Portable Sink Shower Head

$39.90 $119.99

"This portable shower is a life saver. It is made so well. The head is a good size fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. I purchased this to wash my mom's hair, she is handicap and has trouble tilting her head back. This was awesome. It worked amazingly. Love it!!!!" - Margaret T., CA

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  • Easily turn a faucet to a sprayer
  • Portable and convenient
  • Works on any standard faucet
  • Flexible and sturdy hose
  • It is ideal for washing hair, cleaning bathtub, bathing kids or showering pets indoor etc.


  • The total length: 1.3m / 51.18 inch
  • Length of the tube: 1.1m / 43.3 inch

14 Reviews

Mary S.

Verified purchase

Works great. Wish I'd purchased it forever ago. I use this device on my kitchen sink to wash my hair after a knee replacement. It is very helpful.


Ruth B.

Verified purchase

Works perfectly well for my sink. I use it so I can wash my hair in my kitchen when I feel too lazy to wash it in the bathroom. Great price and totally works.


David P.

Verified purchase

I got this for my mother when she moved into her new house. She said it is perfect. She had been going from store to store looking for it. 


Judi R.

Verified purchase

This shower spray is awesome. Full, rich spray power. My dogs LOVE IT and two don't like to take baths, however, fell into a sleepy state when I was rolling the shower head thru their fur! Love it. Thanks.


Julie B.

Verified purchase

Looked everywhere for one of these to use in the utility sink in my garage to bathe my dogs. Was thrilled to finally find it! Makes bathing my pooches so much easier! I may order an extra set just to have it on hand for backup!


Henry L.

Verified purchase

This is a great spray to put on the tub. I use it for so many things. It makes cleaning the tub really easy. A wonderful product at a great price.


Carol M.

Verified purchase

Exactly what I was looking for, this hose fits perfect on my bathroom sink spout. Love it!


Jacqueline S.

Verified purchase

This does just exactly what it should! Makes washing dogs or cats so much simpler than using the bath tub.


Joe F.

Verified purchase

Exactly what I needed! I'm going to buy more. Use it for myself and washing dishes.


Barbara V.

Verified purchase

Why didn't I buy this sooner!?! I use it on my laundry room sink to wash my dogs and it fits perfectly. Also water pressure is just perfect for my 2 shih tzus. Not to mention saving my back. I would totally recommend them.


Don L.

Verified purchase

We bought it so my wife can shampoo our small dog in the kitchen sink. Simple and inexpensive. Woks great!!


Mary H.

Verified purchase



Patricia W.

Verified purchase

Really good bathroom sink attachment. I use it to rinse my hair. Fits tightly on the bathroom sink spout. Wish I bought this sooner!


William C.

Verified purchase

This item is so wonderfully handy - I cannot recommend them enough! Great for showering the grand kids or the dog, cleaning the shower, ect. Great price, too.