Premium Car Net Pocket

$19.90 $89.99

"I purchased these to hold our phones while charging in our RV. This was super easy to install and I'm amazed at the performance of the adhesive tape. I waited two months before posting my review and it is still holding firm. Wise investment!" - Danielle A., NE

Get a great discount on our Premium Car Net Pocket while the NEW YEAR SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $89.99.


  • Fit your phone, card, receipt, glasses and other small stuff into it to keep them well-organized and within your reach
  • With heavy duty ABS plastic and flexiblenylon material, this pocket is ideal for neatly keeping small items/ accessories in place stably while on the road such as smartphones, lighters, wallets, keys, cigarettes, tissues, pens and more
  • The elastic mesh with strong scalabilityholds items without sagging or deforming.
  • Universal fit for car, caravan ,bus, passenger car ,boat interior, or can be placed any other place you want
  • Simply tear off the sticker on the back side and install where you want
  • Highly elastic Nylon material is stretchable and durable for long-time using


  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 3.3 inch / 20 x 8.5 cm


17 Reviews

William P.

Verified purchase

Awesome product! In reality it looks even better than in the description. Pretty strong frame and good mesh. Holds perfectly in place. I no longer need to worry about dropping my phone while driving. I have just placed a new order because I want to put some of these at the back of the chairs. 


Denver Y.

Verified purchase

This Premium Car Net Pocket looks great in my car. I can totally depend on it to hold my phone, keys, glasses etc. so my car looks organized. 


Alice G.

Verified purchase

Simple and practical. I love that it doesn't take much space, it sticks well, and keeps the stuff you put on it in place. I'm really happy with my purchase. My mom loves it too so she's gonna be getting some next week.


Eugene I.

Verified purchase

Got these second batch of order for my siblings. We all loved how these net pockets looked inside my car. It's really helpful for holding phones and chargers. The adhesive tape is amazingly strong. If you are looking for an additional storage in your car, this is the best because it doesn't take much space. Highly recommended!


Tricia W.

Verified purchase

Perfect! This is just the organizer that I needed. I doesn't take much space and I can stick it anywhere in my car. I placed these at the back of the car seats and at the side panel of the center console. 


Hannah J.

Verified purchase

This car net pocket is very handy for my sunglasses and other small accessories. It is good quality and great to have/use. While it is mainly designed for cars it also worked on my office bulletin board and room. Great product!


Samantha E.

Verified purchase

Helpful little item. Placed 3 in my car and two in my office/library. I use it to hold my phone, keys, pens and other small stuff that I want to be within my reach when needed. Love it!


Harold M.

Verified purchase

I love these car net pockets! The overall quality is great! The frame is sturdy, the mesh stretches without sagging so it safely holds the items that I put in it. Every car should have some of these. 


John K.

Verified purchase

This stays in place, sticks very well wherever you want to stick it on. Other than the one in the picture, I also have them at the back of  the front car seats and car doors. Awesome car accessory. 


Carlo A.

Verified purchase

Got some of these for my BMW. I needed something that I can use to insert cards and pens so I won't need to keep them inside my bag and easily grab them when needed. This worked so well I decided to install some in my room  and garage as an added storage for small items. Two thumbs up!


Rachel O.

Verified purchase

This is a great add-a-pocket item for just about ANYWHERE! Super easy install, this gave me some extra door storage. This is just what I was looking for, and would order again!


Valerie F.

Verified purchase

They work well. I use it to hold a iPhone 6 plus with a battery case in the car, so it's holding a fair amount of weight for a small net. Added storage that doesn't take much space. 


Mike L.

Verified purchase

Great in our RV. We purchased several. Handy little stash for various odds and ends. Great for tablets and smart phones.


Francis M.

Verified purchase

Just the car organizer that I wanted. Stays in place and safely holds my phone and keys. I love that it doesn't take much space and I can just stick it anywhere I want. Super easy to install. 


Henry C.

Verified purchase

Storage pocket used for RV to hold phone, chargers or table in sleeping area. Item is well made and works as expected. Love it!


Paul A.

Verified purchase

Adds a nice original equipment touch. Mounted on on each side of the console, wife loves not to have her cell flip flop all over the place. Cool invention.


Yvonne L.

Verified purchase

Going on a trip and wanted a safe place to keep my phone that is easy to reach! These are perfect for the driver and passenger sides! Very helpful.