needing a new turbo, I had to take my Mum shopping in my car... I ordered the handle & watched her get in & put of my car 4 times almost effortlessly! Easier even thwn before the broken bones! She LOVES it and it so happy I got it for her! Thank you SO much for giving my Mum her freedom back.
(By the way, I only ordered 1 but received 2... not sure if this was an error or not? I'll happily pay for the second one tho as this way she can keep one in her car & one in her purse in case she's in someone else's car 


Jane B.

Verified purchase

This is a great tool. I am short and have difficulty getting into my husbands pickup which sits higher (due to foot and knee injuries). This tool gives me the perfect place to hold and gives me the leverage I need to get into the truck and out of the truck easily. I don't have to dread the thought of getting into his truck any more. My 93 year old mother uses hers to get in and out of the car easily, which was difficult before. My husband has back pain issues and this device helps him to easily get out of the car. The other emergency tools on the device are an added bonus. It's very sturdy and well made. We couldn't be happier! Thank you for inventing this! We love it and have ordered 4 more.


Virginia W.

Verified purchase

This is awesome! Makes getting out of a car a breeze! I bought this for my 93 year old father as I have seen him have a little issue standing up from the seat in his car (not that he would ever say anything!). I think this will help him a lot to have a very solid handle to lean on.


Trudy M.

Verified purchase

WOW how awesome. Just pull the clear tab and you have a light that when needed just click the button. Seat belt cutter and a window breaker all in one! Highly recommend this item. I had my 94 year old Mom install it and use it when it arrived and she LOVES IT. Also purchased one for my daughter to have handy when we use her truck.

Most accidents happen on highways and there are plenty of people to help BUT if you're alone in the dark on a back road and have a accident this tool would be awesome and you can use the flashlight without having it installed on the door another plus. There are many situations besides in your car where as this could become handy. Highly recommend this product be in all vehicles just incase.


John C.

Verified purchase

This little gadget is so handy! My dad is 87 and has a difficult time getting in and out of the passenger side of the car and it usually takes him several times. I got him two of these for Christmas (one for each car he rides in) and it is fantastic. It easily slips into the car door hook and is incredibly sturdy.


Mary B.

Verified purchase

We bought this for my 77 year old grandfather who has a hard time getting into and out of his car. While at first he was too worried to put his weight on it for fear of falling (he weighs about 200 pounds), after he tried it and realized it held his weight without a problem he loved it! He has only been using this for about five days, but it helps him to feel more independent and helps us to feel less worried that he may get hurt. It truly is a life saver :) I should mention his car is a ford taurus so the car cane is pretty much in the perfect position.